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Rain. Why did it have to rain here and now?

Logan could've cursed the skies themselves as he carried the bundle in his arms and the bag upon his back swiftly through the grey sheets of icy rain. Cars passed by him on the sidewalk, splattering him with mud and water, finally making him swear in frustration and set the bundle upon the ground. Nimble fingers opened his bag and pulled out a shirt, which he used to first wipe of his face. Then he removed a piece of cloth from the bundle revealing that the thing he could carry so easily was a human, a girl.

Long eyelashes curled against her pale skin, fluttering just slightly as the pale and thin girl tried to open her eyes. Logan's hand reached out and touched her cheek as he made sure no water had gotten on her. Her skin was an unnatural dry, though it looked perfectly healthy- excluding the white hue cast across her features. Her hair was long, locks falling across her face, blacker than any the night sky had ever seen and the exact same shade of shadow as Logan's hair. They were twins after all, though the unnatural color of skin upon her body and the deep tan upon his could make it seem otherwise. The girl moaned softly as Logan touched her and he quickly pulled his hand away.

He was almost glad her eyes were closed, that way he wouldn't have to see that uncanny gaze of hers- though frightening eyes. He had normal eyes himself - very dark green eyes that looked as if one was staring at a pine tree within his pupils. But his sister... Logan shuddered.

Was this really the way they should go? To...the Titan's Tower as his sister had called it. Squinting his eyes, he tried to see through the sheets of grey that impaired his vision. Yes, there. Far in the distance he though he could make out the shadow of a giant T, with lights shining from every window. Was that the place where two outcasts such as he and his sister could find a home?

This will be different...

Logan looked right back to his sister and stared at her. She looked so weak, so helpless. Would someone believe how powerful her mind was to make up for the lack of strength in body? He bit his lip and looked away. No, she could see into his mind. He couldn't let her see his fear, his anxiety, his hope that the Titans would send them away.

"Do not pretend to play so innocent with me, my sister. I am still your brother, and though you are my elder, you fail to remember the position of which you are in." The girl's face did not move, yet her chilling voice rang in his mind.

You forget your place, brother.

Logan looked at her, his eyes flashing for a moment before he took a deep breath. Then, after another glance at her, he looked towards the Tower. Standing up he nimbly lifted her and cloaked her face once more, aware of how light and frail her body was, even though he had what was considered no upper-body strength. He bit his tongue, afraid to anger his sister.

"Yes...Mirage." He didn't dare use her real name, and her sharp tone with which she had spoke to him prevented him from calling her his sister once more. He was her servant, trapped in her shadow, yet even as she could not survive without him. It was horribly ironic and disgusting.

Oh, she knew his thoughts and his disgust. Mirage was well aware of how she treated him and was well aware of how much he despised her. Yet her brother was so weak, he couldn't survive without her. If the weakness of the cold she had now hadn't been there, she would have smiled, and she would've delighted in the look of fear that crossed her brother's face at the sight of that smile.


Beast Boy laughed loudly as a red "LOSER" flashed in front of Cyborg on the screen. "BB, you piece of asparagus, how did you win? I haven't beaten you in..." Cyborg shook his head as steam seemed to shoot from his ears.

BB grinned at him, putting his feet on the table and leaning back with his hands behind his head. "Let's just say I have some really awesome cheat codes... Now, how do you say it...



"No Cyborg! AH! SQUAWK"

The yelling and crashing and squawking echoed down the halls towards Starfire's room, where Raven and the alien girl meditated in front of the window. Raven's eye opened and she looked at Starfire, her face still unmoving as she gazed at the alien girl with a violet eye. Even though Starfire and Raven were good friends by now, Raven still didn't like the alien girl in her room. Raven smiled inwardly. It was still fun to hang out with Star, even though Raven wouldn't admit it for anything in the world. They did some cool things, like contacting the spirit world, which always brought loud and happy chattering from Star.

"Looks like they're having fun..." Raven said, sarcasm dripping from her monotonous voice.

"Yes, but I am worried for the so-fa and the tele-vision in the room. Will they not break them?" Star still had trouble sometimes pronouncing words, and it was fairly funny to see her give her own impressions of the words.

"Well, I'm sure Robin will yell at them enough... Speaking of which, where is he?"

"I believe he is...working out?"

Robin beat on the punching bag a few more times before spinning around to give it one hard kick. The punching bag swung freely before Robin's gloved hands steadied it to a halt. Walking across the room, he snagged a towel as he left the room and headed down the hall, dabbing his forehead with the towel and dampening it with sweat.

Coming around the corner and entering the living room, he wasn't surprised to see a mess. The couch was lying on its back, and papers were strewn everywhere. Luckily, nothing was broken. Robin shook his head and leaned against the doorway, watching as the cyborg yelled at a green parrot, and pointed at it with his middle finger. Robin held in a chuckle as he saw Cyborg's missing finger in the green parrot's beak.

"You dirty little parrot! Give me back my finger!"

"Whistle Boo Ya! Boo ya!"


"Whistle Cyborg wears lady's underwear. squawk Boo ya, Boo ya! Beast Boy Rocks, oh yeah! Boo ya, boo ya! whistle squawk"

"GRR! Beast Boy! You-!"

"Having trouble Cyborg?"

"Of course not Robin. I'm just trying to get my finger back from a no good stealing lump of feathers!" Cyborg's face shone red with anger. "And I was wondering Robin, does parrot soup sound good for dinner?" Cyborg lifted his foot and pointed the toe at the parrot. The toe lifted up and the head of a rocket appeared.

"Sounds good to me," Robin commented, looking over to see Starfire and Raven entering the room. "How about you Raven?"

"Sounds great."

Starfire looked perplexed and tilted her head to the side. "But will Beast Boy not like this delicacy?"

Cyborg rolled his eyes and pointed at the parrot. "He won't Star, I can guarantee it. 'Cause he's gonna be the delicacy!"

The parrot whistled and shot down from the corner it had been sitting in. Landing on the ground, he transformed in Beast Boy and spat out the finger. "No need for violence! And, Cyborg...you really ought to wash your hands- that finger tastes horrible!"

Starfire laughed and clapped her hands together in glee as Cyborg began to growl, snatching the finger form the ground and holding it with two fingers in disgust. He began to mutter but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Uh, since when do people knock on our door?" Beast Boy asked as Raven raised her hands and was folded in the shadow of a black raven. The raven flew through the floor and towards the front door inevitably.

"Good question," Robin replied, as he listened for voices on the lower floor. The shadow of a raven flew up from the floor swiftly, almost knocking Robin over in surprise.

"Dude, Raven, that was fast," Beast Boy replied, looking curiously at the shadow or the raven as it began to unfold and reveal Raven within. "Who was..."

A boy stood beside Raven, whose violet eyes watched him intently. The boy seemed to hold a bundle of clothes, and from the water that drenched his face and dripped on to the floor, he had just been outside in the storm. The boy gazed wearily at the Titans, then kneeled down on the floor. He unfolded the bundle to reveal a girl's face. Two eyes stared from pale skin, eerie eyes that caused each Titan to shiver in astonishment. One eyes held a silver pupil, the silver mists within the orb twisting and turning, looking as if trying to find an escape from the ball that held them. The other was pure white, the pupil invisible entirely. The girl stared at the Titans and spoke, barely moving her lips.

"Hello Titans..."

And with that, she fainted.