By animeninjaNIPPON

Dib woke up, shivering. He got up and walked over to his bed to check on Gir, but to his surprise, Gir was gone!

"Gir?" Dib checked under his bed, inside his closet, and beneath a pile of clothes for the missing SIR, but had no luck finding him.

He walked into the living room, where his sister sat on the couch playing a handheld video game. "Hey Gaz, have you seen a little metal robot anywhere?"

She shrugged, still playing the game. Dib went back to his room. He felt a chill, then realized that the window had been smashed open.


back at said alien's base, Zim had tied Gir down while he worked diligently on some chemical.

"At LAST!" Zim announced, holding the finished product above his head. It was a swirling purple-and-white concoction – the "infatridote." "Say goodbye to your affections for the Dib," he said, and with that, dumped the potion onto Gir's head.

"AHA!" Zim cried with excitement, "victory for ZIM!"

"ZIM!" yelled the distant voice of Dib, "what have you done with Gir?"

"That little menace will NEVER look at you in desire AGAIN!" He cackled insanely. "Thanks to my 'INFATRIDOTE,' he no longer feels ANYTHING for you that he did while under the influence of the 'INFATRODISIAC'!"

"You didn't…"

Zim eyed Dib weirdly. "What did you see in him?"

"I never felt anything ROMANTIC for him," Dib replied, "I just liked having someone around that liked me."

"And you said I was wrong to toy with LOVE?"

"NO! Not like that!" Dib turned away and murmured through embarrassment, "I mean, it was nice to have a friend."

"Foolish human! Love and friendship are just WORDS! Euphemisms for SLAVERY!"

"You're wrong, Zim. I'm not like other humans, you know."

"I know."

Dib turned around in shock at his enemy's reply. Noting Dib's curiosity, Zim continued caustically, "You're EVIL! Nobody ELSE cares what I do, but YOU go out of your way to make MY LIFE miserable!"

"You're trying to conquer MY PLANET!"

"FORGET YOUR STINKING PLANET!" Zim marched up to Dib. "It's my JOB, OK? But what have I done to YOU PERSONALLY to make you HATE me so much?"

Dib lightened up. "Well… I guess…nothing."

"Huh?" That wasn't the answer Zim was expecting to hear.

Dib grabbed Zim's hand, causing the alien's eyes to widen. "I don't really hate you…"

Fifteen minutes later, Gir untied himself and got up. He looked up to see his Master and his ex-paramour holding each other tightly in a romantic embrace. Apparently, they had done some talking…

"Aww, how sweet," Gir cooed.

End of part seven

End of story

Well, thus ends Bizarre Love Triangle of DOOM. I purposely left some stuff to the imagination… but nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Thank you!