By Henrika

Henrika- Wow, this is short. Created off a quote from the episode "Created Human". Enjoy!

From the first second I heard her answer, I had wondered why that was their goal. I had wanted to ask, but other things quickly took precedent. My brother's life for one.

That in itself led me back to Lust's answer. I want to become a human, nothing more. So what did it mean to be human? What was the soul, really?

And the same woman, same homunculus, killed Number 48 and began scratching at Al's blood seal. Whatever a soul was, information or memories or personality, that seal was the only thing keeping Al's here. How could they? How could they want humanity so badly that they would sacrifice other to attain it? Make me do it for them?

What's so great about humans? Look at what Brigadier General Gran, Tucker, Scar, Cornello; look at what they did. Look at what I did. We kill each other without end, slaughtering friends and foes in pursuit of dreams we know we many never reach, dreams that we can't reach.

And I beg for Al's life, because he was human once and I'll make sure he is again, with his real body, the one that I took from him. But at what cost? I look around at the convicts that are my 'ingredients'. Will I murder them to reach that dream? It is really like everyone's told me all along, that I'm just like them? I fix the array on the ceiling; begin moving the tanks of Red Water into place while ignoring Al's desperate cries for me to stop. What does it mean to be human? I clap my hands and lean down to touch the array. I really don't know anymore.

Henrika- That had to be tough to even contemplate sacrificing those people. Poor Ed. Ah well, it gives us angst to torture him with!