A Bloodstone Rose.

Legality Check – Hmm, nope, still don't own any of these characters; I'm fairly sure they're still copyright Sega. This is the third in the loose 'series' of Sonic Fanfics that began with Angel of Darkness and Ice and continued with The Best Medicine; read them first if you want but I doubt knowing them is essential to follow this one. Just to make a few things clear:

"---" – Speech.

Italics - Dreams/thoughts.

One with the show once more!


It existed as it had always done, entombed within its dreamless dream and sleeping its eternal vigil. It was not even alive as the term is defined; it did not breathe, it could not move and it certainly couldn't reproduce itself. How long it had remained in its current state it could not conceive as in its current state it had no means by which to deduce the passage of time; all it had were memories that flickered, over and over again. It saw vague, blurry faces within these bubbles of thoughts but mostly recalled sensations; elation, suffering, pain, always, always the everlasting pain, then the fracturing, the strange sense of being many things at once but none of them at the same time. It had been a god of war, a cold, logical mind, a lover, a thinker, a murderer but which one was it truly? Which one? It had forgotten its true identity over the eons of agelessness, the steady drift of dispassionate time uncaring as the being remained alone in the darkness. The overriding thought and pattern that had governed this being's limited actions had been a need to escape this tomb, recapture its lost glory. It had waited patiently for the opportunity to arise, had planned the options available to it and decided on the correct course of action. And just recently, the opportunity it had waited for far too long to appear had finally arisen.

Though it possessed no discernable organs of sense it could still feel the presence of other beings in close vicinity. It had never had much need of this ability to detect the minds of others before as nothing would venture down to its resting place, but then something had. A meeting of 'minds' had occurred and the receiving organism had been unknowingly seeded with a desire that would at some time in the future become irresistible. Rather than indifference now, the main 'feeling' within this being's vast and incomprehensible mindset could best be described as anticipation. Though the time scale was as yet undetermined, the being was certain of eventual escape; it felt no pressure from the passage of time and could afford to wait a little longer for release. Everything was eventual and freedom was forthcoming; the preformed thoughts the being had unleashed into the organism's mind were already beginning to unfold.