Author's Note:

Ok, well I went on this Sakura fanfic frenzy the other day and I just came across one amazing story after the other. There are some really brilliantauthors out there with fathomless imaginations, and endless vocabulary. It was awesome. I never thought I'd be drawn to other Sakura pairings other than the popular Sasu/Saku, but darn writers out there... Make their interpretation of another pairing too good! So now, I am really liking the whole Gaara/Sakura, Itachi/Sakura, and yes, even Naruto/Sakura thing. I've really started to appreciate Sakura's character growth (even though I hated her with a passion at the beginning). She's such an awesome character and I think Saku-bashers should really give her a chance, like I did. Past all the "sasuke-kuns" and "ino-pigs", I think she is totally KICK BUTT. I can't wait for her showdown in the future mangas. Somehow, I know she's gonna rock the joint!

Anyway, even though I learned to appreciate those pairings, the one I came to fall in love with is the Neji/Sakura couple. I dunno what it is about those two, but they make awesome chemistry. So, without further ado, here is my render of their somewhat possible love story.




Chapter 1

The Hyuuga sighed in growing irritation as he fought every urge to bolt out of the room. He clenched his jaw out of respect, attempting to smother any flames of aggravation that exhibited on his face. It was his role as a humble Hyuuga that prevented him from lashing out and strangling someone in annoyance. He had no time for this…

"I don't understand what is so difficult, Neji! It's been a week and everyone's getting restless! In the whole history of this clan, you are the only one unable to complete your Hyuuga obligations at the instructed age!" his uncle scolded. The pressure made Neji feel like a child again.

Everyday that week, Neji had been brought before his uncle for an hour's lecture on how he was dishonoring the family name. Hyuuga Neji, in all his power and triumphant strength, had been unable to complete the Hyuuga traditional task carved out for all of the males in that family.

The task itself was simple: Find a wife (or at least a girlfriend) by his nineteenth birthday. Get married, breed, and be happy. Simple, right?

The problem was, Hyuuga Neji had turned nineteen exactly a week ago, and not even the slightest attraction towards any female had surfaced. He gave no introduction, no indication, not even a clue as to which girl felt was a possibility of a future mate.

Inwardly, Neji scoffed. This was a stupid tradition. He had no room for romance in his life. Women were trouble, and he was good with only very few of them. But those few couldn't even be considered potential mates because they were his cousins.

Neji's thoughts were interrupted by his uncle's impatient gruff sigh.

"There are more important things in life than training, Neji."

The young Hyuuga laughed in his mind at the stupidity of his uncle's statement. Of course there was something more important to him than training! Like learning the Hyuuga main house succession technique his uncle promised to reveal to him…

Neji tuned out of the ongoing disappointment ramblings from his uncle, and began dreaming about the glorious, undefeated jutsu…

Then, something perked his ears back into attention.

"If you're not going to accept your obligation as a male Hyuuga, then I'm not required to accept mine. That means that until you find yourself a suitable mate, I am not obligated to teach you the Main house succession technique."

Now this, to Neji, was a tremendous threat.

Brilliant… Neji muttered to himself. Count on his uncle to discover his Achilles' heel and find a way to use it against him. This meant that Neji was in a tighter predicament than he thought. His uncle was not a man to resort to such measures as indecent threats. That meant the rest of the household elders really were growing restless with his uncle for not disciplining the youngest Hyuuga male better.

Crap… Neji cursed. They really mean it this time. He clenched his fists and looked down dejectedly. No choice. He'd have to find a girl.

Neji's uncle folded his hands in a strict, disciplined manner and tried to stare Neji as straight in the eye as the young Hyuuga would allow.

"Do we understand each other?" It was more of a firm statement than a question. Nevertheless, Neji reluctantly nodded.

"Hai. Hiashi-sama."

The elder Hyuuga stood up and dusted his robes off, signaling the completion of their discussion. Before heading through the sliding doors, he stopped, his back facing his unhappy nephew.

"You're lucky your wife isn't chosen for you. You should be grateful for the option of anyone you like." He said. Neji glared hard at the floor, silently cursing the day he was born. Free choice was not entirely his. If it was, he'd choose not to follow that idiotic rule in the first place.

Neji heard the sliding doors close and hallow footsteps echoing throughout the domestic corridors. Grateful for his departure, Neji exhaled a frustrated sigh.

Then, his keen ears picked up the sound of Hiashi's voice in the distance.

"By the way," it spoke sternly, "You have two weeks."