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Chapter 15: The Final Battles

Silver clashed with silver as Kira and Phobos fought. Phobos was good with a sword but Kira was

better. Plus being a seer she was able to anticipate Phobos' moves before he even made them. Kira

lunged at Phobos and he blocked her with his sword and pushed her off. He swung at her and she

levitated into the air and avoided the blade. "Give up?" Kira asked. "Never," Phobos replied and at

that moment Kira struck and the Phobos' sword fell from his hand. "Ok now release Caleb and

Derek!" Kira demanded. "No!" Phobos retorted and all of a sudden a vine shot out at Kira. She

caught it with her hands and winced as she was pricked by thorns. Then using the vine ship whipped

it at hobos wrapping it around his waist like a lasso and holding the rest of the vine like a rope she

flew off with dragging Phobos with her. She flew out a window that she had just found in the room

and into the night. She was surprised she was able to hold Phobos seeing how he was older and

heavier than her but she put those thoughts aside. After a few minutes she found what she was

looking for. It was a black portal. She swung the vine and Phobos flew into the portal yelling "No!"

at the top of his lungs. The Portal closed after him. Kira breathed heavily. The flight had taken a lot

out of her. She flew back toward the palace becoming more tired each second. Finally she

reentered the palace through the window and flew to the floor where she passed out and went back

to human form.


After the guardians had been separated from Kira they went to try and save Caleb and had run into

some guards. Taranee took them out though. Finally they reached Caleb and Derek and got them

out of the pit they were in. They were about to leave when Cedric came in the dungeon in snake

form. "You 5 aren't going anywhere," Cedric hissed. Cedric lashed out at them and Taranee

blasted him with fire. Hay Lin then help Taranee by using air to give the fire oxygen to make it

spread more. The fire hit Cedric in the eyes blinding him. Then the guardians hit Cedric with a

barrage of fire, air, and water until he fell into the torture pits and onto the spike lining to bottom of

it. "Come on lets get Kira. He's locked in the fencing room," Irma said and they ran off to get Kira.


When Kira woke up she was in Derek's arms being carried home to Hay Lin's. "Derek?" she said

weakly. "Yeah it's me," he smiled. They entered the restaurant and the guardians followed after

them. A few seconds later Caleb came in carrying Will. Derek put Kira on the couch and Caleb did

the same with Will who had now woken up as well. "Well I have some good news," Caleb

announced, "Cedric is dead," "So it Matt," Will added. "Really?" Derek asked. Will nodded and

Derek hugged Will. "What about Phobos?" Cornelia asked. "I put him through a black portal," Kira

answered. "He's now trapped in black nothingness and the portal won't open again for at least

another 3 years. After the 3 years it could open at anytime." "Well whenever it opens we'll be

ready," Hay Lin said. "So what should we do now?" Taranee asked. The girls looked at each other

and smiled. "No Laslo don't do this!" Mary cried. "I'm sorry but there's nothing you can do to

change my mind! I'm getting a sex change and that's final!" "Wow you guys we're right this is a

good show!" Derek said, "Damn that Laslo!" The girls looked at Derek then each other and


The End

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