Cotton Candy Pink

by Tabris Macbeth

rated PG

disclaimer: He's a wild flippin' fact: I don't own Teen Titans.


You could tell just by looking at her that Raven is dark and bitter. She was dark because she was bitter, and bitter because she was dark. She didn't know which came first, not that she devoted much time to caring. For the moment, though, she was content. She was at her favorite table in her favorite cafe, reading her favorite book in the gloomy, just-barely-adequate-for-reading lighting, her favorite bookmark dangling inbetween her fingers. For some odd reason, her bookmark didn't blend in with the rest of her dark style. It was pink.

For those cared, it wasn't just any shade of pink. This silk bookmark, with a beautiful rose lovingly embroidered on it, was cotton candy pink. It was just plain old pink to Raven, but the words "cotton candy pink" popped into her head whenever she looked at it. She looked at it quite a bit.

Pink? Pink, for crying out loud! And such a sugary shade of pink, at that! What had possessed Raven to buy the thing? Starfire was more suited for these brighter, warmer colors. She thought giving it to her and getting one with something gaudy like skulls and crossbones just to re-affirm her dark, bitter demeanor.

Good lord, it looked sugary. She was half convinced it would taste sweet it she licked it. Why did she get it? She was sticking out like a sore thumb here. Thankfully, everyone was minding their own business, but it didn't give her an answer. She liked things bitter, just like the tea she was sipping, and just like the life she lead. Dark and bitter.

A little sweetness now and then wasn't that bad, though, was it? Fond flashes of pink came to mind. Pink eyes, pink hair...

Jinx? Why did Jinx come to mind? She did have that "cotton candy pink" shade of hair and eyes, but...her eyes weren't so much cotton candy as they were freshly licked lollipops. They were a pretty, shiny kind of pink. Her hair, though, definitely cotton candy. She had no idea how Jinx kept in in those horns, but it looked soft. It probably smelled sweet, as well. Maybe like strawberries.

And just where had that come from? Strawberries? Strawberries! Forget the odd train of thought she was on before. How, exactly, did strawberries come to mind?

No, nevermind that. Nevermind the hair sniffing. Something came first. It was pink or Jinx. Either Jinx came to mind because she secretly liked the color pink- namely this sugary sweet shade her bookmark was- or...wait. That wasn't possible. Like her? She was an enemy! You don't like your enemies! If you like an enemy, then that person isn't really an enemy anymore.

What was there to hate about Jinx? "Hate" was an awfully strong word. She didn't want to hate Jinx. She a pretty, graceful young lady, and it just didn't seem right to-

Raven put the brakes on right there. She had just called one of her sworn enemies "pretty" and "graceful". If anything wasn't right, it was that. She was good, Jinx was bad. Simple as that, more or less.

More or less? How was there room for doubt? Well, if there was room in her stomach for those butterflies that had appeared when she had started thinking about this nonsense, there was room for doubt.

"I've been stuck on the same paragraph for a while now." Raven realized.

This was her time. When she was meditating, looking deep into herself, she could try and make sense of this. For now, though, this was her time. She should just take in the bitter taste of her tea and sink into her dark surroundings.

That wasn't what she wanted, though. She wanted something sweet, for a change. Eye candy, preferably. And she saw it, sitting just a couple tables away.

"Jinx! What is she doing here! Did she follow me!"

Seeing as how she was glumly nursing a cup of some fancy coffee- one of those with foam and a hard-to-pronounce name- all signs seemed to point to "no".

"Poor thing. She looks pretty sad about something."

It hurt looking at her. Why was that? She did look sad, but so what of it? It should be good, right? She was a villainess, a bad guy. She deserved to suffer, didn't she? Well, maybe not. Not too much. Punishment was one thing, but she looked like she was on the verge of crying.

She did, anyway. When she took notice of Raven, a big smile crossed her lips and she waved as if she spotted a good childhood friend. Raven, of course, just stared at her.

Jinx waved her over, inviting her to her table. As far as Raven was aware, enemies weren't supposed to do this sort of thing. When she looked back to her book, she heard footsteps approaching her, the quiet atmosphere only amplifying each step.

"No!" she thought, "Please don't let it be her! Please let her just pass by me and-"

She had no such luck. She heard the other chair at her table screech as it was dragged along the floor.

"Hey, Ravy."

Ever so quietly, ever so subtly, she looked up from her book.

"Do not call me that." she said in her usual icy cool tone.

"Why?" said Jinx, whose grin only grew at Raven's unseen annoyance, "Sounds cute."

"Exactly. And why, exactly, are you talking to me?"

"Just because."

Raven raised an eyebrow, hoping she would clarify.

"I'm off duty." Jinx shrugged, "Relax."

Off duty? Minions of evil couldn't just take a break! Somewhere in the cosmos, Raven was sure there was a book of unwritten, unspoken rules that governed the battles between good and evil, and in it it said no one on either side could just stop because they thought it was a nine-to-five job.

"Don't give me that look!" she pouted, "Why can't I have some me time once in a while? Furthering the causes of mayhem and destruction is hard work!"

Her pout was quick to rise into yet another grin.

"C'mon, smiley. Lighten up. Have you forgotten I'm just a merc? So long as the world doesn't turn to money, I ain't taking it over!"

"You're a criminal." Raven plainly stated.

"Oh, big flippin' deal! So I have a few character flaws! If it wasn't for people like me, you'd be out of the job, you know that? What would you do without us greedy good-for-nothings? You'd probably just sit around, bored out of your mind, complaining about never having anyone to throw in jail. So then you start getting on peoples' cases for minor stuff- like littering and jay walking- just to keep from being bored. And when people start respecting each and every little law, you'll just loose it and start breaking the law just so you can stop yourself!"

Well, Raven had found the reason why Jinx was ignoring the rules of enemy relationships: She was certified, grade A loonie.

"Come on!" she moaned, "I was kidding! Crack a smile! A teensy, weensy little smile!"

A few seconds later, when it was apparent that wasn't going to happen, Jinx tilted her head down, trying to look up Raven's hood.

"Hey. I've never seen your face. Not even good lighting can I see you face under that thing. You oughtta cut that hood off. Maybe dye your cloak dark purple-ish, to match your hair. That would look nice."

With a sigh and more than a little reluctance, Raven lowered her hood.

"Oh yeah. You gotta cut the hood off."

"Why is that?"

"You're pretty."

Raven choked on that bit of information. She wanted to pull her hood back up, trying to gain a little distance from the girl sitting barely a foot away, but she knew she would only be handing Jinx a small victory if she admitted she was...a little flattered.

"What's which that gem on your forehead?"

Oh boy. An old conversation with Beast Boy concerning the jewel on her Ajna Chakra came to mind. She tried to explain chakras to him, but it when over his head pretty quickly. It was pretty amusing when he tried to pronounce "Svadisthana", though.

"Can I touch it?"


"Poke it?"


"Rub it for good luck?"


"You know what that gem reminds me of? Oh, lemme guess! 'No', right? I bet you were gonna say 'no'."


Hold up a minute. Had she just crack a joke? Inadvertently, perhaps, but she did.

"Well, whadaya know! It's like we're twins! So, anyway, that gem reminds me of those wishing trolls. Remember those ugly little naked guys with the wishing stones in the belly buttons and really funky hair?"

"Like yours?"

And again. Again! She had exercised her dry wit again. Why was she slipping all of a sudden?

"Hey! My hair's not funky! It's...conventional challenged, that's all. Can I rub your head-gem for good luck now?"

"Why would I have changed my answer?"

"Because it might grant wishes."

She didn't realize it before, but Jinx was a silly girl. Come to think of it, why didn't she realize earlier? She was always dancing and prancing around when she fought, like some demented, hex slinging ballerina.

"You're weird."

"No, I'm Jinx."

When she saw that small smirk form, Jinx leap up and laughed the laugh of winners.

"HA! Got ya to smile! I won that rub now!"

Raven mumbled "get it over with" under her breath and Jinx rubbed vigorously.

"How does that thing stay on?" she said, picking at the gemstone a little.

"How does your hair stay like that?"

Without a word, Jinx sat back down and behaved herself.

"So, what did you wish for?"

"Nah, ah, ah!" Jinx said, shaking a finger at Raven, "You can't tell what your wish is or it won't come true."

Before Raven could finish saying "whatever", Jinx continued, despite what she had just said about wishes.

"Wanna know? Okay, but you have to keep it a secret."

Raven put her book down as Jinx leaned in. She evidently wasn't going to get to the next page today.

"I wished for love."

She knew Jinx would be two for two now, but she couldn't contain the small giggle that escaped her lips. Instead of gloating over her victory, though, Jinx gave her a swift kick in the shin.

"I'm serious." she said, leaning back and crossing her arms in an angry manner.

"I'm sorry, but it's..."

Cute? She was about to say cute. She needed to say something before Jinx got suspicious.


"Well, I'm glad I can be of service." Jinx pouted. Or fake pouted. It was hard to tell with her.

"You ever scare anyone off, Ravy? This might come as a mind blowing surprise, but being a bad guy kinda scares people. Like this one time, I was in line to get a ticket for this concert, and someone noticed me. Much to my surprise, he didn't want an autograph! He screamed, then more people screamed, and before I knew it, the concert was cancelled. Twenty minutes of standing in line gone to waste in about three minutes of screaming and panic."

"At least you get something close to respect. I saved this city time and time again, but whenever I walk down the street, there's always someone yelling 'Goth chick', among other things."

For the first time since she sat down at her table, Jinx seemed somber. That silly, playful grin had dropped of her face completely. That made Raven sad, for some reason.

"Jinx...why are you talking to me?"

Jinx shrugged.

"I might be a bad, nasty criminal...but I guess I kinda like you."

Raven muttered something.

"I heard that!" Jinx exclaimed, jumping up and putting that silly smile back on, "You don't think I'm that bad!"

"Whatever." said Raven with a bit of a smirk.

As Jinx went on about just about anything that came to mind, Raven found that answer she was looking for earlier in those shiny pink lollipops that girl called eyes.

"Do you like me, Ravy?"

"No.", Raven smiled, giving Jinx another point on her imaginary scoreboard.

Raven may have been dark and bitter, but she still liked sweet things. Things that came in that silly, sugary shade of cotton candy pink.

author's notes: Y'know...I'm convinced I can build a story off anything. This one was sparked by Saint Raven's C2 group. No story above a "T" can be put in a C2 group, and she was kind enough to put in a story of mine that had little to do with the theme of her C2, so I made this Raven/Jinx story just for her. Yeah, I'm a sweetheart, aren't I? Hey, just so all you ladies know, I am very single...

Well, as you might have read on my profile, I'm probably never writing a one shot again. At first, I did it because I have a humongous soft spot for my fans, but now that I think about it...I can crank out way more Raven/Jinx ficlettes than I though I could. Already got two more in mind! Holy crap, I am on fire, here!

Here's the deal: This is a full fledged series now, each chapter a stand alone story. Since I'm new at that sort of thing (usual I write "chapter xx" for each chapter), titles will be at the top, underlined unless I can think of something better looking. Keep an eye out for more CCP stories coming soon!