Title: First Impressions (make all the difference)

Author: Online Fisher

Disclaimer:I'll summarize. No money. No point. Don't Sue.

Summary: AU what if Lister and Rimmer started off on the right foot on Mimas? How drastically could it have changed their lives?

Author's Notes: I know it's slightly confusing... this is from another POV. Lol Can you guess who it is yet? said in my inexcusably bad Australian accent

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First Impressions (make all the difference)

He had thought it a good idea at the time. "Relax and take a vacation" why they couldn't have been orbiting around a beautiful planet with nothing but green grass and tonnes of clouds he didn't know, no, scratch that he did know. It was all part of his luck or lack thereof. He never had any luck and he would never have any, he was condemned to live his life in misery.

This is why he was stuck on this waste of a planet, nothing but sex, drugs and rock and roll... God he hated it. He hated the planet, he hated the people and he hated himself. Most would be overjoyed at spending three weeks of vacation on Mimas. So many he had over heard talking about it, so many disappointed when they found out they would not be able to go. He would gladly let them go in his place. He never wanted to come but he had been given an order and had to follow.

He had come here, telling himself he would have one drink and go back to the hotel he was staying in. He had already been on Mimas too long. It was nearly time to go home, well as close to home as possible. He knew he had to come here at least once before he left if he didn't he would have regretted it. But he already did. He was having a miserable time. Watching all the semi naked men dancing together taunting him with what he knew he would never have.

He supposed he could try to talk to someone. What was the use? No one would ever give him the time of day and he didn't blame them, he wouldn't want to even be around himself.

Taking a sip from his glass as he watched. He may, as well finish his drink and go. Turning sideward slightly he caught sight of a man on the raised platform looking down onto the scene. He had a distant look about him like he wasn't really there. He hadn't noticed him before but then again he never noticed anything whilst he was pitying himself.

The man wore black jeans from what he could tell paired with a black leather jacket that looked as if it had just been rejected from biker men monthly... and a pony tail? He was an odd looking man he sported the attire of a rough and ready stick that in your face type of man yet looked completely different. Chiding himself, looks could be deceiving. Who knows what the man was like? He wasn't his type he thought then realising he wasn't really sure what his 'type' was.

He crannied his neck to get a glimpse of the exit sign at the door closest to him and decided to go. He would feel much better once he got back to his room and washed the smell from his body.

Quickly downing the remnants of his drink he placed it onto the counter top next to him and turned to leave.

Moving to leave feeling a slight tug on his shirt from behind him. He paused. Felling the tap on his shoulder he turned to come face to face with the man that had almost left his mind.

The man leaned in and shouted so he could hear "DAVE!"

He didn't understand... was his name Dave or had he just confused him with someone else? Probably the latter, why would he come to talk to him?

Giving the man a confused look he leaned in again shouting "you gotta name?" Instead.

Maybe he had wanted to talk to him after all. Shouting back "ARNOLD!" He got a large grin in return and a light laugh. Great! Why couldn't he have said, Jack or Alex or Duke for crying out loud? Something a little more manlier than Arnold!

"Wanna dance?" Dave asked loudly. Dance? No he didn't. He couldn't to be frank. He'd never even tried to be honest and he'd never even wanted to.

"I can't!" Dave just smiled even broader at that before replying.

"Neither can I, come on!" And dragged the rather shocked Arnold with him.