The Promise
Chapter 1: My Promise I Made to You

Notes: "Talking" 'Thinking'
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Sango's P.O.V

It was a day, not a normal one against your average youkai... There was something off about this ice youkai that is in front of us. He is confident, not in the normal way... overly confident… it was as if he had some sort of plan which he believes can take me and my friends out. Figures… most youkai think they can kill us… my friends are more like my family now… seeing as how they are the few people and youkai close to my heart… especially Kagome-chan… she is my dearest friend, next to Kirara-chan.

I was lost in my own thoughts to realize the sudden chill going up my legs. Before long I snapped out of my thought, after hearing someone call out my name… who was it? Houshii-sama? InuYasha? No… it was Kagome-chan. Kirara was scratching at the ice that covered my legs and now most of my upper body… I curse at myself for allowing myself to fall into a demons trap. Though Kirara tried her best to free me, she too was caught in the ice. Not even her demonic fire could have saved her.

I realized that I too would be completely incased in ice… I yelled out to my friends with what time I had left. I would not allow them to go through what I am."Run! Get out of here… don't worry about me! Just Go! I promise… I'll be fine!"

I can still remember the look on Kagome's face before InuYasha and Miroku pulled Kagome and started to run. Before she vanished from my sight I gave here a reassuring smile, even though I did not know what would happen. The smile faded from my face and I closed my eyes and allowed the ice to cover my head.

Narrators P.O.V.
Koenma's office, about a hundred years later

Koenma got a report about an ice youkai causing problems and planning to try and take over the spirit and human world.

He summoned Botan, guide to the spirit world. "Botan, I want you to find Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara… give them their mission… this is serious…"

The ferry girl known as Botan nodded her head. "Yes sir!" She said with a flip of her hand, catching her oar, she hopped on and headed off to find Yusuke.

Yusuke was the easiest to find and Botan found him quickly.

"Yusuke! Koenma-sama sent me to come and get you, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara." Botan said with a chipper smile.

"Figures, Why can't the toddler wait for week instead of days apart when giving us the next mission…We just got back from one!" Yusuke groaned, he was getting really sick and tired of the back to back missions.

Botan sighed deeply. "It can't be helped... you're the spirit detective... and you really need to stop calling Koenma a toddler you know he hates it." She paused for a second. "Anyway… now we need to find the others…"

"Kuwabara and Kurama won't be hard to find…Hiei on the other hand…" Yusuke stared to say.

"You really need to pay attention to your surrounds…" A certain fire youkai said in a rather annoyed tone.

"Well…well if it isn't Hiei…Why in the world are you here… we should be the ones looking for you."Yusuke said giving Hiei a slight glare.

Hiei glared before replying. "I saw Botan flying down on her oar and was slightly curious…I'll get the fox you get the baka and we'll meet in the park…" Hiei then ran off showing only a slight black blur.

Later at the Park

Hiei sat in a tree, his arms crossed. Kurama stood leaning against it and Yusuke and Kuwabara were standing around as Botan explained their mission.

"The castle isn't to well guarded…the problem is the youkai inside." Botan finished telling the group.

'Pathetic youkai…' Hiei thought to himself but said nothing.

"Sounds like most of the youkai we have faced before." Yusuke said crossing his arms in an annoyed manner.

"Urameshi and I can take him by ourselves." Kuwabara said showing off his muscles a bit. This got him an annoyed look from Hiei.

"If that were the case Kuwabara, Koenma would not have requested that Hiei and myself a company you." Kurama said while pushing some of his bangs from his face."Isn't that right Hiei?"

"Hn."Came Hiei's reply as he hopped out of the tree. "Lets just go and get this over with…" Hiei shoved his hands into his pockets.

"I agree…let's go."Yusuke said and he and the rest of the group headed off to their mission.

At the Gate of the Ice Youkai's Lair

"I'm not the sneaking in type…lets just bust in the front door." Yusuke grumbled.

"We have no idea what's behind the doors. It would be foolish to just bust in." Kurama was the first one to reply.

After awhile of talking

They got into the enemies castle they walked down a hallway, making sure they were not spotted in the process. At the end of the hallway they came to a large room. In the middle of the room was a very large stairway. The room itself was cold.

Kurama was the first to notice the odd figure on the right of the staircase. "Hm…"

"What is it Kurama?" Yusuke asked after noticing the fox youkai examining something.

"It seems to be a girl and a cat youkai…" Kurama was still looking over the ice form. "And it's not an ice sculpture…"

"Hm…odd…least we could do is unfreeze her and the cat…if they are dead then they need to be buried…" Yusuke said, and before Yusuke could even ask Hiei, he was already over there and starting to unfreeze the girl and the cat.

"Why are you doing something nice without being asked or told to Hiei?" Kuwabara asked giving Hiei a look.

"I can tell she is a warrior, and warriors do not deserve to be used as a decoration…" Hiei said looking slightly pissed.

After a few minutes

The girl fell only to be caught by Kurama. None of them heard the girl sigh quietly. Her hair was a dark brown and fell over her shoulder. Kurama laid the girl down onto the floor. The group stood around the girl on the floor. Suddenly, without warning, the cat youkai sprang from where she was frozen, transformed into a larger version, and tackled the person closest to herself, that person happened to be Kuwabara. The cat had him pinned to the floor and she was growling. Hiei drew his sword. Kurama stood up, and Yusuke tackled the cat youkai off of Kuwabara. The cat recovered and got ready to pounce.

The girl behind Kurama and Hiei groaned slightly. After hearing the cat growling the girl sat straight up and yelled to the cat. "Kirara! Stop!"

Kurama and Hiei both looked back at the girl. Kirara shifted back into her kitten form and run over and into the arms of the girl. The girl attempted to stand but was to weak to. Kurama walked over to help her up. After the girl was up onto her feet she jerked her arm away from Kurama.

"Thanks… but I don't need help." The girl snapped all while glaring at Kurama.

"Hn. What's your name human?" Hiei asked her rather annoyed.

"Why is it any of your concern?" The girl snapped.

"It is the least you could do, he is the one who unfroze you." Yusuke said with a slight sigh.

The girl sighed. "My name is Sango…" Kirara climbed up onto Sango's shoulder. Sango then crossed her arms.

"What are you doing here?" Kuwabara asked.

"I am a taijiya… I was going to exterminate the youkai, but before I could do it he froze me." Sango told them and her thoughts wandered back to her last memory before she was frozen.

"Taijiyas are no longer around…" Kurama stated. "The last Taijiya disappeared over one hundred years ago…She was said to be the best of them."

"The last taijiya was a pathetic girl?" Hiei scoffed.

Sango walked over to Hiei and lifted him up by the collar of his cloak. "Do you have a problem with that?" Sango glared at him. "I am not pathetic…" Sango growled at the fire youkai.

"What?" Yusuke blinked, he was a tad confused.

Sango dropped Hiei to the floor. "I am the last Taijiya…"

Hiei's eyes narrowed at Sango. "Touch me again and I will remove your hands."

Yusuke was still trying to get over the fact that Sango was the last of the Taijiya. Kurama quickly moved to keep Sango and Hiei from killing each other. "We have a mission to complete Hiei… Sango care to help us? Seeing as how it was also yours."

"Whatever… just keep shorty away from me. What are your names? I caught onto shorty but I don't know yours." Sango decided to ask. Hiei kept glaring at her the entire time.

"Forgive me, I am Kurama." Kurama introduced himself.

"Yusuke." Yusuke said with a wave of his hand. Sango nodded her head to show she heard.

Kuwabara walked over and shook Sango's hand. "Hello pretty lady, I am the great Kuwabara." This caused Sango's eyebrow to twitch.

"You have five minutes to let go of my hand…" Sango gave Kuwabara a glare.

Kuwabara let go and walked over to Yusuke. "Those two have similar personalities…" He said nodding to Sango and Hiei. Yusuke nodded his head in agreement. Sango and Hiei were glaring at each other till Sango went and yanked her Hirakutsuo out of the remaining ice. The group then headed off to face the ice youkai. They found him after a little while.

Hiei's P.O.V.

Before we ran into our target I realized that the Taijiya wasn't as weak as she seemed. The way she handled her giant weapon even shocked myself. Of course I would never admit that.

"What are you staring at?" Her voice broke my chain of thoughts; I glared at her for it then looked straight ahead. Not only was her strength impressive but there were other things…her spiritual energy was like that of a priestess'… but she said nothing of it and neither did Kurama. After awhile we found the ice youkai we were looking for. And I lost my change to think over a few more things.

Narrators P.O.V.

The ice youkai in front of the group smirked. "I see the spirit world has sent the spirit detective and his group." He paused for a few moments then noticed Sango. "And you have freed the Taijiya."

Sango glared, slid her foot back and got ready to fight. "This is my fight… I owe him some major payback…"

The spirit detective and the others did not object. They saw that she was pissed and Hiei wanted to see her skills. After a few throws of her Hirakutsuo and the clang of swords, Sango got the youkai against a wall, her katana to his throat.

"Very good Taijiya, even after years of being frozen." He smirked at her.

"You bastard…" Sango dug her katana's blade into the demons throat. Blood ran down the youkai's throat.

"Heh…you missed you friends saving your brother…" The youkai taunted.

"BASTARD!" Sango yelled. Her katana got a faint white color. Sango blinked when she noticed this.

'My reincarnation, your abilities have been awoken… use my powers to your advantage...' Midoriko's voice said to Sango inside of her head.

Sango blinked then she understood. "You will pay for what you did!" Sango moved her katana from the youkai's throat; she slashed it in the air sending a shockwave that killed the youkai when it hit him.

"Where did that come from?" Yusuke asked while blinking.

Sango walked back to the ground. She shrugged before she blacked out and was caught before hitting the ground. "I promised you. That I would be ok…" Sango muttered.

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