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"What?" Johnny stared at the older boy. Did he just ask him to go to New York?

"Do you want to come with me to New York? I mean ya don't have to, but, ya might like it there. It'd be better than the hell hole you're livin' in now," Dally replied, slower than before.

"I-I don't know. I mean...I ain't ever been away from Tulsa before Dal! An' Pony...I can't just leave Pony."

"Well I'd say he could come with us, but I don't think Darry would be likin' that, an' I don't feel like havin' Superman and Soda come too. C'mon buddy, you'll finally be away from the bastard and old hag you live with," Dally really did want Johnny to come. He knew if Johnny stayed behind, he'd get beaten everyday. If he came with Dally, he could protect him from that. Alright so New York is a little rough, but nothing is as bad as not knowing when your dad's going to beat you with his belt for no reason.

Johnny lost himself in thought. Dally did have a point. He looked back into the window. Soda and Steve were still glaring at their unexpected New York guest. Pony was stuck on the couch in between A-rab and Two-Bit, while Action flipped through the channels. Darry was in the bathroom taking a shower; the boys thought he was trying to drown himself though.

"Listen, ya don't have to tell me if ya want to go now, just tell me by Sunday. Got it?"

Johnny nodded and then followed the older boy into the house.

"Giddy up Pony, move it!" Action, who was tired of standing, ordered the boy. Pony, being scared out of his wits nearly leaped off the couch. Action sat down in his place.

Steve gripped Soda's arm so he wouldn't go knocking the other boy.

"I'm going to New York with Dally," Johnny blurted out of nowhere.

Dally smiled hugely, while the seven (Darry finally got out of the shower) other boys stared. Two-Bit was the first to break the century long silence. "That's funny Johnny!" he fake laughed hoping with all his might that he was joking.

"I ain't jokin'..." Johnny replied, in his normal and quiet voice.

"What the hell? I ain't bringin' that little kid with us to New York. What is he, twelve?" Action glared.

"Sixteen!" the seven greasers shouted.

Action just rolled his eyes.

"Yes you are. I say he's comin', so he's comin'."

"That's just fucked up!" Soda yelled. He was mad, madder than he ever could be. These two stupid guys come and already two of his best friends are leaving! No way! "I ain't havin' this! Soon everyone's just gonna leave! What the fuck?" He stomped out of the house slamming the door. His best friend followed him, giving the evil eye to A-rab, Action, and even Dally.

"You really want to go Johnny?" Johnny looked into the eyes of his best friend. They were depressed and frightened. It made him rethink his decision.

"I'll call Ice, tell him we're having another guest," A-rab got up, speaking through gritted teeth. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed the phone.

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