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Chapter 6

Into the Woods: Part Two

In the quiet of the forest of Greenwood, the loudest sounds could be heard from the small waterfall that flowed from Greenwood River. It being after sunset meant that those who usually traveled to the Waterfall of Simmering Enchantment or the river had already journeyed there to get their supply of the sparkling water. Fortunately, those that did journey to the Waterfall that day did not see the vampire that lay unconscious beyond the silvery bushes…

After hours of uninterrupted sleep, a loud and rather pitiful moan could be heard from the parched lips of the Prince of the Vampires, as he slowly roused to consciousness.

Draconic in his disoriented state looked around his surroundings with hazy eyes, grunting as he continued to wake. He raised his pale hand to rubbed his blurry eyes slowly, making sure not to agitate the wombs and bruises on his face.

His hand touched his cheek and he flinched. Whatever sleepiness he felt passed quickly as he poked his face again. It didn't hurt; it felt as if there were no bruises or cuts there anymore. Gingerly, he sat from his spot as though he was expecting to feel pain, but once again, he found no hurt, throb or ache in his muscles and joints.

"Most curious…?" he mumbled to himself.

Steadying himself with the branches from a silver bush, Draco found it quite easy to stand up. He looked down at his once aching abdomen and legs to find his clothes ripped and his black cloak gone. He touched his chest intriguingly; it looked like as if someone had tried to ripe the clothes off his body. Seeing a small dagger by the bushes caused him to snort derisively.

"Who rips a man's clothes off his body while he sleeps! Honestly. Bloody miscreants…" he drawled in a tired voice. Whoever it was didn't turn the dagger against him in an act of violence and for that, the vampiric prince was grateful.

Soon, however, his inquisitiveness passed and he froze petrified where he stood as he looked around his surroundings. Silver bushes! The only place that had silver and gold foliage was Greenwood, and that was the place he was trying to avoid. If anyone found him here, he'd be in a lot of trouble; the inhabitants of the forest would kill him if they saw him. Though, it was understandable. Most of his life was spent killing veelas and elves; if they saw Draco here, they'd easily identify him as an elf-killer.

Deciding it was best to leave as quickly as possible, Draco began to search around frantically for his cloak only to find nothing but…

"Water!" (He rasped) and lots of it, gushing from the most beautiful Falls he had ever seen. Using his waning strength, he sprinted quickly to the river, kneeled before it and scoped the water up with his dirty hands. For five minutes straight, he drank the cool refreshing water, until his stomach felt it would burst.

After drinking his fill, the prince sat by the Falls, letting the soothing sound of the water calm his mind and wary spirit. Things in his life had just gotten more complicated and he found that now was the time to make some very critical decisions.

Since he was a trader to Voldemort, he knew he could never go anywhere near the Dark Lands anymore. But, he also knew he couldn't stay in Greenwood any longer than he had already stayed. After much consideration, Draco figured it would be best to head to Hogsmeade; since he wasn't so beat up anymore, the inhabitants of the mortal village would probably pay him no mind. From Hogsmeade, he'd make further decisions about where he'd go.

Though, Draco's main concern was to avoid the person he had been cursed to love. Because Hogsmeade was crowded with humans, he doubted he'd ever run into, as Voldemort put it, his "mate." Draco shuddered at the thought. He didn't even know his "mate" but the thought of them made him feel warm inside.

Because of all his wonderings, Draco failed to realize that the emptiness he felt had lessened drastically, not to mention the places on his healed body that tingled pleasantly where the young elven prince had stroked tenderly…

Snapping out of his stupor, Draco stood up quickly preparing to leave at once, but then he looked down at himself. His clothes were ripped and filthy and he wasn't exactly clean either.

It was one thing to enter Hogsmeade with ripped clothing but it was another to go there while grimy. The people would no doubt think he was up to no good and run him out of the village.

Making a quick decision, Draco looked around his surroundings cautiously, making sure no one was around. The only sounds he heard with his vampire ears were the beautiful Falls and the faint chirping of the birds that flew by.

The vampire quickly unbuttoned his once white shirt and shimmed out of his black trousers, leaving himself naked and very nervous; it would be bad if any of the elves caught him, but it'd be worse if they caught him in the nude, no matter how sexy his body was (drools!).

Draco dipped his shredded clothes into the water as he scrubbed, trying hard to get some of the muck off of his once immaculate garments. After getting as much dirt off his clothes that he possibly could, Draco submerged into the cool water, using his hands to clean himself. He sighed in delight. The glittery water was cool and refreshing against his stiff body.

He waded into the water until it rose to his hips. With his hands he massaged his tense shoulders and rigid arms. Draco felt all the stiffness leave as he submerged his head into the shiny water, wetting his silvery blonde hair.

Though the loud splashing of water could be heard from the Falls and Draco's washing, the vampire prince could still hear the subtle and quiet noises of the forest around him.

It was no surprise that he heard the almost silent snapping of a twig from somewhere behind him. Draco's washing faltered a little as he listened more closely, waiting for more sound. When he heard no further noises, he became less tense. After a few minutes he continued with his bath, figuring that the sound came from some woodland animal scurrying through the forest.

That was until he heard it again.

A twig snapped from behind him, possibly where he was once lying in the bushes and there was no mistaking the gasp he heard- the intake of breath.

"WHO'S THERE!" he barked in nervousness and irritation. Draco turned around in fury as his long wet hair whipped him in the face, ready to fight whomever it was.

The vampire spied the perpetrator easily. There standing near the bushes was a small figure wearing a silvery cloak that hid their face. Whoever it was, they stupidly stood at that spot not seeming to move or breath.

Draco silver eyes narrowed in anger. As he was about to call out to the lone body, the cloaked person fled from the spot.

"DAMN IT!" he cursed in fury. If the cloaked person was an elf, they would no doubt tell the elf king of the vampire that was traveling through Greenwood. Draco had to stop them from warning the other elves of his presence.

Draco ran out of the water, grabbed the sword he had received from his cousin, and ran swiftly after whomever.

That very afternoon, Prince Draconic Lucian Malfoy became the first streaker to run stark naked through the silvery forest of Greenwood…


It took Prince Harry quite a long time to go to sleep after returning from the forest that night. He couldn't stop thinking about the little adventure he, Hermione and Lavender shared. It all seemed so exciting to him; a handsome foreign stranger enters the dark forest half dead and is than nursed back to life by the tender hands of the young innocent prince of the elves. It was like those romance and adventure tales he and Hermione would read when they were bored.

Throughout the night, Harry had fantasies about a beautiful vampire warrior who he imagined came specifically to Greenwood to rescue him from his oppressive father and overprotective mother; that was how his young naive mind pictured it.

Needless to say, Harry spent half of the morning in his room imaging pretty pictures in his head of the vampire and himself, all the while sighing dreamily and giggling at his vivid thoughts.

He was very curious about the Death Eater they'd found lying in the shrubs half dead. So curious that Harry decided to sneak back to the forest alone before nightfall. He told himself that he was only doing it because he wanted to leave the Death Eater some food before he woke from his coma, but Harry knew better. He just wanted to look at him again. For some reason this stranger aroused his sense of curiosity.

At that very moment, Harry was running around his room, getting himself ready from his travel into the forest.

Just as he put on his silvery hooded cloak, there was a small knock at his door.

Harry groaned loudly in annoyance. It was probably Hermione or Lavender coming to pester him about the unconscious Death Eater they left on the forest floor, something that Harry didn't want to talk about with either of them. They'd nag him until he'd tell his father which was something he refused to do.

Grouchily, he stomped to the door and opened it.

If not for Harry's good breeding, the young elf would have cursed colorfully at seeing Cedric standing outside his door. He really didn't have time for Cedric now.

Cedric was dressed in his finest elven garb, no doubt hoping to impress Harry. His long dark brown hair was tied neatly out of his handsome face and his gray eye twinkled happily at the pretty prince.

He smiled brightly at the surly Harry. "Good afternoon Harry. I hope I haven't caught you at a bad time. I came by earlier, but Hannah told me that you were still in bed."

"Yes dear Cedric, she told me of your earlier visit. I was going to send for you later this night," he replied with a forced smile on his face. Harry knew he had no intentions of calling for Cedric. He had been avoiding Cedric and his parents since the announcement of the engagement between the two. Harry had been hoping that the other elf would get the idea and leave him be.

Cedric looked down at Harry's carefully dressed form and frowned. "Were you going somewhere before I knocked? I didn't mean to inconvenience you."

"Uh, yes well, I was going to take a stroll through my mother's private garden," Harry lied smoothly. "It's such a beautiful afternoon so I thought I'd get some fresh air."

"If you'd like some company, I'd love to go with you. Your mother's hidden garden is most beautiful," he purred, looking dreamily into Harry's face. The prince blushed.

"Um, maybe I'll go later on. I think I'm still a bit tired," Harry mumbled.

Cedric frowned at his fiancée again. "I know you've been avoiding me Harry. We used to be so close and now you can't even look me in the face!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. That's absolutely preposterous!" Harry answered indignantly. He was such a liar.

"There's no reason to be upset Harry. I know you weren't happy about the engagement."

The prince shifted nervously. "It is true that the idea of our marriage makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I didn't mean to make you feel like I was avoiding you Cedric."

"No need to apologize my dearest Harry," he said as he tenderly brushed the prince's black curls from his emerald eyes. "Everything will turn out for the best. I promise."

As Cedric was speaking his body was moving closer to Harry's, making the younger elf feel very uncomfortable. Cedric's eyes were glazed over causing Harry to swallow thickly.

"L-look Cedric, I…."

"Sssh, my love," Cedric said quietly as he placed his long finger on Harry's soft lips, "I know you're nervous about all of this but that's okay. You'll get use to it. Just know that I will love you always. No one will love you as much as I," he said softly, playing in Harry's curls absentmindedly. "So pretty…" he purred.

"That's j-just it Cedric," Harry stuttered, batting Cedric's hand away from his hair. "I'm not ready to settle down and marry now. I'm still young yet. I think it's unfair for me to have to marry someone I don't love."

"Oh, darling, you'll grow to love me," he cooed softly stroking Harry's rosy cheeks. "I'll make sure of it. Besides, your parents adore me, and they have the last word."

The prince almost growled in annoyance at Cedric's lack of reply.

" Look Cedric. I don't really want to be forced to fall in love this way. It'll only lead to disaster!" Harry said sharply.

Cedric sighed sadly. "Alright Harry. I know that's how you feel so I'll make a deal with you, We'll see if we can't work this out."

"What kind of deal?" he asked warily.

"I'll request that we hold off our marriage for a few years. It'll give us time to properly court and get to know each other more intimately. If after all this you still don't love me and you find someone else who strikes your fancy, we can call off our marriage."

Harry looked at the other elf in surprise. "You'd really do that for me?"

"Of course my love! I told you that I love you and if this is what makes you happy, I'll see it done, even if the loss is mine," he answered nobly.

The elf prince smiled brightly at his companion almost causing Cedric to swoon at the brilliant sight. Harry launched himself at Cedric and hugged his long time friend. "Thank you Cedric! This means a lot to mean. I cannot repay such kindness!"

Cedric gladly wrapped his arms around Harry's slender waist pulling him closer. He ignored how Harry stiffened in his arms. "Anything for you dear heart. Anything for you."

Harry pulled away slightly and looked into Cedric's gray eyes cautiously. He blushed at the way he was being scrutinized. Harry could almost feel the heat from the hungry gray eyes as they swept slowly across his face.

As Cedric's face moved slowly towards Harry's, the young prince became nervous.

Harry had never been kissed before but the idea excited him. What young elf wouldn't be excited about the prospect of their first kiss? Harry was almost eager for Cedric to press his lips against his own. But just as Harry felt Cedric's sweet breath brushed against his lips, he began to panic. He didn't want to waste his first kiss on Cedric! He didn't care about Cedric in that way, and he certainly didn't want to lead the other elf on. That would only cause more trouble.

Harry quickly pulled his face away from Cedric's and put his hand over his open mouth as if he were covering a small yawn. "Well Cedric, I think I'm going to take a small nap before dinner. I'm still a bit tired," he said in what he hoped was a tired voice. "Would you mind telling Hannah to bring my dinner in later than usual, maybe around eleven tonight?"

Despite the obvious snub from Harry, Cedric smiled brightly. "Of course Harry. I'll leave you to your rest and I'll make sure to relay the message to Hannah."

Cedric walked towards Harry's door and opened it. Before he walked out, he turned to his prince and grinned. "Have a good rest Harry."

Harry smiled back, partly in relief that the other elf was leaving. "Thank you Cedric. I'll see you later." Now Harry could finally leave for the forest and not have to worry about Hannah discovering him missing…

When Cedric exited the prince's suit, he leaned behind the door and smirked. He'd let the prince play hard-to-get for a bit longer. It seemed to make him happy to see Cedric squirm so.

Cedric knew that in the end he'd have Harry all to himself, despite his little speech about giving Harry time before they married. No one was going to have the pretty prince but himself and if anyone stood in the way, they would have be eliminated. He wanted the prince and he'd be the one to have him.

From that moment on, Cedric promised to keep a very close watch on his future spouse to make sure the wayward boy didn't stray…


After going to the kitchens to retrieve some food and avoiding some of the elven guards that patrolled around his suit, Harry finally escaped from his castle into the quiet of the afternoon forest. It would take him longer to get to the Falls where they'd left the vampire without his horse, but he was unable to retrieve Tevildo because his mother and aunt were in the stables.

With his slender legs and light elven feet, Harry sprinted quickly and silently to the Falls, hoping that the vampire had not awoken. The little elf tried not to think about it but he found himself rather obsessed with thoughts of the stranger. But, Harry had always been curious about the world outside his home. He just hoped that his curiosity didn't get him killed. He didn't sense any harm from the Death Eater as he usually did when he had seen the prisoners his father and uncle would bring home from battles.

After sprinting for several minutes, Harry knew that he was near the falls when he heard the light sloshing of the water and the sweet smell of the flowers that grew near by.

Creeping quietly to the silvery bushes where the Death Eater had laid, Harry got quite a surprise when he didn't see the body. The elf stood stiff with fright. The vampire had already awoken and he could be anywhere! Harry's sense of adventure ended quickly due to his anxiety and was just about to turn around and run back to the palace until he heard a soft deep moan coming from near the river.

Harry almost gasped in shock as he watched the vampire in the water. The elf's initial reaction was relief; the Death Eater was not running through the forest terrorizing its inhabitants. He was just bathing-naked.

Harry's emerald eyes opened in utter shock. Naked. It seemed to send pleasant tingles down his spine as he watched transfixed. The cloak covering the elf's body hid his face but he knew he was blushing bright red. He had never seen anyone naked before, let alone another man. Whether it was from his ever-growing curiosity or the aroused feelings he had, Harry could not turn away from the sight.

The sun was still shining bright though dim from it's near setting, giving Harry a clear view of the bathing man.

His long silvery hair was plastered wetly to his back, gleaming as the sun's rays made it shine. Whether it was from the sun or not, the vampire's hair seemed to glitter as veela's hair. Harry watched him scoop the water with his long slender hands, water trickling lightly on his muscular forearms. Sparkling water dribbled down his large flexing biceps. Some of the water seeped down his back, causing the vampire to arch at its cool sensation. Harry could see his broad shoulders and muscular back rippling and contracting with hard muscle.

Unintentionally, Harry moved to get a closer view and accidentally stepped on a twig and snapped it.

The elf froze in horror, hoping that the sound didn't reach the vampire's sensitive ears.

For minutes Harry stood there extra quiet, barely breathing. It seemed that the noise wasn't loud enough to disturb the Death Eater.

Tired of testing his luck, the little prince decided it was time to return home before the vampire was aware of him. As he took a step back, he didn't see the twig by his heel. Once again, Harry stepped on a twig snapped it rather loudly in his opinion. This time however he couldn't hold back the gasp of surprise.

That did it. The Death Eater heard him. The bathing figure's muscles tensed as he whipped around to where Harry was standing.

"WHO'S THERE!" barked the vampire. His voice was deep and angry. Harry could almost hear the snapping of his fangs.

In absolute fright, Harry stood there, unmoving as the Death Eater looked at him with narrowed silver eyes that glowed sinisterly.

Shaking his stupor, Harry fled the spot letting his light feet guide him quickly to him home.

His heart was hammering in his chest as he heard a loud curse from the vampire. He ran faster deeper and deeper into the center of the forest, tree branches and twigs hitting him in the face. He tripped several times on the bushes that covered the forest floor, tarring the bottom of his silver cloak.

After what seemed like hours of running, Harry had to stop as his burning lungs and legs demanded more oxygen. Everything was eerily quiet to him except his own heavy panting. There was no movement anywhere and he couldn't hear the sounds of anyone running in his general direction.

The elf almost laughed in delight. He out ran a vampire! It seemed that he was safe for now…

As he was about to flee again, Harry's luck ran out as he turned to begin running. He knocked into a hard large body. He was grasped as two strong arms garbed him roughly, shoving him closely to a wet chest. Harry felt the cold steel of a sword's blade close to his slender neck. He let out a startled shriek.

"Who are you?" Draco hissed in close to his ear.

Harry began to shake in terror. "I-I d-didn't m-mean any harm! I s-swear. P-please don't hurt me!" whimpered the little elf.

Draco sighed in relief. It was just a little boy, no more than a teenager. His voice was young, very boyish and frightened. The light sound of it was like cream and honey washing over Draco's body causing the vampire to unconsciously close his eyes for a second…

More roughly than he intended, Draco pushed the boy away from him causing Harry to fall on the forest floor. Though Draco could not see his face for the hood that covered it, he was now positive that it was just a kid. His body was too petite and light to be that of a man's. The boy just laid there on the ground, looking up at Draco. The vampire had hoped that the boy would flee. That would give him plenty of time to get dressed (it did not escape him that he was still very naked and wet) and leave the forest before the boy warned anyone.

But the boy wouldn't move. Draco looked down at him warily…

Harry could not remember a time when he was so scared. The vampire was huge. Larger than any of the elven men Harry had ever seen. He was over a foot taller than Harry, who got a clearer view of the large muscular form that was towering in front of him. The elf once again realized the man was naked. Red faced, he forced his eyes to look at anywhere but at the vampire's crotch.

The Death Eater was much more intimating now that he was healthy. He had a look of importance and Harry could almost sense his arrogance. His features were pointy, sharp and his silver alert eyes were almond shaped and narrowed. His face was hard as though it were carved from white marble. His jaw was chiseled and strong. Harry figured he was some high ranking noble, possible a general or commander. Whoever he was, he could probably snap Harry's neck in half with those massive muscles. Harry whimpered pitifully.

"Well, are you just going to lay there on the ground like some filthy beast!" Draco snapped in annoyance. "Why don't you run back to your home where it's safe boy!" Harry still didn't move. "LEAVE!" roared a very annoyed Draco.

Harry flinched. "I-I, uh, I-I, I-I…" He didn't know why he didn't just run for his life but he felt like he couldn't. There was something very interesting about this vampire that intrigued him…

Draco sighed softly; his sharp silver eyes became softer. He didn't come to this forest to hurt and terrorize little boys. "I didn't hurt you did I?" asked Draco in a calmer, gentler voice.

"N-no, I-I'm not hurt," Harry answered quietly.

"Why are you out here, um? It's too late too run around here alone." He replied, almost kindly.

Harry looked around him and quickly spotted the package he'd brought with him from the castle. He looked up at the Death Eater. "I-I brought you this," Harry answered, holding the package to the vampire.

Draco looked at him warily but took the package. Inside, Draco found the cloak he had been missing, along with some new clothes and food. He looked down at the boy with a smirk on his face, clearly amused. "So you're the little pervert that ripped my clothes open? Did you get a good look at me while I was unconscious," he leered teasingly. "Well take a look now. I'm already good and naked for you. No need to fondle me while I'm asleep boy. You can do it right now while I'm awake to enjoy it." Though Draco taunted, as he often did, he took the cloak and wrapped it around himself, hiding his nudity.

Harry squirmed in embarrassment. "W-we had to cut your c-clothes off to heal your wombs l-last night," he answered shyly.

Draco looked at him sharply. "We! Someone else knows I'm here!"

"Yes," he said cautiously, "but only my cousins. They won't tell anybody else. You're safe for now."

The vampire raised his brow, looking down at the boy and smirking at his bravado. "You must be a stupid boy or a lunatic, running around in a forest at night. I could have killed you. I could still kill you, right now. Little boys' blood is always the sweetest." He bared fangs menacingly at the boy. "Can't you recognize a vampire when you see one, little idiot?"

"Would you rather I left you here to die?" snapped the little elf in growing anger. "I was just trying to be helpful." Harry could not believe the audacity! He had helped nursed the Death Eater back to health only to find him totally ungrateful. "Some people!" he huffed.

"It wouldn't have mattered anyways. I'm as good as dead if any of those blasted elves find me here."

"Hey!" Harry cried indignantly. "I'm a blasted elf."

"Of course you are," Draco scowled condescendingly. "And a dumb boy at that. Healing vampires in the middle of the night. What are you? Twelve years old!"

Harry stood up in a huff, stalking purposely to the arrogant sod and stood right in front of him. "I'm not twelve for your information. I'm eighteen!"

"Well aren't you a big boy!" Draco cooed patronizingly. He didn't know why he was being so hard on the boy. Deep down, maybe he enjoyed talking to someone that wasn't a Death Eater or some foul creature. The boy was refreshing and Draco felt at ease in his presence. He wasn't ready for the little elf to leave yet. Though, Draco would soon find out why…

"I should be asking you the questions! Not the other way around! Why are you in my woods?" Harry asked in anger.

"Your woods? These are your woods?" Draco asked, looking down at the boy in hilarity.

"Yes! My woods. I'm Prince Harold James of the Greenwood elves and I demand to know why you're here!"

Almost immediately Harry cringed. Since Harry was little, his mother told him never to talk to strangers or give them his name. Harry had just did both. Not to mention the fact that Dumbledore and his father made sure that none of the Dark Lord's followers found out about him, lest the Dark Lord tried to kidnap him as revenge to James.

Draco didn't say anything but his first reaction was to call the boy a liar. The only spy the Dark Lord had in Greenwood was Wormtail and he had never mentioned Queen Lily and King James having children, but only Lord Voldemort was stupid enough to listen to Wormtail. That little rat was useless.

"Well! Aren't you going to answer my question! What are you doing here!" Harry asked again, after gathering himself. Hopefully the vampire wouldn't tell anyone of him.

Draco smiled down at him evilly showing his fangs, "I came here, little prince, to steal small elven children from their beds to eat them. Haven't you heard? That's what vampires do," he drawled lazily. "I've told you, little boys' blood is the sweetest and the little girls, well" he paused dramatically, "I use little girls for other things."

"What!" Harry gasped loudly.

"Aye," he leered, "and you have the sweetest voice, like syrupy sugar and plums. I bet your flesh is most delicious."

"WHAT!" screeched the scared elf.

"SSSSH! Calm down boy! I was teasing," Draco cried, looking around to make sure no one had heard them.

"Why are you here than? Where are you from? How'd you get here? You're not going to hurt any of us are you? Because I'll…." Harry spoke rapidly, looking at the vampire curiously.

"You have nothing to fear from me kid. I won't touch you or your precious little elves," Draco answered impatiently.

"A-are you one of V-Voldemort's men?" Harry asked quietly.

Draco looked at him sharply. "I'm my own man."

"S-so you're not here to s-spy on us than?" Harry asked timidly. "Than you won't tell the Dark Lord about what I said? About me being the prince?"

"Little Prince, the Dark Lord can go impale himself on one of his damned towers for all I care.I am not his spy or anyone else's and I never was, never will be. I've told you already. I mean no harm to anyone. I came here by mistake and I plan on leaving as soon as possible."

"Oh," the elf said lamely. The vampire was no doubt a bit rude but Harry wasn't sure he wanted him to leave yet.

Draco, who paid no attention to the flatness in the boy's voice, looked down at the package the boy had given him. "Why'd you bring me this?" he asked, holding up the bundle.

"Well," the elf started shyly, "you were hurt and I figured you hadn't eaten in awhile. And as you noticed, your clothes were ripped. I figured I could replace them," he finished quietly.

"You're a little idiot but that was very considerate of you silly lad. Helping a vampire who doesn't deserve your help especially a boy as scrawny as you. I could have easily ripped you to pieces if I had been awake" Draco replied softly, "I'll be forever in your debt." Draco could be the most inconsiderate bastard at times but he knew that he owed his life to the strange boy who risked being killed to help him. "I thank you and your foolish recklessness."

"T-think nothing of it s-sir," Harry replied softly. He could feel the heat rising up his neck at the way the Death Eater spoke softly to him. He had a very soothing, deep voice. "I'm j-just g-glad I could help and… HEY! I'm not an idiot and I'm not scrawny!"

Without warning, the vampire threw the cloak off that he had been wearing. Harry yelped quietly in shock that the vampire would disrobe in front of him. Draco chuckled quietly.

"Now no need to be embarrassed," he said laughingly, "You've already seen my bits. Besides, you've saved my life. The least I can do is let you look at my perfect body. " He winked saucily.

Harry squeaked, looking anywhere but at the vampire.

As Draco dressed in the clothes the boy brought, he looked down at the boy questioningly. "Why do you keep your face hidden behind that cloak? Are you deformed? " he asked bluntly.

Harry stiffened. He was afraid he'd be asked this. There was no way he was going to show this vampire his face. He didn't fancy being kidnapped again. "Um, yeah, you could say that," he mumbled vaguely.

The elf spared a quick glance at the vampire and was disappointed to find that he had dressed.

The elven clothes Harry had brought him were too small. They stretched tightly around the vampire's muscular body. The buttons down the elven shirt looked as though they would burst open any minute. Harry almost laughed as the vampire moved around awkwardly.

"Maybe I should bring you some clothes that fit better. Those look a bit tight," Harry chirped.

"That'd be wonderful," the vampire drawled dryly.

"So, so d-does that mean you'll still be here later on? I mean, w-will you be here long enough for me to bring you some more clothes," Harry added quickly hoping he didn't sound too eager.

Draco sighed in thought. "I suppose that I could stay until you fetch me some extra clothes. I have nowhere urgent to be. Though, I wouldn't want to get caught in this damned forest by those blasted, I mean nosy elves." Draco figured this was a perfect solution to his problem. Greenwood would be a perfect place to hide from his "mate" and the Dark Lord. There was no way in hell that his "mate" was a forest elf. A vampire and elf together? Draco almost snorted at the absurdity.

Harry heard Draco's jibe about elves but he paid no mind. He was too happy that Draco decided to stay even if it was only for an extra day. "I could bring more clothes tomorrow evening if that's alright with you. I can meet you in front of the Falls again," he replied eagerly.

"Oh, I see," Draco said with a smirk, "You're just eager to catch me bathing again."

"Yes well… WHAT! No that's not it at all! I didn't mean too!" He was such a liar.

Draco just grunted searching through the food the elf had brought. He found a piece of soft bread and tore right into it hungrily.

"I didn't know what kind of food too bring you. I-I'm not sure what v-vampires eat. I hope what I brought is okay." The idea of picturing what a vampire would eat made Harry a little uncomfortable especially if all that stuff Hermione said about them was true.

"I'm not some animal that eats bloody carcasses of wild beasts. I can eat regular food as well," Draco sneered.

"I-I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend. I just heard that…"

"You just heard that vampires were blood thirsty monsters," Draco replied.

"Yes," Harry said timidly. "I can bring you more food tomorrow if you'd like." Harry looked up at the darkening sky and almost panicked. "I've got to go now before anyone realizes I'm gone!"

"Aye, it is late. Run home little silly," Draco replied.

"So, shall I meet you again tomorrow sir?" the elf asked enthusiastically at the thought.

"That's fine with me boy. I'll be here."

As Harry was about to begrudgingly walk away, he stopped and looked shyly at the vampire. "Um, could you…? Would you…" he stuttered stupidly. Though the vampire couldn't see his redness for the cloak, he cursed himself for blushing again

"Could I, would I what?" Draco asked amused.

"W-would you tell me your name?" Harry asked quietly.

"No need to be shy boy. You've seen me naked remember," the vampire teased. "And my name is Draco."

Harry smiled slightly from under his cloak. "Well, I'll see you later Draco..."

Harry ran quickly back to his suit in the castle before Hannah discovered him missing. He couldn't wait until he saw Draco again.

I know that Harry seemed almost childlike and OOC (out of character) but you have to remember that he has been locked up for 7 years and that he is still very young for an elf. So, he will be shy around Draco and he'll stutter. Draco will probably always treat him as a kid and baby him because Draco is a lot older than him. I hoped the way I portrayed Draco was satisfying to you all.

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NEXT CHAPTER: HARRY MEETS WITH DRACO AGAIN. HERMIONE AND LAVENDER PESTER HARRY A BIT. LILY AND JAMES TALK WITH HARRY. This chapter will really be the transition between Harry and Draco's relationship. There is nothing really profound that is going to happen. Harry will just ask a lot of questions and they'll get to know each other.