Chapter One

Kagome sat underneath the starry sky, gazing at the wonderful world above and unable to count the endless amounts of freedom and adventure they held. They where like crystals in a dark sea of sadness. For that is what Kagome was filled with, not only sadness but grief as well. There was an emptiness that she felt, that nothing could fill. Something deep down into her core that was pulling her down, down into the depths of despair. The moments Inuyasha and her spent with each other was all at a loss. A small fragile tear found it's way down Kagome's cold, stale cheek. She would never be able to see his glowing amber eyes, never get to explore his heart, run her delicate fingers through his hair. Their love was blossoming like a young rose, or tulip. Opening up to the world. But now it was as if time had stopped and the rose froze, nothing could continue on. It was too late to change the past, for she was stuck in the future. Stuck in a world without what she cared for the most. Kagome hugged herself looking for his warmth, but unable to find it. Kagome stood up, wiping the tears from her eyes and headed back to her room. She slipped on her pajamas and crawled into bed, hoping that maybe school will get her mind off of things.


Inuyasha swung his sword and let out a backlash wave, Sango threw her Haricots; Kagome let a sacred arrow fly. Everything hit Naraku with all its might and Naraku was separated from his body. Before he could regenerate Miroku opened his wind tunnel and sucked Naraku into the endless black hole of the curse he set upon him.

Naraku is dead. His shards of the sacred jewel fell from his body and Kagome walked over and collected them. As she held them, a pink glow formed and the jewel was whole again.

(A/N: The pieces Koga had where stolen, and Kohaku was finally put to rest.)

Kagome woke up sweating from the dream and went to wash up and get ready for school. She put on her school uniform and grabbed a bite to eat before going to school. When she arrived she didn't see her friends so she went straight to class and sat down. She opened her textbook and started to study. Kagome was so into studying that she didn't see someone come in.

"The climax of a story is the point of action; usually when the conflict is resolved." Kagome said to her self out loud.

The person sat down next to her and was fiddling with his pencil. Kagome never even noticed. But when she was twirling her pen in her hand she dropped it and it fell on the floor. Not removing her eyes from the textbook she lent down to pick it up. Although a strong hand picked it up and placed it on her desk. When she looked away from the book she fell into amazing violet eyes.

"Th…thank you.'

The boy just nodded and went back to fiddling his pencil. Kagome starred at him. His hair was long and black and pulled back into a low ponytail. He had a fit body and violet eyes.

"What's your name?"


"Well it's only polite."

"Feh." The boy turned around and met with Kagome eye to eye. Something came over him as if he had seen or heard about this girl before. "Inuyasha. My name is… Inuyasha" He stuttered with the last few words.

Kagome's eyes widened and then finally realized that this boy looked identical to Inuyasha's human form.

"Have we met before?"

"I…uh…don't think so."

Just then the bell rang and the rest of the morning class came in. When everyone was seated, the teacher walked in and said:

"We have a new student today." The teacher motioned Inuyasha to stand, "Please introduce yourself."

"Well, my name is Inuyasha and I used to live in Nagasaki."

"Ok well welcome to Tokyo." The teacher motioned Inuyasha sit down and class started.

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