Let's see, shall we? Okay, this is a Wicked Science fic. I think it's the first one.

Wicked Science (because you probably don't know this) is an Australian show about these two absolute science geniuses who are kind of enemies. Anyways, Elizabeth's the evil one, and Toby mostly uses his "genius power" to stop her or help out his friends. Anyways, it's not on in the U.S. yet (pouts), and I'm not Australian, so you're prolly wondering, okay, if this girl isn't Australian and it isn't in America, then is she just writing about a show she's never seen before?

I totally fell in love with this show when I was down in Mexico… (sigh) It was on Mexican Jetix, and, yes, it was in Spanish… Unfortunately without subtitles. Anyways, so, since I'm decent in Spanish, I was translating what I knew and trying to read their lips. I only got to see like three episodes, but they were awesome… I saw the one where Dina grows that beard (lol… It's apparently called Amazon Lab), the one with Bianca's birthday part where they control the weather (ugh, Bianca sucks… That one's called oh-so creatively, Birthday Party), and then the one where they make that robot so Dina can go out with Sean and work at the same time (lol… Now that was funny, whoo… That one's called Double Date, according to some Episode Guide thingy). Which sucks, because the episode after that is the one where Elizabeth tries to kiss Toby… And I just love Elizabeth/Toby because they're kinda sorta enemies and what-not.

Anyways, this is three parts, all of them very short.

Pairings… Hmm, Elizabeth/Russ, Elizabeth/Toby (majorly), and Elizabeth/Jack (Okay, he's kind of a spoiler, but one of the websites I went to when I was learning everything I possibly could about the show mentioned him… He's in the up-coming second season… Lucky Australians, I tell you… It should actually be coming back on pretty soon over there… Oh, anyways, about Jack… I won't say much, mainly because I know like nothing about him remember, this show isn't even on yet in America… Though I heard Disney bought it… hmm and I want to look out for you no-spoiler people, that is, if anyone's reading this. Needless to say, Jack's this charming jerk of a guy who's Elizabeth's love interest in the second season… Aside from, you know, Toby).

Oh, Verity's Elizabeth's best friend, and Russ is Toby's best friend, along with Dina.

The inspiration of this fic came from this article thingy that said that Elizabeth and Toby used to be friends, so yeah…

I can't even watch this show in my home country… You seriously think I own it?

"I know exactly what this is about. I'm sorry, Elizabeth, it's not gonna happen." – Toby to Elizabeth.
She remembers her first kiss.

She was ten, like Toby, and she felt so grown-up. After all the other guests had left her party, and it was just the two of them and Russ and Verity in the corner, she'd suggested Spin-the-Bottle.

You wanted to do an experiment about kissing. Even then you were a scientist.

Toby made a face, but agreed to play anyways. Russ joined in eagerly, and Verity shrugged, smiling a little. You laughed and spun the bottle and secretly hoped it would land on Toby.

The bottle spun once, twice, three times… Four, five, six… And then, on the seventh rotation, it stopped… On Russ.

Your first response was to grimace and refuse, but you knew that was rude. After all, you had suggested it… So you tried to be grown-up and mature about it.

Toby looked conflicted, and Verity stared on in wonder. But Russ sure looked happy, and so you sighed, and let him kiss you.

He slobbered all over you and he missed your lips. It was sloppy and messy just like Russ. You didn't like it one bit. So, naturally, you wiped your mouth, loudly exclaiming that he had cooties. Russ managed to look somewhat abashed.

Then Toby methodically spun the bottle. He looked oddly serious as they all watched the bottle. Everyone, that is, but her. She watched him.

Elizabeth crosses her fingers, praying that it'll be her Toby kisses next. But her heart shatters when it stops, pointing at a confused Verity.

He leans over and gently kisses her, innocently, of course. It doesn't look like he slobbered on her, or hurt her or anything. It looks nice. You can't help but wonder how his lips would feel on yours.

In that moment, you hate Verity. Something inside of you snapped, and you knew that that was the instant in which you and Toby truly drifted apart.

But you're a big girl, so you plastered a fake smile on your face, clapped and congratulated Verity. The boys left shortly afterwards, and, forcing a giggle, you asked her what it was like.

The smile on her face spoke volumes more than she ever did.

Loren ;

Hope you liked it.