For a brief moment, Logan could see shapes of people behind that film of swirling blue energy. Making more sense of them, he recognized the dark one as one of the costumed freaks from his dream. It looked like Darkclaw, if Logan remembered his name correctly, had his hands full for the moment. The others seemed to be flying, reminding Logan eerily of Sentinels. As Darkclaw's face came into full view, Logan knew he saw him. Then, as if something scared him, Darkclaw turned and ran to the side, out of sight. Those figures, probably robots, by the look of it, turned now and started to fly towards him.

Red Skull's screeching laughter filled the room as android after android with bright red, white and blue markings all over them flew into the room from that other world. As about twenty of them came through, the fabric dissipated, like steam over a pot of boiling water.

And then the world exploded. At least, the local one around Logan did. Something scorched him on his side, top to bottom. What a wake-up call! Wolverine spun to face the threat and roared when he realized that this was actually a robot like a Sentinel. He leaped forward, his claws slicing through the machine's outer shell like tissue paper. This robot was torn to shreds before the others began to see him as a threat. Most of the robots' attention was on him now. He knew how much of a mistake it was they were making: they seemed to have written off Captain America off as a non-threat. As their eyes began to glow, Wolverine stopped thinking about Captain America. He stopped thinking about much at all except the pain.

The pain was probably the worst he had ever felt. His skin was almost completely gone, the adamantium plates on his bones heating to unimaginably painful levels. He would have screamed if his diaphragm could pull on his lungs, if they could hold air. His legs collapsed out from under him, crumpling him upon the floor.

And then it was over. As soon as he was able, Wolverine looked up to see Captain America smiling, catching the shield as it returned to him. He had ricocheted it just right, just so that it would strike each of the robots in the different places that would make them aim their new beams at each other. In a few brief flashes, they were all slag.

"Are you alive?" The Captain seemed so at ease. He was like a force of nature, a power of confidence so powerful it made everything seem comical. Wolverine grunted.

"For now. I felt like questioning that for a second." He told the truth. If those bots had been left to their own devices, he would have just been an adamantium skeleton. Captain America nodded, then tilted his head, as if he was listening to something.

It wasn't as if they were being quiet upstairs. Even through three floors, Wolverine could hear the crashing and smashing going on. He tried to breathe, air getting into his lungs. Eventually, as the skin began to grow back, he tried to stand up. He glanced down at himself and sighed.

"It took me weeks to grow my hair out that long."

The Captain chuckled, "I think your hair's the least of your worries." He glanced down at Wolverine's bare form.

"Clothes are quicker to replace," he shrugged. "I'm sure you know where we can get some, you work here."

Captain America nodded, moving away and indicating that Wolverine follow. A few turns and they came to a small supply room. The Captain took out a few sweats, a hoodie and some pants.

"Sorry I don't have more for you."

"It'll do," Wolverine got in them, "for now."

Settled, the two made their way slowly up to the top floor, where the others were supposed to be. As they got closer, they grew more cautious, a few crashes saying that while the fight might be almost over now, it was still in its dying throes.

They came across Emma Frost, in her living diamond form, looking, for everything, exhausted. She jerked up at their entrance, but quickly released her tension when she saw who it was. Thor and Iron Man, Iron Man's suit broken severely in several places, lay at her feet. Bishop was knocked out in the corner. Scarlet Witch and Phoenix lay sprawled across from each other, their part of the large room scorched and when surveyed closely, it seemed as if pieces of furniture and other items were warped into the most bizarre forms.

"Weren't you wearing different clothes when you went down there?" Emma whispered ironically as she eyed Logan. Slowly she began to darken into flesh, her skin becoming pink with exertion.

"It's a long story," Logan chuckled.

"But with an important conclusion," the Captain added. "Red Skull's behind this all."

"So what do we do?" She looked at him, as if dreading the idea of more combat.

"We get these guys out of here," the Captain indicated his fallen comrades.

"We'll get them onto the Blackbird," Logan finished.

The three of them nodded and started to move, slowly grasping at their comrades' unconscious bodies, pulling them towards the roof.