Not Even Princess

Chap 2

Hanajima gazed blankly out of the window. How the hell had she gotten herself into this mess? The cool air the AC offered was refreshing, but gave her no answers to he problems. Which brought her to her next question,Why was she in a car with complete strangers? Granted, Shigure wasn't really a stranger. She had met him a few times before, in brief visits and odd sightings. Still, hadn't her mother always told her not to talk to strangers, much less get in the damn car with them? Shigure might not be quite the stranger status with her, but Ayame was definately new. She didn't even know Shigure, he could be a sick twisted maniacal freak taking her to her doom.

And she would never know.

She just sighed. It was pointless worrying about that anyway. The real question was, what the hell happened in that house? Sure, they had given her a brief explanation about the curse and what not, but she didn't understand it. Why were they cursed anyways? Why did they all seem to fall at every need of this Akito man? Was he evil? The look Tohru had given her while she was leaving was one full of sympathy. Why was everyone being like this? It seemed she was bursting with questions and had no way of getting answers, the two men in the drivers and passenger's seat seemed firm on that.

After what seemed an eternity of her sitting in the car screaming questions in her mind, they reached a sort of estate. It was large, and was in the style of a traditional japanese home. The car came to a stop and Shigure stepped out of the car, Ayame in tow. Assuming this was when she was supposed to get out too, she opened the door and hopped out.

Damn she hated being short.

Shigure and Ayame chittered together, talking about something or another, and gestured to another. Hana thought dully about hosts supposing to be warm and kind to their guests. She supposed she had been spoiled by the kindness of Tohru. She really needed to get out more.

Suddenly the two men in front of her came to a stop in front of a sliding wood door. They smiled grimly at her, as if she was about to endure some painful, heartwrenching task. Both expressions held large amount of pity, and Shigure put a hand on her shoulder.

"Be strong girl. The person in this room is...different. Be careful." He struggled to find the right words. "I wish you luck." Hana wanted to scream at him, "Luck with WHAT?" But her opened the door and pushed her in and gave her a small thumbs up.

She glanced ahead of her. She saw a man in a doctors coat sitting silently in the corner, staring at her. To his far left someone lay in a kimono, also staring at her with dark and haunted eyes. The stare alarmed her. The thought flashed through her mind, and she was ashamed. She drew herself to her full height and stared back in her own silence. The two people were locked in a deep stare, glares almost read on their respective faces before the man in the corner spoke.

"You are Hanajima Saki, am I correct? My name is Hatori." The man said in a deep voice. Hana simply nodded. She was never one for unneeded speaking. The man laying down coughed, the spoke in a soft, threatening voice.

"Why are you here? You should just have your memory erased and be done with it. It's all that Tohru wenches fault, it's all because of that little ugly bitch. Hatori take-"

A sharp bolt of anger flared through Hana, and she sent out an electric wave at theyelling man. He let out a yelp of surprise. The wave hadn't been meant for pain, just to reprimand him. He glared at her in such a rage that, if she had been anyone else, she would have quailed under his white hot stare. She held his eyes with her usual aloof and slightly blank expression, only with defiance shining in her eyes. Nobody talked like that about Tohru.


The man, Akito, staggered up and staggered towards her, hatred in his eyes. "You bitch! You horrible bitch! How dare you even do tha? Do you know who I am? DO YOU? I could have your entire memory erased in a mere second! You're useless, a lonely disgusting doll!" He towered over her, his thin frame trembling with anger, his face holding the expression of a deranged madman.

"Your words mean nothing to me." Hana told him bluntly. His eyes widened, his teeth bared and he raised his hand to strike her. Before he could begin to, Hatori came behind him and grabbed his arm, staring into the eyes that just turned to meet his. Akito took a long breath and returned, shuffling to his original position. Hana let her breath go; she hadn't even realized she had been holding it. Akito was staring at her again. He seemed calmer, though the anger was still prominant in his dark eyes.

"So you know the curse. What's stopping me from simply erasing you're memory right here and now?"

"I wouldn't let you." Hana stated in a quick manner. Akito's face was graced by a scowl.

"How, praytell, would a worthless little wench like you do that?" Hana slightly narrowed her eyes and sent another reprimanding bolt to the man in front of her, slightly more powerful than the last. Akito's eyes widened again. He clenched his hand.

"You may know the secret.. For now. But soon, you'll come begging to me, screaming, 'Make me forget! Make me forget this madness!' They all do in the end!" She shot her an evil grin before turning to Hatori.

"Show the woman out. Get it out of my sight." He turned away from both of them and gazed out of the window. Hatori rose and gestured to the door, which Hana hurried towards. Shigure and Ayame were waiting for her down the hall.

"Haa San! How did it go, will she not know anything anymore, or will she be burdened with the heavy weight of out alarming secret?" Ayame shrieked as he ran towards them. Shigure just cocked his head to the side in curiosity.

"What happened?" Shigure asked with a slight note of fascination.

"She is allowed to keep her memory, for the time being." Hana stood there dully, not adding any input to the conversation that was centered around her, her mind still lingering on what had happened mere moments before. She jerked out of her reverie when Hatori spoke to her.

"You must not tell anyone at all, or I will erase your memories. Even if you use those charming little waves against me." She saw Ayame's and Shigure's jaw drop, questions floating in their eyes. Hana smiled inside her head. Let them be confused for once. Hatori continued talking. "You will have to walk home, I need to talk to these two. Do you know the way?"

After assuring she could find her way home and she would tell nobody, she hurried out of the estate. She walked down the street and around a few corners before she let out a large sigh and leaned against the wall, the heat not even beginning to bother her. For the first time in her life, Hana had been afraid.

She was absolutely terrified at the thought of Akito Sohma.

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