Chapter One

"Bat. Ball. Car. Tree. Ink blot! Ink blot! Ink blot!" Jessica burst in frustration. "This is not working." She bolted up from her chair and began circling Elosha. The woman gave her a sympathetic smile.

"You just need to be patient with yourself. Come on; let's try again."

"Oh what's the use? My mind sees a bird, I'll say bird. I can't do this." Jessica paced towards her bed and grabbed one of the pillows.

"Would you re-consider hypnosis? It'd be easier to train your mind if it was in a more receptive state." Elosha suggested, already expecting the refusal that came. Jessica shook her head.

"I can't. Sorry." Just the idea of losing even more control of her mind and possibly flashing back to her experiences with the Cylons was enough to chill her blood.

"It's only been a few days. Your mind is like any other part of your body that you train. It'll take time for you to see results." The woman assured her. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to gather some comfort from the words. She flopped onto the bed and let her feet dangle over the side.

"You tell me not to say what I see, but my brain doesn't register that. It sees what it sees and that's what's gonna come out of my mouth. How is that gonna change unless I see something else?" Jessica said hopelessly.

"It'll happen. With time. And less pressure on yourself."

"Oh sure, in the mean time, everyone hates me cause I know that Mackey is gay and messing around with Domino who is at least bi cause I've seen him with three or four of the rookie girls. That Layla is pregnant and the dad isn't Hoops. That Stogie is the klepto among his bunkmates and let's not even talk about how Starbuck has banned me from anymore Triad games since the whole full colors debacle. Right, no pressure." Jessica scowled.

"For the record, I think we all knew Mackey was a homosexual. Let's talk about something else then. How are you sleeping?"

"Oh, between my nightmares and my dreams that I'm frakking Captain Apollo six-ways-to-Sunday, peachy." Jessica sneered. She watched the older woman bite back an amused grin. Jessica dropped the pillow back on the mattress and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ah, well. I'm sure you're not the only female on board to do so. I dare say even our Mackey-"

Jessica clamped her hands over her ears."That's too much information!"

"My point is that you have no reason to stress yourself over dreams of a sensual nature. You and Captain Adama have formed a sort of...well, interesting relationship. He is the man who saved your life after all. It's only natural that you'd see him in a romantic light."

"No it isn't. It's not natural at all. For frak's sakes I can't even stand the man he drives me absolutely nuts!" Jessica threw up her hands, beginning to pace again.

"Have you ever heard of Shakespeare?"

"What?" Jessica asked blankly stopping behind the woman's chair. The priestess had a rather annoying habit of changing the subject with no warning at all.

"Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." Elosha said with a small smile.

"Okay, is this one of those things that you say that you find in a fortune cookie because as usual, I don't get what you're babbling on about."

"Let's talk about your visions. Have you seen anything new?"

"I dreamed the numbers on my arm came back." Jessica's fingers traced over the bandage that covered the pink scarred skin. "I know they have something to do with the location of earth but I don't know what. When I dreamed of my dad, it was some weird kind of address." Jessica shook her head. "I don't know anyone who lives on streets with numbers on them instead of names. 7125. I'm thinking it's maybe mileage of some kind. But we've traveled that hundreds of times over and all we're coming up against are stars and Cylons."

"What if it isn't a distance but a code?" Elosha suggested.

"A code for what though?"

"The automatic answer is the location of Earth. But what if the number themselves are the code to Earth's location."

"I thought we'd just established that." Jessica replied. "Gods, my head is starting to hurt." She dropped her head into her hands.

"I'm thinking substitution. Numbers for letters." Elosha suggested. She handed Jessica a glass of water while Jessica dug in her desk for the medication Dr Salik had prescribed for the headaches Jessica had been suffering from ever since the Galactica had rescued her from the Cylons two weeks ago.

"Okay, Seven. One. Two. Five." Both women counted off the letters with their fingers and Jessica started when the letters spelled out a name. "Gabe. Who's Gabe?" Jessica asked.

"Short for Gabriel. Do you know a Gabriel?" Elosha asked. Jessica shook her head. "Perhaps it's someone you don't remember right now."

"Or someone I have yet to meet?" Jessica offered. A knock on the door signaled that their session was done. Elosha rose to leave and Jessica was sad to see her leave.

She liked the plump black woman and with 6 months to go in Jessica's sentence for accidentally shooting Colonel, her company was limited to the priestess and when she could bribed her way in, Kara. Apart from them, Jessica was relegated to Dr Baltar's lab (Gods save her but the man was nuts) and Commander Adama's office/bunk. With one hour, under guard to walk around the fleet for exercise. She'd been allowed to sit in on a couple of card games but after she kept revealing people's cards, that had quickly come to an end.

Working with Commander Adama was only slightly more tolerable than working with Baltar. The commander at least had his wits about him but lords, she was not cut out to be a secretary. Her only contact with Lee Adama as of late had been when he was repeatedly bursting into his father's room to yell at her for screwing up the pilots information files and screwing up when she typed up the schedules. Jessica took to throwing staplers and hole punchers at his head in response. An effective communication, she thought.