Not Even Princess

Okami no Hanyou

Summary: She knew she couldn't blame her, but it was all Tohru's fault. If Tohru hadn't gotten sick, she wouldn't have brought her homework to her. If Tohru hadn't been sick, she wouldn't have learned the secret. If Tohru hadn't gotten sick, she wouldn't be in love with a prince. H/Y

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Hanajima stared lazily out the window. She didn't feel like learning today, not when her dear friend Tohru was out sick. No, that would just be hellish. Not many people were paying much attention anyway, it was far too warm to listen to the droning teacher. Students were whispering to each other, giggling at the teacher, or sleeping with their arms folded on their desks.

The air was thick, making the atmosphere tiring. Small beads of sweat dripped down Hana's neck under her darkly colored uniform. With an annoyed sigh, she pushed a lock of black hair that had escaped her braid behind one of her ears. Hana blinked her dark eyes in order to wake herself up, and resisted an urge to yawn.

When was math really going to help her anyway?

She knew Tohru was sick, she had talked to the ailing girl just last night. She had coughed, sounded congested, and sniffed a number of times during their conversation. But why weren't the Sohma boys here either? Possibly they had caught what Tohru had, but she doubted it, they rarely were out due to sickness. Maybe they were so pathetic they couldn't get through the day without a Tohru made breakfast. Maybe they were taking care of her, Hana didn't know. She glanced at the clock. It was nearly time to go. She went back to gazing out the window until the voice of her teacher pulled her out of her dazed stupor.

" Miss Tohru Honda, Kyo and Yuki Sohma are not here today. Who will take them their homework?" Every single girl in the class raised their hand eagerly, looking giddy with hope.. They could have cared less about Tohru, it was Yuki they cared about. Fantasies of helping to heal the obviously pained Yuki and becoming his savior flitted across their minds. Hana crushed their hope however, when she stood up and spoke.

"I've visited Tohru many a times, and I am her good friend. I wouldn't mind taking them their homework, their home is on the way to my house." She stated. The teacher nodded, and handed her a pile of papers, and a loud ring of sobs racked the female populace in the class. Hana sat back down and glanced to Uo, who shrugged and mouthed 'I gotta go home'. Hana sighed, she would be lonely. The bell rang and she silently picked up her bag, ignoring the waves of loathing directed at her, and glided smoothly out of the door.

Hana plodded down the road, slightly panting due to the heat. Her hair was slightly plastered to her head, and sweat was dripping down her face. She wiped it away in annoyance. She almost moaned in pleasure when she got to the woods and the trees offered her their blissful shade. She leaned on to a tree, and laid her head against the rough bark. It was so hot! It must have been over a hundred degree's! Hana slid to the ground. She was tired, and she missed the classroom, rather the air conditioning IN the classroom. She wiped the sweat off of her face once more, and struggled to her feet.

Hana walked on, trying to ignore the heat. She wondered vaguely if the reason the Sohma boys hadn't been in school was that they were susceptible to major heat. She shrugged it off. She had to be close now, and she'd ask for a cold beverage when she got there in exchange for the homework.

When the house came into view, she nearly grinned. Nearly. She stalked silently up to it, and she heard voices. She crept next to the door and listened.

"Really Tohru, I'm fine now." A man's voice chirped

"But Ayame, this weather is really warm, and you most of all are susceptible to things like this..." Tohru said worriedly.

"My dear! If I live in fear of our curse every day, I'd be stiff and boorish! And the world NEEDS my absolute charisma!" the man known as Ayame said cheerfully.

Curse? What curse? Tohru obviously knew about it, but what happened with this curse? She resisted the urge to walk in there and find out, but she decided to just listen more.

"Why do you care so much about this stupid snake anyways Tohru? If he changes he'll just crawl up your skirt!" Another person she knew, Kyo, shrieked.

"Really Kyo, you're so cruel! I did that for protection against this horrid weather!" The man Ayame said in a pouting voice.

She heard someone sigh,"Are you going to leave or not Ayame?" Shigure, at least that was what she thought his name was asked.

"I don't know my dear Shigure. What do YOU want?" The man asked in a slightly seductive voice. Hana raised her eyebrow. She didn't want to know.

"I want to go get the newspaper, I haven't had the chance to from the surprise of your arrival." Before Hana could think to get off the porch, the sliding door opened, and Shigure walked into her arms.


Hana sneezed and she felt a slight weight in her arms. She blinked the sweat out of her eyes, and she realized, she was holding a dog. Everyone in the room was staring at her with wide eyes. She stared back until the dog spoke in Shigure's voice.

"Would you mind putting me down? Not that I mind being held by such a pretty young girl, but this position is rather uncomfortable."

"Oh, of course." Hana said as she placed him carefully on the ground. She looked back at the occupants in the room. Kyo seemed to glare at her.

"Leave it to the wave freak to mess things up!" Kyo yelled. She shrugged, and Tohru sneezed.

"She didn't do anything Kyo kun! If she doesn't tell anybody..." Tohru said softly.

"Yes. We'll have to make a meeting with Akito to talk about it. Miss Hanajima, you must keep this a secret at all costs." The dog told her. That she decided was a gimmick, but she was still curious. Yuki must have noticed this, for he began to explain.

"You see, certain members of the Sohma family are possessed by the spirits of the zodiac. I am the rat, Shigure is the dog, obviously. Ayame over there is the snake, and Kyo is the cat." Hana nodded before Yuki continued. "When a person of the opposite gender hugs us, we turn into our respective animals. There's more of us, for each animal, but not all of us are here." Yuki finished.

"Who is this Akito, if I'm allowed to ask?" Yuki went silent, and Ayame jumped in.

"He's the head of the family. He's always sick, and he's so stiff! But anyways, we were never properly introduced, my name is-"


Hana turned her head towards the poofing, and lo and behold, there was a naked Shigure. She turned pink and covered her eyes with her hands. She heard a squeak from Tohru, and expected she saw him too. A few moments later, she felt a tapping on her shoulder, and Ayame spoke softly in her ear, "Coast's clear."

Hana opened her eyes, to see Tohru blushing madly. She glanced back at Ayame, who was grinning.

"Lets go see about meeting with Akito shall we?" Hana nodded hesitantly, and sat next to Tohru. Ayame skittered out of the room. "How long did you know about this Tohru?"

"Since I started living here... I'm so sorry I didn't tell you Hana chan! I just wasn't allowed to and-" Hana cut her off.

"It's okay Tohru, I don't mind."Tohru sighed with relief before sneezing, and Ayame ran back into the room with Shigure.

"Akito wants to see you now Hana. Don't worry, Ayame and I will escort you. Kyo and Yuki will watch over Tohru while we're gone, so no worries! Come come!" He began to usher her out the door, but Hana turned and gave a stack of paper to Kyo.

"Here's your homework."

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