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Chapter 7: The Heroes Within

Copyright 2005

Alex and I got to Sam as quick as we could. I had another idea in my head.

"Alex, you grab the rope. I'm gonna see if I can get behind Sam and push her up," I said to Alex.

"Gotcha, Mathew. Good luck," Alex said back.

I began to swim as fast as I could to try get behind Sam's back. Alex had grabbed the rope with the zap gun tied to Sam's ankle. She began to turn her body the other way to try to pull as hard as she could to pull Sam up to the surface as fast as possible. I had made my way to Sam's back. I was about to wrap my arms around Sam's stomach, but I quickly undid the knot in which Scam had tied along with the zap gun to Sam's ankle. I released the rope and put the gun in Sam's pocket to show Jerry and so I wouldn't have a hard time pushing her.

"Great idea, Mathew. Untieing the rope from the zap gun," Alex called to me.

"Thanks, Alex. I had just realized it before I grabbed Sam's body," I said back to her.

With Alex swimming back to the surface with the rope in her right hand and swimming as hard as she could with both hands and me right behind Sam with my arms wrapped around her stomach, just below her breasts, we both got Sam back up to the surface with ease. We poked our heads out of the water.

"Yeah! We got Sam back," I said to Alex.

"Mm-hmm. That was a great idea you had of untieing the rope around Sam's ankle to make it easier for you to push and for me to pull Sam up," Alex said back to me.

Alex and I slapped each other's hands.

"Now, let's get Sam back to shore," Alex said to me.

I nodded my head in agreement and we swam back to the shore. Alex swam back on her own, but I threw Sam over my back and carefully swam back to the shore so as she wouldn't fall off my back and I wouldn't go back down underwater and save her once again. It took me just under 10 minutes to get back to shore where Alex was waiting. Sam was cradled in my arms as I took her off my back and took her in my arms.

"Oh good," Alex said to herself. She was relieved that I made it back to shore with Sam.

I began to set Sam down on the sand. She was soaked from head to toe.

"Will Sam be okay, Mathew?" Alex asked, looking worried.

"I don't know, Alex," I said.

"I'll try to save Sam from death. You go help Brittney and Clover,"

Alex nodded her head and she went back into the water to give Clover and Brittney some help. Sam and I were the only ones on shore.

"I just gotta hope Sam's gonna be fine," Alex said to herself while she swam to help Clover and Brittney.

Meanwhile, Clover and Brittney were almost tired from dodging plenty of Scam's punches.

"What's wrong with you girls? Aren't you faster than that?" Scam chuckled.

Clover and Brittney were breathing heavily. Alex had just appeared by their sides.

"Alex?" Clover said.

"We thought you were with Mathew trying to save Sam," Brittney said.

"We did that already. Mathew's trying to save Sam from dying. He told me to come and help you," Alex explained.

"Now let's show Scam that teamwork is what it takes to get through life!"

Clover and Brittney were fully recovered after a quick rest. They joined Alex in a teamwork battle against Tim Scam.

"Now it's our turn, Scam!" Clover yelled.

Alex, Clover and Brittney each punched Scam in different parts of his body at the same time. Alex had punched his face, Clover had punched his chest, and Brittney had punched his thigh after she went underwater.

"That'll teach ya not to mess with the likes of us," Clover said.

"Okay okay okay! I give! I give!" Scam screamed.

Brittney sensed an opportunity to punch Scam a final time. She sneakily dove underwater and appeared quietly right behind him. Just when Scam realized it, Brittney had punched him in his face once again, giving him a bad bruise on his nose and a sudden headshake.

"Way to go, Brittney," Clover said.

"Yeah. What Clover said," Alex added.

"Oh it was nothing. I sensed an opportunity, I knew it was one chance left, and I took it. And I played it perfect, too," Brittney explained.

The girls helped Scam get back to shore. Tim Scam already had his eyes closed shut with a possibility of opening them very slim at the very moment.

"Nice work, girls," Alex said.

"Thanks, Alex," Brittney said.

"I wonder if Mathew's saved Sam yet,"

Meanwhile, I was constantly trying everything to get Sam to wake up. I had reached into her backpack and pulled out her towel and pulled it over her entire wet body.

"Come on, Sam. Wake up already," I said to myself as I tried more things to get Sam to wake up. But Sam was still motionless like how Scam was earlier.

I had tried tickling her nose, rubbing her stomach, breathing into her mouth, caressing her, everything. I was discouraged with myself until I suddenly realized something.

"Wait a second. I've tried almost everything. There's one thing I haven't tried yet. Oh I hope it works,"

I was so hoping that Sam would somehow wake up. I began to lean my head in closer to Sam's. I began to pucker up my lips. A couple of seconds later, my lips were touching Sam's lips as I softly kissed her. She began squinting her eyes. She began to sit up. Her hand was on her forehead. I was ecstatic.

"Oh boy. What happened to me? Gosh what a nightmare I suffered from," Sam said to herself, rubbing her forehead.

"Oh, Sam?" I said to her.

Sam looked over to her left and saw me sitting on my knees right by her left hip. She gasped when she saw me.

"Oh, Mathew!"

Sam stood on her feet and we suddenly embraced each other. She was really grateful that I had saved her life. We leaned our heads in closer and kissed each other.

"Oh, Mathew. You saved my life! Thank you," Sam said to me.

Alex, Clover and Brittney had just waded out of the water. They were so ecstatic to see Sam and me embracing each other. They knew I saved her life.

"Whew! Mathew saved Sam's life. What a hero he is," Alex said to the girls.

"Mm-hmm. I knew Mathew loved Sam, especially that much," Brittney added.

"Who knew Mathew had it in him?" Clover said.

Sam looked over at the other girls and she was so happy to see them again. She released her grip on my body and ran over to the girls. I looked over and noticed the girls had already came out. I crossed my arms and smiled. The 4 girls got into a group hug.

"Oh, Sam. I can't believe Mathew saved you," Alex said happily.

"He did save my life. What a sweetheart. He said I was his hero, now he's my hero," Sam said to the girls.

"We're just glad to have you back with us, Sam!" Brittney added.

"Yeah. What Brittney said, Sam," Clover said.

Later in the day, Jerry had arrived in the WOOHP helicopter and 2 of his agents took Scam into the helicopter.

"Good job, ladies and Mathew. I'll see you back at home," Jerry called out.

The WOOHP helicopter went to take Scam back to the Maximum Security Prison.

"Gosh, I'm proud of those 4," Jerry said to himself.

6:00 p.m. -- Daytona Beach, FL

Back at Daytona Beach, we were gathered together on the sandy shores of the beach. Everyone was sitting down but Sam. She was standing at the shore barefoot. Sam had also removed her gloves.

"Nice work saving Sam, Mathew," Alex complimented.

"Yeah. Who would've known you had it in you to save Sam," Clover added.

"Thanks, girls," I said to them.

"I'd do anything to save the girl I love -- Sam,"

Clover began to turn to Brittney.

"Hey, Brittney. You wanna hang out with us at our home?"

"Thanks, Clover, but I need to be going right now," Brittney said.

"It was fun with you guys. Well, I'll be seeing ya. Maybe I'll come by next time you see me,"

We waved good-bye to Brittney as she stood up and left. She was heading for the hot spring. When she got there, she unzipped her blue jumpsuit, removed her blue underclothes and stepped inside the warm water, instantly relaxing.

"Hope we'll see Brittney real soon," Alex said.

"Mm-hmm. I love it when she wants to spend time with us," I said.

"Me too," Clover said.

She happened to have looked to her left and noticed that Sam was not there. She looked straight and saw Sam staring at the sunset.

"Umm, Mathew?" Clover tapped me on my shoulder.

"What is it, Clover?" I asked.

She was pointing to Sam.

"You should probably talk to Sam and ask her why she's there and not with us,"

"I guess I should," I said as I stood up barefoot.

I walked to Sam and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, Sam?" I said to her.

She turned her head and saw that it was just me.

"Oh, hi, Mathew,"

"Something the matter?" I asked.

"No, not really. I was just thinking about something," Sam answered.

"What was it?" I asked.

It took Sam a few seconds to answer that.

"Oh it's nothing, really,"

While we were watching the sunset together, I began to clutch Sam's hand.

"My hero," Sam said lovingly and kissed me on my cheek.

I began to blush.

"Aww. Thanks, Sam. I'd do anything to save you from something,"

We began to embrace each other.

"Aaaawwwww," Clover and Alex purred when they saw Sam and me embracing each other.

Sam lay her head on my chest and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes, looked up at me, and began to pucker up her lips. A second later, my lips met Sam's as we romantically kissed each other behind a really huge sunset. We were still embracing each other as we backed our heads away and gazed at each other's eyes.

"Thanks again, Mathew, my hero now," Sam said softly to me.

"My pleasure, Sam," I said softly to her back.

We closed our eyes and romantically kissed each other once again. My hand started running down Sam's back and I moved it back up when I felt a finger on her rear. Sam was doing the same thing. I moved my hand up to Sam's pure orange hair and ran my hand through it.

"Let's go back to the girls," I suggested.

"Good idea," Sam agreed.

We walked back to Clover and Alex holding hands.

"Hey, girls. Where's Brittney?" Sam asked when we got where Clover and Alex were.

"Brittney already left," Clover answered.

"I asked her if she wanted to spend some time with us, but she said some other time,"

"That's okay," Sam said to Clover.

She began to stand up.

"I dunno about you guys, but I'm gonna take a quick swim,"

Sam ran for the water, ignoring that she was wearing her green jumpsuit. She began to swim around in the shallow part of the beach.

"Come on in, girls,"

She was waving her arm to tell us to join her.

"You comin', Mathew?" Alex asked as her and Clover stood up.

"You girls go on. This is one thing I'd like to stay out of," I responded.

Alex and Clover went to join Sam in swimming, even though they were in their yellow and red jumpsuits. I stayed behind and watched them.

The end

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