"Robin what shall we do?"

Mirage strode down the hallway towards the door leading outside on to the roof. She could hear their words, not their voices but instead she could hear it as the words entered Robin's mind. Her stride was slow and meaningful, for she had no reason to worry now. Beast Boy and Cyborg were sulking and Logan was attempting to reunite them. As for Raven- who knew where the dark girl was. She wasn't here and even if she were, she would not see Mirage, not unless Mirage willed it.

The skirt clung nicely to her legs, her skin shining so palely in the dimly lit hallway. Why she was even more pale then Raven, she had decided. Raven had the ashen color in her face while Mirage…Mirage simply looked as if her skin was dead. A haunting image but alluring, her eyes so mysterious and different that it drew the eyes so perfectly.

How funny these teenagers were. How amusing. Though in truth she was only about 16 years old herself, she seemed much older. Could it be that she had seen and done far more in these few years then they could hope to see ro do in their entire lives? Why, they had even seen the end of the world but Mirage had seen planets destroyed in one second. She had lost ones she actually cared for in less than a breath and she had killed people as easily as others breathe.

Yes, she knew all about the 'end of the world' experience. How Raven had destroyed them all. Her father was Trigon? Yes, even Mirage had heard of Trigon. And in truth she almost envied Raven for having that position. Ah, to be the daughter of a great demon...

Who was she kidding? Why she was the daughter of a mortal woman who had been raped. What lovely parents. A mother who was afraid of her own shadow and a father that did not exist.

But still... Mirage had her mother's hair, as did Logan. But her mother had golden skin which Logan inherited. Her mother had always feared Mirage. Perhaps because the sickly twin reminded her so much of her father.

Mirage stopped for a moment, leaning against the wall to catch her breath. It was little exercise but already her head was swimming.

Little movement and sudden illness. A curse of her immortality, how sad. She could create inner world within a person's mind, drive someone insane, read a person's deepest desires and fears, kill a person in a single movement and tear apart a world bit by bit, but she could not cure her own illness. Pitiful.

Within moments Mirage had regained control of her breathing and she slipped up the steps before coming up on to the roof.

Robin and Starfire sat upon the edge of the Tower, legs dangling over the side. Robin's arm was around her waist and Starfire's head leaned against his shoulder.

How cute...

Mirage smirked to herself as she approached them easily, her footsteps silent to their ears and her appearance invisible to their eyes.

Starfire held one of his hands on hers as her crimson hair fell over his shoulders. Robin sighed, stroking her hand with his. "It'll be alright Star. Don't worry."

"I am worried! Robin I heard you speak with Raven. I know what you two have said."

"Starfire...please...I really don't want to think about it right now."

Starfire sighed and nodded softly, closing her eyes. Mirage waved a hand over them both and murmured a few words softly before delving into the alien's mind.

It was something she was used to by now, but every time she entered another's mind it was a complex feeling. It had been so simple in Beast Boy's mind, perhaps because the boy was more beast then boy. Cyborg has been complicated but not truly difficult. Mirage simply had to work around his mechanical parts and find his true mind, hypnotizing that to make him see different things through the computer as well. Not like the fool Brother Blood who couldn't even realize how to do that, who Mirage had learned of when in the metal-man's mind.

Raven's had been the most difficult of them all. Hers was not simply a layer to be designed but was a world filled with portals and realms that even Mirage found herself lost in. Oh, how difficult it was to keep a hold of Raven's mind- difficult but such power...Oh what power flowed through Mirage's veins, an ecstasy as she held on to the edges of the dark child's mind like a child unwilling to release a new toy.

The scene around them changed. Mirage watched in amusement as Starfire tightened and fought with herself for a moment before slipping from his grasp and standing. "I will be right back, Robin."

Mirage laughed. My, my, Starfire was perhaps the easiest of all! Except Beast Boy of course. No, Starfire was innocent and as carefree as one could expect possible. Starfire's mind was not cluttered with a great amount of worries and distractions. She was calm and though the fight earlier hung like a dark shadow, still it was calm.

Mirage waited a moment as Starfire dissappeared into the Tower and Robin had turned away again. Within a moment Mirage touched his head gently and allowed an illusion to ripple through his mind.

The door banged shut and Robin turned to see Starfire standing there, her eyes warm and kind as a smile touched her lips. How beautiful she was, he thought, staring into her emerald eyes. He stood quickly, reaching out and taking one of her fragile gloved hands into his and looking up at her.

One hand slipped around her waist and he smiled at her, his heart leaping at the sight of her warm smile returning to him.

"Starfire...There's something I have to tell you."

"Yes Robin?" Robin could see her eyes shine as she watched him with such awe and happiness.

"Star...You are absolutely amazing." Suddenly all the time he had been holding in his feelings erupted. He wanted her to know how he felt. He wanted to kiss her, to hug her, to hear her laughter and see her smile.

"You're strong, you're wise. You're the coolest person I've ever met..."


"Yes Robin?" Her voice was a hushed whisper.

"Star.. I... I love you."

Starfire came up onto the roof, her smile bright and cheerful once more. Hovering in the air with her crimson hair drifting gently about her cheeks she was surprised to see Mirage standing in front of Robin. But what she saw next made her gasp. Robin placed his arm around he and took her hand in his.

A delicate hand touched her mouth and she watched Robin in horror and sorrow, eyes widened and tears springing to those emerald ovals. "Robin!"

Robin seemed not to hear her as he rested his head upon Mirage's, for this girl was so thin and small she was the size of Beast Boy and Robin could do so easily.

"Mirage...the moment I saw you I knew you were amazing. You are strong, so much stronger than anyone I have ever met."

Mirage watched him with emotionless eyes.

"Mirage, I want you to be a Titan. I want you to stay with us."

"Mirage... I... I love you."

Robin felt Starfire wrench herself free of Mirage's grip.

Starfire watched Robin finally see her and his eyes widen in surprise. "Star, I..."

Robin's heart wrenched in his chest as she stepped away from him, eyes filling up with tears.

Starfire stared at Robin with her eyes full of tears. Words failed her.

Robin watched her mouth open but nothing came out. She spun around and flew away swiftly, sobbing as she flew.

Starfire turned from him and fled, her heart torn into a thousand pieces as she sobbed, making her way down into the Tower and collapsing on her bed.

Robin watched her fly away and let his head drop to his chest, falling to his knees. Words left his lips softly... "Starfire, I thought you loved me.."

Starfire held her knees and rocked back and forth on her bed. "Robin," She whispered. "I thought you loved me."

Robin bit his lip, staring at the ground. Starfire had tears in her eyes when he told her he loved her. Did she truly hate him?

Starfire brushed a tear away. Why did Robin love Mirage more than her?

Mirage watched them both and laughed, laughed loudly yet no one heard, laughter becoming hysterical as she flew higher and higher into the sky, allowing the ecstasy of power to wash through her.

I trusted you...

I gave you all I had

Your hands so warm

Your eyes so glad

Why can't you smile for me one more time?

I want to hear the sound of your laugher again

I want to rip away this pain I feel

And just breathe again...breath again

Do you see the tears in my eyes?

Do you see the shattered bits of my heart?

Do you even know how you took what I gave

And tore it apart.

Remember me when you're crying

Because all my tears are shed for you

You took away the only thing I had left

And now there's nothing I can do...

Oh, please just smile- one last time.

I want to hear you laugh just one more time

'Cause then I won't care about you again.