Ok, so here it is- my premiere in the Naruto fandom and on This is the first in what will hopefully be a long line of stories based off of challenges given to me by SneakyCat, SlipperyLiz, SlyOmi, and CleverAudra (collectively known as TheArchives). The challenge is to show given pairing through the eyes of the given inanimate object. There is one other story in the series, but seeing as it is based off of one of CleverAudra's as of yet unpublished stories, I will not be publishing that one until her story comes out (sorry, but enjoy the rest until now)

Author: AbsurdAnne (I am absurd like the platypus)

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from Naruto, but the inanimate objects are all creations of my own twisted imagination. (Though I suppose if I really tried I could get away with blaming CleverAudra for this as it was her story that spawned the idea. shrug)

And now that the author's notes are significantly longer than the actual story:

The scissors felt her teeth slide together, cutting off the dangling edge of the bandage now wrapped around Neji's forearm. Then the world shifted as Naruto set her on the ground next to him. Bouncing with his usual overabundance of energy, Naruto began to gush over the training the pair had been doing. The boy continued babbling for a bit until he was suddenly cut off by Neji's lips pressing against his own. The scissors was glad someone had finally found a way to silence Konoha's number one loud ninja. And what looked to be a pleasant way too.

Sorry it was so short, not all of them will be drabbles, this one just turned out that way. Hope you enjoyed it.

Next time round: Feather Duster KakaIru