Title: Konoha Garden

Chapters: 8? (hoped to make it short…but looks like it's not happening)

Rated: NC-17/R

Pairing: SasuNaru, and others

Summary: AU, Yaoi, Naruto is 18, so everyone else is aged correspondingly.

Naruto lives in a brothel run by his aunt, Tsunade. He is talked into cross-dressing as a girl to serve a group of royal nobles one night, and all goes horribly wrong when his identity is found out by none other than Sasuke.

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto, just want to write out my SasuNaru fantasy and some smut.

I know it's been ages since I've updated. There are a lot of reasons, but mainly because I had writer's block, and I sort of fell into the Harry/Draco fandom. But since I'm on holidays now, I thought I'd give this a shot, and this came to be. I can't say I'm very happy with the chapter, but at least it's something. I hope I didn't disappoint everyone's expectations, I know you were all looking forward to the tussle between Sasuke and Gaara, so…read on and let me know what's right, and what's wrong with this chapter.

I'd like to thank kylara, randomsome1, and megumi for beta-ing this chapter. They were really helpful and did a great job in helping my write this.

Sakura poked her head out from the bedroll, looking pale and gaunt. She had spent the entire morning playing the scene she saw over and over in her head, and it had all brought her back to the same conclusion. Sasuke and Naruto were obviously sleeping together. Why? Well why would any guy want to sleep with another guy? Duh.

That explained the lack of interest Sasuke displayed towards her, and why he kept slipping glances at Naruto when he thought nobody else saw. But Sakura saw, she saw only because she was always watching.

Sakura pushed her face into her pillow and screamed, her cries muffled by the pillow. Why didn't I see it?

Ever since Sakura could remember, her dreams were to meet her perfect prince and he would whisk her away to live happily ever after. Needless to say, her expectations for this prince were incredibly high. She had toiled day in, day out through the times she spent servicing customers to stay alive for this dream. Just when she thought she found 'the one', he turns out to play for the other team. It wasn't anyone's fault that he was gay, and it also wasn't anyone's fault that she was still alone. No, Sakura thought as she sobbed, it's my fault. It's my stupid dream. Me and my stupid fucking dream.

Sakura got out of bed and washed her face. She got dressed, taking care to put on her best dress and settled in front of the mirror. She applied her make-up, she stared at her own reflection. She was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way, with large green eyes, and small pursed lips. Many customers have offered to buy her, but she had refused every one of them. Now, at eighteen, she was only getting older. Soon, she'd be too old to keep her position as top four at Konoha Garden, and later if she was lucky, she might end up becoming a kitchen hands when her looks could no longer serve her. Sakura smiled sadly at her mirror twin. She realised that she could no longer afford to dream, time was running out. But for the sake of her 18 year old dream, she was going to give it one last shot.

Sakura stood and started to head towards the door when she heard two sets of footsteps thumping up the staircase. Shizune's voice floated through the door as she spoke to her companion, "Naruto's the best next to the owner. He even trains the girls…"

Sakura opened her door a sliver, trying to get a peek at the person Shizune was talking to. A foreigner? They stopped in front of Naruto's room at the end of the hall and Shizune ushered the boy in. She closed the door and hurried back towards the stairs just as Naruto appeared. Sakura quickly closed her door sat down with her ears pressed against it.

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but he looks important. Did you notice the fine clothes he wore?" Shizune said, trying to justify herself. Naruto muttered something under his breath. "What did you say?" Shizune asked.

"I thought I was supposed to serve Sasuke only," He repeated a little sadly, "But it's ok, I don't think he'll mind anymore." And he closed the door, banging it behind him.

The blank look on Shizune's face slowly changed into a panicked one.

"Oh SHIT!"

Sakura stood up from her crouching position as Shizune nearly flung herself off the balcony in her haste.

Realisation dawned on Sakura upon piecing the puzzle together. Slowly, she smiled wickedly. Alright, Haruno Sakura, this is your one last shot, and you've got to make it count. It just happened that Sakura was a very smart girl.

Gaara was shocked speechless when he saw Naruto for the first time. No, Gaara thought, Not the first time. In fact, Gaara had seen him many times, sitting by the tree, smiling at him silently. This was the boy in his dreams. This was the boy that curbed his raging beast, the one who stroked him and calmed him. And he was real, tangible and breathing.

Inside his room, Gaara's sensitive nose was immediately overwhelmed by a strong perfume that made him a little light headed. It was a spicy scent that seemed familiar, but he wasn't sure where he had smelled it before. He stood by the bed, not knowing what else to do but inhale the sweet aroma, savouring the warmth it brought him. Gaara watched Naruto as he entered the room and slammed the door, clearly irritated at the woman who bought him in. He continued to mutter as he moved around the room fetching a few items.

"Ano sa…Can you take your clothes off and lie down on the bed?" the blond asked, his earlier trace of annoyance gone, replaced by an easy smile. He held some bottles, and a towel was draped over his arm.

"Naruto." Gaara whispered, softly pronouncing the blond's name.

"Huh?" Naruto looked around at the sound of his name, to find piercing emerald eyes searching his own.

Gaara slowly unlaced his jacket and robes, letting them slide off and pool around his feet, leaving him naked.

Naruto gulped at the enticing sight before him. He had never found it awkward to be in the presence of someone stripping, it was work, and he was a pro. But it was different with the stranger before him. Perhaps it was his eyes, which silently cried, Look at me.

He wasn't as lanky or thin as he first seemed in his baggy clothes. Instead, his body was lined with hard sinewy muscles, which by no means could be called weak. Unabashed, Gaara obediently laid face down on the futon, finally breaking eye contact, and releasing him from a trance he didn't realise he was in. Naruto stood there with his mouth slightly open, and he quickly snapped it shut. He set the bottles of massage oil down beside the boy, and for his own sake, draped the towel over the boy's perfect backside that were beckoning for his attention.

Naruto closed his eyes and took a moment to compose his thoughts, and calm his shaking hands. He rubbed the oil until it was warm before gently working his hands onto the pale shoulders, increasing pressure as he went along.

Gaara tensed at Naruto's first touch, but gradually relaxed into the blond's firm hands. The gentle fingers combined with the sweet scent in the room were beginning to pull him into a pleasant daze, and he unconsciously began to issue soft purrs and moans when Naruto hit an exceptionally good spot.

Naruto steadily moved from the shoulders to the legs giving Gaara a full body treatment. His mind was on auto-pilot as his worked his oil-slicked hands into the hard muscles, turning them into jelly. And thoughts of Sasuke were far, far away from his mind.

Sasuke arrived at the familiar building which was just beginning to come alive. He stopped a few feet away, gathering his thoughts, preparing himself to face Naruto with an explanation; if possible, it would be an explanation that didn't require too many words. He sighed and looked up just as Shizune slipped out the front door and hurried past without seeing him. He watched her until she disappeared into the local bar. His hand tightened around the bag holding the bowl of warm ramen and took a deep breath before continued towards the building. He was losing his courage fast.

Once inside, the women fawned over him. They knew who he was, and who he was there for, but that did not stop them from trying their luck.

"Is Naruto here?" he asked, trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Oh, I haven't seen him around," a brunette offered sweetly, and her friend elbowed her, giving her a knowing look.

"No, I saw him leave this morning! Why don't we serve you instead?"

"Can you give this to him then?" Sasuke held up the ramen, throwing a twist of the lips, to which he hoped resembled a smile at the girls. They melted visibly.

"Sasuke-sama, Naruto is in his room. Please come this way." The girls' jaws dropped, and Sasuke turned around to find Sakura in her in finest outfit. He turned back his accusing glare at the other girls and they fled. "I must apologise. They desperately want to bed you to increase their status. Please come this way."

Sasuke grunted in reply and followed Sakura up the stairs.

Shannaro! This is perfect! I didn't even have to lure him here! Sakura tried her best to keep her giggle in as she led him across the balcony, and stopped in front of Naruto's bedroom.


"Is that better?" Naruto's voice asked, and the other answered with a pleasing grunt.

Sakura smirked to herself, and looked back to see a glimpse of hurt pass over Sasuke's face before it settled onto a murderous glare.

There was a loud splat and sound of glass breaking as Sasuke dropped the bag of ramen he was holding and smashed the door down.

The broken bowl and its contents began to creep across the floor, entirely forgotten.

A loud crack and violent bang broke Naruto from his work daze. He looked up and met with cold, accusing dark eyes and a darker scowl.

Sasuke and Naruto stared at each other briefly before looking away hastily. Their eyes had met the instant the door crashed open. Sasuke's face had reverted back to indifference almost immediately, but not before Naruto caught a glimpse of the dark fury marring his beautiful face. Each boy was trying to decipher the meaning behind the situation they both found each other in. Expressions of surprise, relief and happiness flitted through Naruto's face as his mind processed Sasuke's presence, and Sakura who was staring at him disappointedly. He finally settled on looking confused when Sasuke turned his glare onto Gaara.

He had begun imagining the scene of he'd find behind the closed doors, but instead, he was a little surprised and relieved to find Naruto fully clothed and appeared to be giving a massage. But his jealousy flared anew when he realised the recipient of the massage was stark naked save a towel and sending him a look with a very clear message; Fuck off, he's mine.

How dare you… Sasuke fumed silently at Gaara who was looking back at him with a mixture of curiosity and chagrin. Gaara had immediately recognised Sasuke, and his sensitive nose finally recognised the faint scent his had smelled before. It was the very same smell that came from Naruto's room. Putting two and two together, Gaara realised he was in the presence of a very jealous rival.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Sasuke hissed through gritted teeth.

"I, err…"

"It's none of your business," Gaara answered with a challenging gaze, and Sasuke lunged into action. Naruto tried to stop Sasuke, but he was only pushed out of the way towards the door. "Argh!" Naruto yelped as he slipped on the ramen and landed on his back.

"You bastard, I'm going to kill you," Sasuke spat, one hand gripping Gaara's neck, and the other poised above him ready to strike.

Suddenly, Sakura's scream tore through the room, "NARUTO!"

Sasuke dropped Gaara and turned around. Naruto was lying on the ground amongst the puddle of ramen and shards of the broken bowl. Blood was beginning to mix and spread through the soup, and Naruto gasped, his face as pale as a sheet.

A sick feeling began to develop at the pit of Sasuke's stomach. "Naruto!" Sasuke dropped down to his knees, and carefully gathered the fallen boy in arms. Panic seized him when he realised a particularly large piece of the broken bowl was lodged into the back of Naruto's head.

"Sas…Sasuke…", Naruto panted weakly, "I was…just giving him a…ma…massage." Tears began to roll down his face, "I'm sorry." He managed to whisper before fainting.

"NO!" Sasuke screamed. He stood up, still carrying Naruto and ran out, past a shocked Sakura, and taking him to the palace healers, all the while whispering, "I'm sorry,", "please don't leave me,", "Naruto, I love you." But it wasn't enough.

A flurry of activity was set into motion the second Sasuke set foot onto the palace grounds. The guards tried to stop him from carrying an unknown stranger inside, which served to agitate and anger Sasuke, who then proceeded to beat up anyone in his way to the healers' wing.

Once he was there, the Emporer's personal healers refused to operate on an unknown stranger that was, up until Sasuke grabbed the operating knife and held it to their necks. But still, the examination was slow, and the healers only continued to shake their heads and discuss in whispered tones. It served to only agitate Sasuke further, and he was soon looking for a larger weapon. It perhaps was fortunate for the palace healers that Saito, the head of their department, chose that moment to return, or not.

"Well, well, what's all this ruckus about?" Saito asked, gently removing the surgical knife from Sasuke's hand, and carefully placing it back on the stand. "Is he dead?" he asked, peering at Naruto curiously.

Eventually, Saito made him wait outside the room. At least, he trusted Saito. The man had been the one who healed him after his brother's attack, he was perhaps the only person who looked at him without pity in his eyes. Or perhaps, it was just Saito's nature.

Kakashi and Iruka were to arrive next. They'd been at the ramen stand when Sasuke dashed by with Naruto, leaving a trail of blood behind. Iruka became a complete wreck upon seeing all the blood. All Kakashi could do was hold him and comfort him while they sat outside the operating room with Sasuke, who was staring at the door with an unreadable expression.

Shikamaru, Gaara and Kankuro came not long after, and a tense silence settled, with occasional glares that Gaara threw at Sasuke, but he didn't notice, he still had that unreadable expression on his face.

The tension was high, and the worry was suffocating. The doors to the operating room opened a few times, causing everyone to jump, but it was only the medical staff fetching more supplies. On the fifth time however, Saito came out.

"Doctor! How is he?" Iruka asked anxiously.

"Do you want to hear the good news first, or the bad one?" Saito asked, casually glancing in Sasuke's direction.

"T-the…good news…" Iruka answered, uncertainly.

The healer sighed, "It's bad, I'm surprised he even lasted until now, the shard should've killed him instantly." Sasuke gave out a sob upon hearing that, but remained seated. his head huddled in his knees. Everyone else continued to wait for the healer to continue. "That was the good news, actually," the doctor laughed jokingly, but everyone just stared at him in shock, unable to comprehend his humour, "The bad news is that, there is no one here which is capable of performing the operation needed. There is only one person in this country that can do it, but she left the palace a long time ago."

"Well then we just have to find her. Where is she?" Kakashi asked, tightening his hold on Iruka.

The healer shook his head once again, "Nobody knows…"

"I'm right here."

Everyone turned to see Tsunade with Shizune immediately behind her, carrying a medical box.

"Tsunade! Where-"

"We don't have time for this. Tell me the situation." She commanded with unquestionable authority, as she pulled him back into the operating room.

Sasuke got up from his seat and kept his head down as he walked out slowly. After a moment's hesitation of looking between the retreating figure and the operating room, Gaara also followed with determined steps. Kakashi looked up in worry, and Iruka smiled at him weakly.

"You better go after them, they're bound to do something stupid." Kakashi nodded, and gave him a quick peck before leaving after his master.

Gaara vented his fury on his victim, and he never fought back. Sasuke simply stood there as the prince channelled his anger and grief into his attacks. It was only a moment, but Sasuke was already heavily injured by the time Kakashi made it to his side.

"Stop. He'll die if this continues."

"He deserves to die!" Gaara spat.

Sasuke pushed Kakashi away, "Stay away. It's a command! Stay out of this."

"Sasuke-sama, I am your vassal, I must protect you if your life is in danger. I-"

"I'M NOT IN DANGER, SO JUST FUCKING STAND BACK!" And with that, Sasuke launched himself at Gaara, but made no effort to defend himself when Gaara fought back. Kakashi simply stood at the side and watched Gaara beat his master until he collapsed into unconsciousness.

"That's enough." Kakashi barked, bundling Sasuke in his arms. The sky chose that moment to rain.

"Naruto, I love you…"

Those words kept coming back to Naruto while he was dreaming. The voice which said it was filled with an abundance of emotions, with pain on the surface, and something else on the bottom. Perhaps it was love.

But it still sounded good to hear, even if it was laced with desperation. The voice was gentle; it was the voice he always dreamt of. The arms carrying him were also gentle. They carried him like he was broken, but then maybe he really was.

But for some reason, he couldn't remember whose voice it belonged to, or whose arms that held him. He only knew that his heart hurt whenever he remembered them.

Naruto opened his eyes lazily, sounds and vision slowly coming into focus. A bundle of warmth rested to his right, breathing softly.

"Sasuke?" The boy immediately bolted up and stared incredulously at the blond.

"Water." Naruto finally croaked.

Sasuke produced a cup of water almost immediately, and Naruto swallowed a little to soothe his parched throat.

"Where am I?"

"The healer's wing at the palace. So how are you feeling?" he asked softly.

"Tired, and my head sort of hurts," Naruto replied, while taking in Sasuke's appearance. He was wearing a nightshirt and looked worst for wear, "What happened to you?"

"I should go and let the others know-"

"No, please don't go!" Naruto cried as Sasuke made a move to leave, his guilt causing him to flee, "I want to tell you what happened! Shikamaru brought him over, and Shizune nee-chan said he was important. I was only helping out. I didn't think you'd mind anyway, you left me that morning, and I thought you didn't want me anym-mmmmph!"

Sasuke effectively cut Naruto off as he covered the blond's lips with his own and gently slipped his tongue inside, caressing everything and everywhere he could. After a moment, Naruto responded; with vigour. Naruto slipped his arms over Sasuke's neck and pulled him closer, causing him to lose balance and land on top of Naruto. Breaking their kiss, Sasuke finally looked Naruto in the eyes, "I'm sorry, I won't ever hurt you again." And Naruto pulled him back down claiming his lips once again.

"Well, I suppose if you don't get killed by a piece of foreign object on the back of your head, and some flaming mascara-wearing Sand royalty, I suppose you could just wake up and play tonsil hockey. But I high recommend that you go back to bed and rest."

Naruto yelped in surprise and Sasuke jumped a couple of feet back from the bed.

"Saito." Sasuke acknowledged grudgingly, albeit a little red-faced.

"Who's that?" Naruto asked nervously, looking at the man who has a scary twist on his mouth, which he suspected was supposed to be a smile of sorts.

"I'm your doctor." Saito replied, his lips twisting into a scarier grin.

"Naruto, what's your favourite food?" Tsunade suddenly asked.

Naruto gave his aunt a weird look, "Ramen, why you needed to ask!" he answered, as if it was truism.

"Well, he seems ok, Tsunade." Everyone looked up to see who the voice belonged to, and found Jiraiya standing by the door.

"Your Majesty!" Everyone dropped to their knees in reverence.

"Eiiii!" Sakura exclaimed in surprise, only to have Ino's hand clamp over her mouth, and the other forcing her to kneel with everyone else.

"Yes, I know. I was quite shocked myself when found out, but I lived, so stop looking like that Sakura," Jiraiya demanded, a little offended at the incredulous looks almost everyone was sending him, "I'm here to tell you the ball was very successful last night, despite all the previous interruptions, and Princess Temari has made her decision."


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