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Set: pre-series. Notes: Just a little thing inspired by a comment made to ljslj. Ryuu gave me the name for Sam's mother.

Future In My Eyes
by ALC Punk!

The second month after Samantha Carter turned three, she made a decision. It was at the dinner table, while her parents talked of things that she couldn't quite grasp. Although, at three, she suspected she probably wasn't supposed to grasp them. Her brother Mark was off spending the night at one of his friend's houses.

"Want to go get ice cream later, Sammy?" Her father was smiling genially at her.

She hated that name. With a passion. And Samantha was a mouthful. Decision made, she opened her mouth. "My name is Sam."

"What's that, kiddo?" Jacob Carter blinked at his daughter, noting the seriousness of her gaze. Even at three, those blue eyes held uncanny intelligence.

"I am not Sammy. I am Sam." His daughter declared firmly.

"Uh-huh." Jacob glanced across the dinner table at his wife, "She gets this from you."

An eyebrow went up, and Jennifer chuckled, "Are you saying I'm more stubborn than you?"


"Mhmm." A smile flickered across her mouth, then she turned to Samantha, "Why Sam?"

"It's short and simple."


"You could get mistaken for a boy," Jacob pointed out.

The cute nose that Jacob was certain was inherited from her mother wrinkled. "Boys are stupid."

"Isn't she a little young for those sentiments?" He asked his wife.

"Possibly. Sam, honey, why the change?"

"Because Sammy sounds dumb."

"Ahh." Jennifer nodded, as if this explained everything. "Like my brother Darryl calling me Jenny."


"Yep." Glancing at her husband, Jennifer Carter half-smiled, "Why don't we clear the table and then your father can take you to get ice cream?"


And thus, Sam Carter made one of the most important decisions in her life. At age three. It would come to define her existence. She was 'Sam', not 'Samantha'. Not a girly-girl who played dress-up (unless with her father's dress blues, and she got no dessert for a week for cutting down the Class A's to fit her six-year-old frame), with dolls (except for Major Matt Mason), or was going to be a super model. SHE was going to be an astronaut (decided two days after turning six and a half).

Once Samantha Carter sets her mind to something? She accomplishes it. In spades.