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The boisterous crowd chanted a countdown as the timer on the scoreboard pulled the game to a close. When it finally fell down to zero, a loud honk from the speakers officially finished the battle of the Smallville Crows versus the San Dusky Bulldogs in the last football playoff game of the season. The final score – 35 to 0. The Crows had pulled it off again.

The sea of people shouted and hollered, but Clark could hear none of it. Sure, on his face he painted a bright, happy smile, but his soul wasn't exactly behind it. It was great that they'd won the game and were moving on to state. It was amazing that thousands of people had come together to catch him, the starting quarterback, play another unbelievable game.

Yet, there was something missing. His eyes darted all across the bleachers in front of him for it.

It was Lana.

His many teammates rushed up around him, joyously slamming him on the back and giving him a few words of encouragement (none of which he comprehended). He continued to scan the stands.

Where was she?

Or better yet: Why did he care?

He wasn't exactly sure about the answers to either of these. What he did know was that until he saw Lana Lang, smiling for him – and only him – he wouldn't be truly happy about winning the game.

Meanwhile, in the back of the bleachers trying his best to fit in, Mikail Mxyzptlk stood darkly. His original plan was for Smallville to lose. And if it had been his wish, the whole town of Smallville would not be celebrating right now. However, his loyal customers who fed off gambling with him had almost all bet that San Dusky was going to win. So, naturally, he had to make sure that would never happen. A flicker of a smile flashed across his face when he remembered how much money he'd just won - $20,000. Still, it was only scraps compared to his usual days at the horse tracks.

And today was most definitely not a usual day. For the first time in his life, someone in the game had resisted his powers. Normally, if he told someone to slip, they slipped. If he said "catch", they caught it - but not that one boy. That star quarterback – Clark Kent. Oh, yes. There was something extraordinary about him.

He remembered over hearing a conversation between him and one of his friends a few days before at school. He couldn't remember anything about Clark being abnormal, but he did recall his friend talking about a girl…Lana…Lana Lang. They were teasing Clark about her, and Mikail remembered him feeling very embarrassed - acting as if he was crushing on the girl.

"How cute…" Mikail muttered under his breath. He knew from experience that a crush on a girl hurts when you're too afraid to admit it. And if you let a moment slip by…you may regret it for the rest of your life…

…so why not have a little fun? Let's just see how well Clark can resist Mikail's powers twice in one day…


Clark heard the shout and immediately knew who it was - Chloe Sullivan. She was jumping next to the bleachers as if hot coals were under her feet and there standing next to her, looking just as happy, was Lana. Clark's smile grew.

He walked over to them, trying to remain calm. He hugged Chloe (or rather Chloe hugged him - both were too happy to tell who moved in first), and then he turned to Lana, hoping that she'd allow him to give her a hug also. That's all he needed…a simple hug…just enough to show him that she was still his friend.

"Kiss her," Mikail muttered under his breath.

Clark felt an unusual urge from the pit of his stomach, but threw it away quickly.

"Kiss her, Clark," Mikail stated louder and more firmly.

The urge suddenly surged back at him, harder this time, and like a magnet, Clark's lips shot towards Lana's. His eyes widened, surprised at his own action. A few people around them fell silent, knowing from the rumors around school that Clark and Lana had broken up almost a year ago. The rest of the crowd however (mostly parents or kids who knew nothing of the rumors or even knew who Clark and Lana were) joined in a great "Awwwww!" Whistles from a few students also arose.

Mikail could hardly contain his laughter.

Clark felt extremely embarrassed and pulled away from Lana as quickly as possible, cheeks reddening. He swallowed hard at Lana's reaction – stunned and confused.

"Lana, I…I…"

"Yo, Clark! Way to go there, buddy!"

"Whoa! Clark Kent the Pimp!"

Before Clark could even begin to explain what had just happened, his teammates were jostling him into the locker rooms. Clark could no longer paint a smile on his face. All he could think about were Lana's lips…and how much he'd missed them.

"Lana, what the hell was Clark doing?"

"I-I..I don't know…" She swallowed and looked around at everyone who was now staring at her. "Let's just go."

"Don't you want to wait and see what Clark's problem is? Why did he kiss you like that?" Chloe wondered, feeling more curious then ever.

"No. Clark's confused me more then enough times. I don't care why he did it. It isn't going to bring us back together." She turned around, pushing her way through the crowds as she added, "Come on."

In the locker room, Clark hurriedly pulled off his jersey and slipped on his clothes. He had to get out and talk to Lana before she left in disgust.

But what should he say? That some unknown force pulled his face to hers? Sure, he could believe it, but Lana would never be that gullible. Still, he had to talk to her again. He had to convince her it was a complete mistake.

"So, Clark. That was a great game you played out there."

Clark whirled around only to see Mikail – the foreign exchange student who'd just enrolled at Smallville High. His strong accent reminded Clark of Count Dracula, and that thought always seemed to cause him to be overly cautious around Mikail.

"Thanks," Clark muttered as he pulled a white T-shirt over his head.

"That was also a…great kiss at the end. Almost like a fairy tale don't you think?" Mikail walked over to the nearest set of lockers and leaned against them. "Boy loves girl. Boy becomes popular to be with girl. Boy kisses girl. Girl loves boy. And they live happily ever after, no?"



"First off, I didn't become popular for Lana. Second, I didn't mean to kiss her. And third," Clark announced, slamming his locker shut and picking up his bag, "she doesn't love me anymore." And with that, Clark made his way to the locker room door.

"You missed one."

Clark stopped and turned around in annoyance. "What?"

"Well you pretty much shot down most of the story except for the part about the boy loving the girl." Mikail smiled knowingly. "You love her."

"I – " Clark changed his gazed from Mikail to the ground, then back up again. "I have to go."

"Good luck getting Lana. I'm sure your fairy tale will turn out all right in the end."

Clark pushed through the locker door and left quickly.