Hey guys! This is Ale Curtis-Carter here with x fever x to bring you yet another crossover with West Side Story.

READ THIS: In this story, before Dally moved to New York, he was in a gang called the Jets. The leader of the Jets is named Riff. His lieutenant's name is Tony. (In case you don't know the movie/play.)

The Curtises, Dally, Steve, Johnny and Two-bit were all lounging around the Curtises' house.

"G-d Almighty!" Steve cried. "It's boring as hell in here!"

"So go find something to do!" Darry snapped. He was busy in the kitchen paying bills and didn't want to hear Steve's incessant whining.

"Fine!" Steve answered. "I will! I'm going to the dingo. Who's coming?" Two-bit got up, along with Johnny, Soda and Pony. Dally realized he'd be left alone with Darry and that wasn't something he wanted to do. He didn't want to deal with Darry's mood, for fear of punching him out. He sighed, got up, and they all walked out. The guys were walking along, goofing around, occasionally chasing people away, when Dally stopped in his tracks.

"What's up?" Steve asked when he saw dally staring at two guys.

"Who are they?" Two-bit asked defensively. You could never be too careful in this part of town with people you didn't know. The two strangers seemed to be fighting.

"I don't know, Action!" A blonde one was yelling at the other, a black haired, short guy. They were both looking very pissed off. "What do you think I am! I don't see you finding him either!" The guy continued to yell at the one who seemed to be called Action. Dally just stared at them.

"Shut up, A-rab!" The Action guy said. "Before I punch you in you're stupid-"

"Awe, go on!" The A-rab one cut him off.

"Action! A-rab!" Dally called before either of them could say anything else. Both their heads shot towards Dally and both their expressions immediately turned from pissed off, to relieved and pleased.

"Dally!" They cried in unison and ran over. Dally wasn't near as happy as they were, he was confused. And the other greasers were about ten times as consfused as Dally was. Who were these guys? And how did Dally know them?

"What're you doing here?" Dally asked.

"Ice sent us to come get you…" A-rab trailed off.

"Ice?" Dally asked. "What authority does Ice have?" Dally was getting more and more confused by the second. "What happened to Riff?" Riff was the leader of Dally's old gang in New York, the Jets.

"Riff's dead." Action said flatly. Although he hid it well, Dally noticed a bit of emotion in his eyes, sadness. Dally stopped and stared into nowhere. Riff? Dead? No. Not possible. Riff was like Dally's best friend. Well, f course Tony was Riff's best friend-wait, Tony. What happened to Tony? Why didn't he take over the Jets?

"What happened to Tony, then?" Dally asked, hiding all emotion.

"Tony's dead, too." A-rab answered looking down. Again, Dally was shocked. With some effort, he succeeded to hide all emotion.

"So Ice took over?" He asked.

"Well," A-rab started, looking up. "No."

"We want you to be our leader. That's why we're here." Action finished.

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