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So much pain...

She grasped on to the skin above her heart and let out a breath of pain.
'No...this can't be!'
The three men sitting on the couch starred at the woman from their fixed position. Her pale face was contorted into a pain filled expression. If this woman hadn't tortured the three they might actually feel sorry for her.
" could you??"
Doctor Bernard, Tony and little Flint looked at each other and then at the woman. She was standing up taller now. The ache seemed to be gone. Her hollow eyes starred out into space.
She looked at the trio abruptly.
"I think the missing members of our party are about to arrive shortly..."

Bindi-Master still couldn't believe the sight in front of her. An aged version of her rival was clinging on to her Merlock. The boy easily supported the extra weight.
He looked at her; a few salty tears were on his lashes. "Bindi..." he smiled a bit, " I'm so glad you found us. We can go home."
The time shifter flew threw the window and shut it behind her, keeping at bay the harsh winds that were blowing in.
"What happened to her?"
Merlock looked down in shame and then wrapped an arm securely around Sara's waist.
"If I didn't do it she would have died." He seemed to be convincing himself more than Bindi.
She nodded slowly and looked down at the fatigued Ms. Goodman. Bindi lifted up her chin with her gloved hand and looked into the girl's eyes.
So much confusion, and pain. Like his...
She gasped.
"Merlock! She's just like you!"
He nodded, "There was a woman, and she attacked Sara, this was the only thing I could do to save her."
Bindi slowly nodded and stood on the other side of Sara; she wrapped the girl's arm around her shoulder and held another arm around her waist. Merlock looked at her for a minute and then smiled.
"You don't hate me for doing this?"
Bindi slowly nodded, "It's not my place to hate. saved her a way." She smiled at Merlock, "And now you and she can be together forever, just like you've always wanted."
"Bindi I-."
"No, Merlock, you're happy now. I can see it in your eyes for the first time."
She took a deep breath and pumped her wings. 'Letting go of him was easier then she thought.'
"Let's get you two home...everyone's been worried."
With that Bindi-Master closed her eyes and a brilliant orb of reds, oranges, blues, yellows, and whites surrounded them and took them far away from the pain, and heartache of the past.

Bernard looked around the room. Something felt off. No, off wasn't the word, it felt as though something was finally right.
The woman was looking at him. A smile played on her lips and her small fangs were revealed.
" know something, don't you?"
Everyone focused their attention on the elder man. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. He didn't want anything to happen to him, or his nephew, or Flint again if he did or said something wrong.
"I just...ehh...felt something?" he gulped. This woman was just too intimidating.
"Like something clicking into place?" she smiled even more, "they're back."
Tony looked around the room, and not seeing anyone new asked: "Who's back?"
"Why, dear old Sara..." she looked again at Bernard, "But something's slightly different about her, isn't that right Doctor?"
This time he didn't look at her. He was trying to give into his feelings and see what was wrong with his niece. Over the few years they had spent together as a little family he developed a kind of sixth sense about the two. He had felt it when Sara went missing, and every other time the two had been in danger during one of their missions.
"Then our little gathering can begin!" the woman clasped her hands together and beamed.
"Damn strait. But you're not going to leave here alive."

Bindi landed in front of the Goodman House (shack). Having used up all of her energy she returned to her normal mode and her human like body disappeared.
Sara finally lifted her limp head and smiled and the snail.
"Thank you Bindi. I owe you so much."
Bindi blushed slightly, "I would do anything to make Merlock happy."
Merlock coughed and looked at Sara.
"How are you feeling?"
She looked up at him. Her new eyes were picking up the clear blue sky, the crisp sound of the wind blowing through her hair, the gorgeous red of his burning eyes.
"I'm still getting used to all of this. I'll be like this forever?"
Merlock bowed his head again, "Yes...I'm afraid there is no cure..."
Sara smiled and nuzzled against his chest.
"So long as it's with you...I don't mind."
Merlock smiled and held her form closer to him.
Bindi coughed, "I think we ought to go in now. People are starting to stare."
The three laughed and opened the door to the Goodman house. At first glance they all fell silent.
There, in bonds on the couch, were Bernard, Tony, and little Flint. Rage filled their eyes as they saw the obvious captor standing over them and grinning from ear to ear.
"Then our little gathering can begin!"
Merlock stepped forward and held his cane defensively in front of him.
"Damn strait. But you're not going to leave here alive."
The house fell silent and the captives looked happily at their rescuer.
"Merlock!" they all shouted in one breath.
The woman just toned down her smile a bit. She folded her arms across her chest and stared at him.
"My dear Anamate, it is you at last." She seemed to look past him and saw Sara leaning against the doorframe and Bindi floating close to her. "And dearest Sara is here also." She now glared at Merlock and raised her hands in a fighting position.
Sara stepped forward and looked at Merlock. Tony, Bernard, and Flint all looked at her and gasped. She looked so powerful and weak at the same time. And as much as they dreaded admitting it, she looked too much like their captor.
"Merlock...she called you Anamate..."
He looked at her and his eyes begged apology.
"He didn't tell you??" all eyes were once again on the devilish form of the woman. She laughed and covered her mouth with a delicate hand. "Merlock here is Anamate."
"Was! I was Anamate. But things change." He spat at her, " you taught me that so well."
He suddenly lunged at her and tackled her to the ground. She was quick and brought her feet up and kicked him off. The woman sprung her body forward and the two were lost in an entanglement of limbs.
Sara took the opportunity to try and rescue her family. She first reached Flint and untied his rope. As soon as he was free he wrapped his arms around her neck and gave a squeeze.
"I'm never letting you go!"
She smiled and moved over to Tony who smiled up at her.
"I missed you Sara." She nodded and undid his bonds and then went strait to her uncle. No words were needed between them. As soon as he was free he enveloped her in his arms.
"Come on, let's get out of their way."
"But what about Merlock??" Tony piped in while he was being escorted out the door.
"He knows what he's doing. He'll-."
"Oh my God!"

Merlock looked up from his fight to hear the gun go off. He had felt no pain and the woman starring at him seemed to be in perfect health.
"What did you do you filthy whore?" Merlock yelled and pushed her off of him. He ran to the door and saw the worst thing ever.

The helicopter floated in the sky and hovered around the Goodman household. A man holding a pair of binoculars yelled behind him:
"Ms. Gray, people are coming out of the house."
"Is Bindi with them?"
"Affirmative, along with the boy, Doctor Bernard, Detective Flint, and a woman." He handed the binoculars to the ruffled woman behind him.
After a few good hours they had finally found the real Gillian Gray and she was more than happy to go along and finish off the woman that nearly killed her. Aside from a few bruises and a few cuts, she was fine. But no one, no one messes with her.
She peered through the tiny visors and saw all the people filing out of the small house. She was relieved to see all of them all right, but deeply angry when she saw the last form file out.
It was her. And just far enough away for a safe shot.
"Fire! Fire your gun on the pink haired one! Now!"
And the men, being professional, and knowing never to go against a woman did as they were told.
The man lifted the heavy rifle to his shoulder and looked through the spyglass. He framed the pretty face in the crosshairs and pulled back on the trigger.
The small bullet flew through the hair and hit its target. It pierced through soft flesh and through blood.
The young woman flew backwards from the impact and fell to the ground her hands grabbing at the wound.
Gillian smiled and looked at the pilot. "Land this thing, I want to make sure she's dead."
The pilot nodded, pushed back his dark glasses further up on his nose and looked around for a place to land the large helicopter. All he saw near the area was the road in front of the house. Seeing as how there were no cars he decided to bring it down there. Before it could even touch down agents and Ms. Gray were filing out of the plane and holding their guns up. They were surprised to see that Doctor Goodman, the younger Goodman, and Flint were all kneeling by the woman and supporting her.
"Doctor Goodman!" Gillian shouted, "Step away from the woman!"
Bernard glared at her. Giving one look to the wounded girl on the ground he stood and approached her. As soon as he was within an arms reach he slapped her.
'What the hell did you do that for?" Bernard's voice was filled with venom.
Gillian was shocked and held her wounded cheek, "That woman kidnapped me and tied me up!"
"That's my goddamned niece, Gillian." The red head took in a sharp breath, "I just got her back, and there's no way I'm giving her up. Now, you're going to get a doctor here immediately."
He turned and jogged toward his fallen niece. Gillian watched as he placed her head in his lap. Sara looked up at him and winced in pain. The younger one, Tony, was holding onto her hand.
Merlock was soon running out of the house and down beside Sara. She turned and looked at him. He didn't know what to do. The blood was just pouring out of her. Even though she was a vampire, like him, there are some things that will destroy them. One being a deadly blow. Sara was dying before his eyes, and now she really was beyond all hope. He had given her his kiss of death, no more could be done.
He looked toward Doctor Goodman; tears were running down his cheeks as he brushed back his niece's hair from her face.
"Who did it?"
"Good God!"
Everyone turned and looked at the woman who was standing in the doorway. Her pale skin seemed even paler and her eyes were wide as she stared down at the Goodman girl.
Merlock growled.
"This is all your fault! She's going to die because of you!"
In a move so fluid and fast he was up and had pinned her to the ground. He heard her head hit the hard surface of the concrete and was glad inside. He whipped out his cane and pressed one end to the spot between her eyes. Merlock applied pressure and glared at her.
"Your going to tell me why you came here and ruined our lives or you're going to die."
She looked up at him, actual fear in her eyes.
"I want my family back."
Merlock was confused inside, but didn't let it show, "What does that have to do with us?" he growled.
She looked to the side at the dying Sara panting for breath.
"Can't you see it?" her voice was barely above a whisper, she looked up at him, "The family resemblance. That girl, and her brother, and the doctor are all my descendants."
The agents of the Time Detectives all had their guns focused on the woman. Gillian had all ready summoned an ambulance, but even she knew that Sara wouldn't survive.
Sara tried to hear what the woman was saying, but it only came in small phrases. Her body was struggling to live.
The woman cleared her throat and stared up at the sky.
"My daughter left me, dearest Merlock, all for you." She continued to look past him, "You, dear were originally Anamate."
Sara managed a gasp and her family looked at her. Merlock kept focused on Titania. The memories floated around his visions. All the years of service. Slowly falling for his Mistress's daughter. Finding Titania in the snow, dead, and then her making him a vampire too.
He gasped as he finally started remembering. All those years ago...he had escaped from her. She was too much with her hunger for blood, and her constant ranting of how she missed her daughter. He had fled to find the one he loved...
Anamate had searched but found her at last. By then she had all ready found a new family. She had a husband, and children. He had been happy for her, and never wanted anything to happen to the family. With his new, eternal life, he could guard them forever. That's why he loved Sara so much. Each generation made him forget the last. He had failed with Sara's mother, but he had subconsciously promised to never let anything happen to his Sara.
"I remember...but why," he swallowed, "Why couldn't you see that you were wrong?"
She finally glared up at him.
"I have been lonely, and weak for the last hundred or so years. I just want my daughter back-."
"Sara?? No! Come back!" Everyone faced the huddled group by Sara. Bernard was pushing up and down on her chest while Tony's eyes widened and he continued to hold his sister's hand. Her heart had stopped with the bullet lodged in it.
After a few moments Bernard stopped trying. She wasn't breathing and her eyes had closed. He brought her limp form to his chest and hugged her gently. Flint had tears falling from his eyes as he too hugged the lifeless girl. Tony just continued holding her hand.
Merlock let a tear fall from his eyes and it landed on Titania's cheek and blended with her own.
"I just wanted my family back..."
Anamate...or Merlock, or the aged guardian who had again failed his task looked hatefully at the woman beneath him.
"Good...know that your selfishness killed your grand daughter. Let that thought keep you company in Hell. And remember that thou art dust, and to dust..." he pulled back his hand and rammed his cane into Titania's forehead, causing the bone to crush into the brain, killing her instantly, " ...and to dust you shall return."
He looked down as the body before him started to shrink, and then burn before his eyes. The flame engulfed the body quickly and the few remaining ashes were swept up in a passing breeze.
Merlock looked down at his own hands and saw bursts of fire covering them.
"Merlock? What's happening to you?"
He looked at Gillian.
"When your creator dies, so must you two. Where she goes, I must follow..."
Bindi spoke up for the first time: "No...Merlie..."
He smiled and felt the heat cover more of him, "I don't want to live in a world where Sara cannot be happy. I have failed...I am more than happy to go..."
The fire finally covered all of him, and everyone turned their gaze away from the blazing heat. But when they looked back, all that was left was a fallen cane, and bits of dust eddying through the air and up into the sky.
The detectives all looked down and said a little prayer for the ones that were gone.
The sound of a siren soon came close and the ambulance crew was soon loading the dead body of Sara onto a gurney to take her to the morgue.

The incident with the woman received no formal report; everyone preferred to forget about it. Gillian quit the Time agency and no one heard from her. Tony and Flint grew into fine, young detectives that devoted their lives to protecting the fragile fabric of time.
Bernard Goodman died a few years after his niece; he was never the same after...he couldn't live with all the heartache.
Anyone who witnessed the deaths never spoke of it ever again. Sara and Merlock were cleared of any charges of going back into time without proper authority. It was also recorded that they both died honorable deaths while defending the flow of time, and that Sara was a full detective.
Nothing could make up for the lose of the two lives, and to say that everyone lived happily ever after would be farce. But where the young male Goodman lives with his daughter and son, Sara and Merlock, there sits a framed picture on his desk. Not of the horrible Titania and Merlock, but of a group of young time travelers enjoying their lives...

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