-- Chapter 6: Anger and Confusion --

"So you went back with Bastila after she'd been there once already." Kay's eyes drilled in Carth as he shifted uncomfortably.

"Yes, she wanted to grab something from the room." Carth shrugged as Kay's eyes widened, "how bad could that be?"

"How bad could that be!" Kay repeated, her eyes growing wider by the minute. "Carth, Revan… Revan stored tons and tons of data in that room of his! I can't stress enough, how one single datapad could be, if stolen from the room!"

"I got a brief glimpse of it, and it only showed pictures of Revan as a kid and some other things, achievements in his life, by the looks of it." Carth pulled the furious Kay into his arm and brushed her hair back. "Its fine, she even let me look at it as well."

"Well, if you're sure of her character and your judgement…" Kay stopped and nodded, "I guess I'll listen to you on the matter."

Carth smiled, "good, one of the rules on the ship; trust the crew."

Kay's grin turned sly as she twisted in Carth's arms, leaning suggestively into his embrace; "you know… there's one rule that might need clearing up."

Carth was suddenly very aware that he was holding his best friend's sister very tightly against his body and blushed. "I think I'll go and clean the cargo room. With Canderous gone and HK no longer here, it's not in the same condition as I'd like it to be."

He rushed from the room as his face turned beet red. Kay smiled contently to herself and walked into the communications room, sliding into the chair in front of the communications camera.

He was going to be hers if she had to drug and tie him up, just to get Carth to stay with her. Kay sighed as she started hacking into the computer system. There was going to be a lot of junk to clean out before she could install her hardware.

"Look Dustil, it's not my fault. And you stick away from me with your powers, try anything and I'll have Zaalbar deal with you." Mission was talking to Dustil in the entrance of the ship, anger radiating off her in waves.

"My fault!" Dustil cried out, his face twisted in rage; "I'm not the one who didn't call her boyfriend or forget too!"

"You were supposed to call me so many times, Dustil!" Mission screamed, tears running down her face. "All I got was a recording, Dustil a recording!

Mission mimicked his voice and spoke back the very words on his recording machine: "Hi, you've reached Dustil Onasi, sorry but I'm off on Jedi Business and currently unavailable. Leave a message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible."

"Hey, what's going on here?" Carlos appeared out of the med bay and crossed over to Mission's side, hugging her shaking shoulders.

"Who's this?" Carlos demanded from Mission, "and is he responsible for upsetting you? Because I'll beat him to a pulp if he is!" Carlos glared at Dustil who returned the hostile glare with equal intensity.

"What's going on here?" A loud rumbling growl and the sounds of feet running in the general direction of the entry ramp caused all the youths to turn around. Carlos acted on instinct, pulling Mission behind him and up against the wall a blaster appearing in his hand.

Dustil unclipped and activated his lightsaber in an instant, its violet blade flashing to life as he crouched in a classic battle stance, ready and alert.

"Oh, Dad… It's you." Dustil grinned briefly and nodded his head in greeting. "Nothing's wrong, Blaster brains and I are just having a misunderstanding on who Mission's boyfriend."

"Dustil you're not my boyfriend anymore. I dumped you ages ago, maybe if you checked your recorder once and awhile; you'd have gotten that message a year ago!" Mission grabbed Carlos hand and stalked towards the port quarters.

Dustil clenched his jaw as he clipped his lightsaber back to his belt and started forward when he felt and heard the snap-hiss of two lightsabers behind him.

"Let her go, kid. She's not yours to love anymore."

"Anger will only lead you to the dark-side, Dustil; you've gone there before. Do not let it consume you again, willingly like last time."

Jolee and Juhani stood behind him with lightsabers barred; ready for trouble should he make any in his anger.

"How could she dump me like that!" Dustil seethed and glared at his father, "you're in this with her, aren't you, Father?" Dustil sneered and turned on his foot, meeting the two lightsaber wielding Jedi in front of him.

"Out of my way!" Dustil snarled and pushed past the Jedi, with a powerful force wave, amplified by his hurt and anger of betrayal from Mission.

He turned at the foot of the ramp and looked at his father square in the eye, Carlos who had remerged standing besides Carth with a set look.

"I disown you Father; I do not know who you are anymore! To stand by her and abandon your only son again… I'll never forgive you! Never, do you hear me?"

Carlos growled and reacted, by shooting a blaster bolt at Dustil, hitting the enraged man's arm with precision.

"Go before I kill you." Carlos said with dead calamity and left the entry ramp as it closed in Dustil Onasi's face.

Carth watched his son trudge off, but the man who walked away was his son no longer. Carth knew that their relationship had been fragile, but now there would be no chance to rebuild it.

And this time Carth was going to let it stay that way. Dustil wouldn't let him save Dustil again.

"He's gone, Mission and he would be bothering us again." Carlos sat down on the bunk and slung his arm around her shaking shoulders.

She took one look at him and buried her face into his chest as she cried. Carlos sighed as he rocked the girl back and forth, muttering soothing words to comfort her.

"What am I going to do now, Uncle? I swore to protect her, but what will happen if I fall in love and possibly marriage? How long can I continue to do this? What am I supposed to do, now…Uncle?" Carlos thought as the ship soared away from the planet into space.
"Your son is gone, then?"

Carth turned at the voice and glared; "there's no need for you to rub it in, why don't you just leave anyways?"

Kay spoke gently, "because I'm looking for my brother and something else that I've just discovered recently."

"And what's this thing you've just discovered recently?" Carth asked as she crossed over to his side and sat down on the bed.

She shrugged and picked up his hand, holding it in hers. "I don't know Carth. I'm waiting to fine that out, I think."

He glanced at her crystal carven face when she said nothing more. He watched for a minute, remembering when Revan had had that same look on his face in the past.

Revan and his sister Kay where so alike, Carth didn't know whether he should be scared or not but he just nodded silently as they just sat there, holding each others hand in silence.

A red eyed Bastila sat at the helm of the ship, flying towards the Republic Fleet on Courscant.

She had plans to do and woe to whoever dared get in her way.

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