Amanda/Mandy Layfield – She's John's daughter, and is quite nice to everyone expect her dad's best friend Mark as she can't stand him. Also captain of the cheerleading squad at her school.

Mark Callaway – John's best friend. He doesn't mind Amanda expect he think that she's a little too big headed at some points. Also known as Undertaker.

John Layfield – Mandy's dad and Mark's best friend. Also known as JBL.

Trent – Mandy's boyfriend and captain of the high school football team.

Brittany – Mandy's best friend and fellow cheerleader.

Chapter 1

"Ok girls, that's enough for today, go hit the showers."

"Oh my god, finally! I so thought that my legs were gonna drop off!" Brittany said to her friend Mandy after an hour of running for gym class.

"Hmmm I know." Mandy replied, pushing her blonde hair out of her face.

"You still coming along for cheer practice?" Brittany asked.

"Yeah of course, I just wanna shower first though." Mandy said.

"Yeah, so am I." Brittany replied as they walked into the showers.

"So what are ya doing for the holidays?" Brittany asked as her and Mandy were getting changed for cheerleading practice.

"Dunno yet, hopefully nothing to do with my dad's job again." Mandy said as she tied her hair up in pigtails.

"Come on Mandy, having a wrestler as your dad is so cool." Brittany said as she tied her brown hair up into a ponytail.

"Yeah well, so are he's friends." Mandy said sarcastically as the two of them walked out of the change rooms to towards the stadium.

"Hey baby." Mandy's boyfriend Trent said to her as she sat down next to him in the aisles of seats in the school stadium.

"Hey." She smiled as she kissed him on the lips.

"Hey Mandy, tell ya dad he sucks! He can't even bet Cena!" Trent's friend Craig said sitting down next to Trent.

"Don't you worry I will." She laughed.

"What? Mandy, Cena's hot!" Brittany replied.

"Yeah well if ya gotta bag any of them, bag Undertaker." Mandy spat.

"Taker's a legend!" Craig said.

"Yeah, a legendary asshole!" Mandy said as she twirled her finger around her pigtail.

"You still don't get along with him, do ya?" Brittany asked.

"No, I've never liked him; he's just always so grumpy!" Mandy said.

The others laughed.

"He is! I've known him since I was three, and I can only remember two times he has been nice to me. Once when I was four and I fell off my tricycle, I started crying and he picked me up and cuddled me and put a band aid over my cut knee. And the other time when I was twelve and some boys were teasing me at school because I was flat- chested, he came over and told them to go away." Mandy explained.

"Aww, it seems like he cares about you, you're probably like a daughter to him." Brittany said.

"Yeah well, I haven't seen him in nearly four years so hopefully he's changed." Mandy said.

"Anyway Mandy, me and Craig were gonna go down to the beach for the summer break, do you girls wanna come along?" Trent asked.

"Yeah of course." Brittany.

"Yeah, that'll be fun." She smiled at Trent.

Mandy arrived home from school that afternoon she saw her dad packing a suitcase on the couch.

"Hey daddy." She smiled as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Sweetie." He replied.

"Why are you packing for?" She asked looking at the clothes spread all over the couch.

"Well you and I are gonna go see Mark over the summer break." John explained.

"What? Dad! I wanted to spend my break at the beach with Trent and Brittany!" Mandy gasped.

"Bad luck Mandy, there's always another time for that. You haven't seen Mark in nearly four years. He wants to see you again." John said.

"Oh I bet he can't wait!" She said sarcastically.

"Can it Amanda! You're going like it or not!" John said sternly.

"Errrrrr…..This is so not fair! My summer break is ruined by spending it with that ogre!" Mandy yelled, walking over to her bedroom and slamming the door.