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Chapter 12

"We're sorry to have to do this, but it's for your own good..." Fanta begins, "We're going to sever our ties of affinity to you and then leave this world."

"Why?" Aura asks.

"We're afraid that you are gonna get hurt if we stay." The King of Avalon explains.

"But why make us forget about you?" Jack asks, confused.

"Its so you can get on with your lives," Pain says. "I know that you, Jack, will want to remember, but think about you're friend, Mai. She is so hurt by us being together that she can barely contain her hate of me, because she loves you, and she can never have you. But you have me, and it's killing her."

Mai looks at Pain, for the first time that day, shocked that he put it so well.

"Good bye. I enjoyed coming here." Medina tells the humans.

Fanta does her little chant, and severs the ties of affinity. The side effect is that the four humans pass out.

"We'd better leave before they wake up." Fanta softly says.

"Let me just return these clothes..." Pain says, gently putting his t-shirt and jeans next to Jack.

The king opens the portal, and Fanta, Ryang, Pain, Zero, Goodfellow, Medina, and The King of Avalon, jump through.

A few minutes later, the four friends wake up.

"Is there a naked man running around the house?" Jack says, picking up the clothes. "'Cause these sure aren't mine."

Searching the pockets, he finds a letter that is addressed to him, and inside the envelope is a small yellow pill as well as the letter.

"This is weird. It says 'you don't remember me, and you most likely never will, but in your time of ultimate need, drown this small pill. No, do not swallow it, but put it in H20, and very, very quickly, everyone will know. This is only for life and death, and not to be used in haste, but keep it with you always, you don't want to waste!'"

"Whoa, that's strange... you gonna keep the pill?" Mai asks.

"I say we put it in a glass of water right now!" Iris says.

"You should throw it away." Aura advises.

"I think I'm gonna keep it." Jack says, after thinking about it for a moment.

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