Author's note: This is starting out as a normal story but it later will turn into a sorta-kinda, mixed-up, sci-fi, fan-fiction, thingy in the second or third chapter.

I DO own all the "living, breathing," characters in this chapter. But in the next few...

Chapter One

Iris sits at her table during lunch chatting with her three friends, Mai, Jack, and Aura. Only four students sit at the eight-person table. All of them are wearing anime or obscure band t-shirts. The four of them talk about computer and video games, manga, and anime.

"You made it from level 1 to level 9 in one sitting?" Iris asks, taking a bite of her sandwich, "Yeah, right."

"Hey! I did!" protests Mai, pushing her orange glasses back up her nose, "It took me four hours and only one cheat code!"

"Yeah, you probably went into 'god mode'" Jack teases, sipping his Diet Vanilla Cokeā„¢. (AN: roflmfao at the TM)

"What the fuck! Why wont you believe me?" Mai exclaims, "I only fixed my health one time while fighting a boss."

"Okay, okay," Jack says, "you know how we are, always teasing..."

"What Jack is trying to say, is that they're sorry," explains Aura, who has her nose buried in the most recent translated volume of Fruits Basket.

"Well, I still got to level 9, and that's all that counts." Mai mutters. "By the way, did any of you do last night's math homework? I was too tired to do it." she asks.

"Ha ha. You didn't do your homework!" giggles Iris in a singsong voice.

"You can copy mine" Aura says softly, still reading her manga.

"You ruin all our fun!" moans Jack and Iris.

"I know I do." Aura replies evenly.

"Thanks bunches!" Mai says, snatching the paper, "You'll get it back before Mr. Smith collects homework!"

"You're welcome"

A few minutes pass while the four friends eat, (Jack and Iris) read, (Aura) and scribble and mutter incoherently (Mai).

Suddenly, Jack loudly exclaims, "Aw, fuck. If only Inspector Pain from Faerie's Landing was real! We'd have so much 'fun' together!"

Some of the surrounding tables stop their conversations for a few seconds and stare at Jack, while Iris tries, and fails, to control her laughter.

Mai looks up, finally finished copying, with a confused look on her face.

"What did I miss?" she asks, looking from Jack's blushing face, to Iris almost snorting her milk, to the staring tables, and back again.

"Jack just proclaimed his gayness, for all to hear, in a very funny way again." Aura explains, being the only level minded person in the group at the moment.

"Oh," Mai says, switching seats and sitting next to Jack. "Jack, you are going to need to stop doing that... you don't want to get beat up again. Right?"

"Yeah, I know," Jack says, remembering what it was like, "Believe me, I know."

Iris says, "Mai, why did you have to go and make him so sad all of a sudden?"

Mai replies, "It's the only way I can get through to him. I have to make him remember what it was like so he doesn't get hurt again."

The bell rings, and everyone leaves the lunchroom to go to their lockers.

Author's Note: I thought you might like to know a little bit more about our main characters before the next chapter. So, I wrote a few sentences about each one.

Iris is the unofficial group leader. She is almost 17 years old. She has the biggest house, and the most cash. Meaning, she's the one with all the Anime DVDs.. She may now be the "Queen of Weirdos" but surprisingly, she used to be a very popular girl. Her favorite food is PB&J, but she will settle for pizza any day.

Mai is a sorta kinda crybaby. She may not act like it, but she turned 17 last month. She has a "secret" crush on Jack, but everyone but Jack knows about it. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her Dad. Her favorite food is waffles and she has a secret recipe for them to die for.

Jack is the school's resident 'flaming faerie'. He is 16 and a half. He used to get beat up in middle school but now that he has friends, and the bullies leave him alone. He is out to his parents and they are mostly okay with it. Jack will eat just about anything, but his favorite food is veggie burgers.

Aura is a sometimes annoyingly levelheaded girl. She is the oldest, being 17 years and 3 months. She used to live on the streets, but was put into a good foster home in 5th grade. Aura's favorite food is the pineapple for reasons unknown.