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Chapter Six

Kagome just stood there, not rejecting but not satisfied either. She never found the strength to hug back, until she felt small drops of water on her shoulder.

In a cracked voice Inuyasha muttered in Kagome's ear, "Y…your…back…I am so fucking happy your back."

Kagome pulled away. She looked into the golden eyes she missed so much and raised a hand slightly fingering his ear. Just then Kagome pushed him aside, tears were slowly beginning to fall and she ran off.

'What the hell?' "Kagome come back!"

Kagome ran as fast as she could. She didn't want to see him. They weren't supposed to see each other ever again. She wasn't supposed to care. Jumping over tree root to ducking under a branch, she would not allow him to catch up to her. She could hear Inuyasha calling her name, telling her to stop. For a second she did, but only to think. Taking a small pointed rock she slit her hand and ripped a piece of her skirt. Rubbing the blood on the piece of fabric, then throwing it away would help to throw Inuyasha off her trail. Kagome kept running, fatigue was not an issue. Coming to a stream she rinsed her hand, then ran deeper into the dense forest. She hid in some underbrush, far away from where she left the clue.

Kagome sat and rested while thinking over what she had just done. 'The reason behind my actions just now are unclear…I guess there was no specific reason that I wanted to run away. Maybe it was because I am to scared to face my past. I have to find a way to get back; there I can continue my normal life again.' Just then it hit her, 'No matter what I do I can never get away from him…hit reincarnation is waiting for me back home." She let out a small whimper of sadness. 'it wasn't supposed to be this hard.'

Kagome stopped and listened to her surroundings, He had picked up on the rest of her sent. The blood wasn't enough to throw him off. Inuyasha looked around and noticed small moving from under some shrubs. He reached his hand out to have a more clear view. But when he pushed them aside nobody was there.

'Kagome where did u go.' He sighed, "If you can hear me Kagome, I spoke the truth. I missed you like crazy. When you slipped into the well I tried grabbing for you. I need you Kagome." He closed his eyes, "I don't know what happened in your time while you where there for so long. I wished on the jewel every night that I could see you again, In hopes that someday I could tell you…. this…"

He grabbed for something around a tree and clung onto Kagome's shoulder. He could feel that she was trembling.

"What is it that you wanted to tell me…"

Inuyasha's heart was pounding one hundred beats a second. "Kagome…I love you. It has never been hard to admit but now that your back, I have found my strength again."

Kagome smiled and suddenly the reincarnation didn't matter. The real Inuyasha, the one she loved was confessing his love to her and she had waited so long to hear it.

Voice cracking she replied "I…Love you too, so much, I thought I would never see you again, then I met your reincarnation…" she was cut off.

"My reincarnation?"

"Yah, I guess your wish came true after all, I bet you wished to kiss me too?"

Inuyasha blushed.

"Well it went a little like this…"

Kagome rested her hands on his chest and soothingly rubbed them around till she wrapped them around his neck. Inuyasha melted and wrapped his arms protectively around her waist. He leaned his head down and closed his eyes. His lips where greeted with Kagome's sweet taste. He left her waist and pushed the back off her head for an even deeper kiss. When they released Inuyasha tasted his lips and it was amazing, it would stay with him forever.

Inuyasha picked her up onto his back and took them to a small hut that was abandoned for quite some time. It wasn't until then that he truly expressed his love for her.

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