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First Impressions

Pulling the reluctant Arnold into the crowds. Squeezing through tightly packed bodies to find some sort of space. Stopping suddenly turning to see Arnold still grasping tightly to his hand. Deciding they would never get anywhere to themselves he grabbed hold of Arnold by the waist pulling him closer.

Unsure of what to do Arnold just mimicked Dave's movements. Getting knocked closer together by the frantic movements of the energetic crowd. Leaning in to Arnold, nice to feel another body. Feel the warmth radiating from another soul. Forgetting for a moment where he was. It had seemed so long since he'd felt another person this close.

Moving his arms to place his hands on Arnold's soft yet undeniably firm back. Squeezing slightly to reaffirm the existence of the other he placed his head on Arnolds shoulder. Not caring the others bouncing along to the much too loud music.

Arnold still unsure of what to do let Dave hold him before finally, nervously moving his hands to tentatively rest on Dave's supple hips. Feeling Arnold's unease, raising his head to smile up at the man he was currently holding. Moving his hands down to grasp the firm buttocks, gaining a surprised look from the taller man. Moving his hands reluctantly from their place he once again moved to Arnold's back this time moving under the shirt to feel the heated skin.

Hands moving softly along his back, taking time pinch and grasp at the skin beneath them. Arnold still ridged yet submissive letting Dave take complete control. Letting the hands roam his back, become acquainted with every inch of it. Thoroughly enjoying himself, starting to easy slightly as the gentle caress continued. Moaning softly as a finger moved with pressure down his spine. The feel of skin on skin did wonders to set him at ease, loosing himself to the moment. Forgetting just for once about his worries, his reservations. Wanting to feel this man, wanting to touch him. Placing his hand under the leather jacket to moan at the long awaited sensation. Grasping the other hand on the cheek of Dave's buttock.

Feeling Dave clench as he felt the added pressure. Making it known how much he was enjoying this. Grinding slightly into Arnold to give him confirmation of where this was hoped to head. Unable to take much more Arnold sought out Dave's lips in one quick movement. In haste missing their mark, Dave quick to reposition to gain full access of Arnold's wanting mouth.

Tongues fighting for dominance, teeth biting pulling out moans from both mouths. Heads slanting, hands roaming, grabbing at whatever they could find. Clutching at Arnold's unruly hair afraid of the loss of contact.

Scarcely believing himself, the lips, the sensation. It was real his mind cheered, It was almost like he imagined - Almost! it was better. He'd only kissed one woman and that was only briefly. This was different, better, delicious he decided. How had he lived without feeling this? The lips still pressing and claiming every inch of his own.

Disappointed as the kiss ended, only now quick to realise how much he needed to breathe. Dave breathing hot and heavy onto his neck. Placing light pecks along his jaw line as he struggled to slow down his heart rate to stop his knees from their inevitable collapse.

Leaning up to Arnold he asked "Wanna go back to mine?" and all Arnold could do was nod and follow as Dave dragged him out of the crowd into the cold night.

God I just read this back to myself and it's total pish! Maybe I should just give up?

Yea andI know, a bit of a cop out at the end there but I didn't know how else to end this...