The Titans' Lament

Chapter 1:

The Bad Beginning


Chapter Summary: Welp . . . this is the beginning of the worse . . . and funniest to come. XD anyway, in this chapter, something bad happens, and the next chapter plays more into it. So . . . enjoy.


Average days are meant to be average. If your day starts out ordinary, most likely it will remain that way for the remainder of the day. Most of the time. Except sometimes, something catastrophic can conquer that, and twist your day into a pure nightmare.


"Dude! Watch that thing!" Beast Boy cried, as he padded on his treadmill in the form of a wolf. His green fur had missed being incinerated by Cyborg's sonic cannon. Leaping off the treadmill and shaking his fur out, he morphed back into the lanky teenager that he normally was, glaring at his best friend. Cyborg was shaking his arm, examining it at all angles, while smiling innocently.

"Hehe . . . Accident," he explained, starting to tinker with the cannon. Beast Boy rolled his eyes, glancing over his shoulder at the other 3 Titans, who were hard at work training.

Because this was an average day, of course. It was the normal routine. Get up, eat breakfast, and burn some calories by training your ass off. Occasionally, an early morning bad guy would tamper with this, which meant that as soon as they returned home, Robin would order the team to get straight back to work. If ever the routine should be broken, which was about every other day, then it would be made up, which was a process that eventually wore on everyone's nerves.

This portion of the morning right now was being devoted to training. Robin threw his freezing discs at the starbolts that emitted from Starfire's hands, as she hovered above the boy wonder, hurling green fiery starbolt after starbolt in his direction. Robin hit every single one directly; on account of him BEING Robin the Boy Wonder.

Nearby the two, Raven hovered in a lotus position, legs crossed, eyes glowing a blinding white, muttering her countercurse as she tamed the power within. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos . . . Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos . . ."

Yep, this day was normal, alright. 5 adolescents in their late teens, filled to bursting with raging, thriving, dictator-like hormones that mutilated their childhood beings until they were whipped into the shape of an 'adult'. Cyborg was already 18, Starfire and Robin were 17, and Raven and Beast Boy were 16. Oh yeah, everything was just NORMAL.

Then, the annoying, and dreadful 'brrrriiing' of the Titans alarm sounded throughout the tower, interrupting the teens' activities. Beast Boy groaned, slapping his forehead and muttering curses under his breath, while Raven gracefully alighted from her position, lifting her hood so she was ready to go. Starfire was in the middle of destroying a disc, and her arm accidentally lashed out too far, starbolt dimming into nothing as she accidentally hit Robin. Blushing furiously, the alien turned away, murmuring an apology. Robin blushed as well, scuffing his boot into the floor.

Cyborg rolled his eyes. All the deities knew that he was the only Titan that wasn't so entirely love-sick with one of his comrades. Of course, he was a bit peeved that of both the Titan girls, they had both been 'claimed' (unofficially, of course), by the other Titans. Without him even earning a chance! The half-robot exited the Training Room, watching Beast Boy flirt with Raven by asking her all kinds of questions about her favorite animals (and if she wanted to see them), and watching Starfire and Robin innocently chat about . . . Well, whatever Robin usually talked about; Superhero crap, which unfortunately boring to Cyborg, Starfire was fascinated with.

The hybrid teen went to the big computer-thingy (A/N: I am t3h mat00r) in the Living Room, typing in the Titans password, so he could check up on what was causing the crime that . . . made the alarm go off. In the back of the 'line' that led towards the Main Room, Raven's arms were folded, and her face was pushed into a glare aimed directly at Beast Boy.

"I don't do animals," she told him with an air of misanthropy. Beast Boy frowned, keeping up at trying to seduce the introvert into at least having a regular, everyday discussion with him.

"Com'on, Rae!" He chirped, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. "There HAS to be an animal that makes you feel all fuzzy inside."


"Yeah! Fuzzy. And don't you go telling me you never felt fuzzy before!" Beast Boy wagged a finger at her, smirking knowingly. Raven felt her cheeks tint the lightest shade of pink, seeing as it would be a total lie if she did say she never felt fuzzy before. She had felt that way numerous times, and, secretly, most of them were moments that somehow included Beast Boy . . . in a good way, of course.

A window popped up on the computer screen, as Robin smiled at Starfire dismissively (yet sweetly), and went to stand beside his friend. Scratching his chin, the hair wonder looked up at Cyborg. "'Bridge Collapse'?" he asked him, reading off the screen. Cyborg concentrated on the computer, typing more keywords into a box at the side offering more information. A red window popped up, saying 'NO MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE AT MOMENT'. He frowned, looking down at Robin.

"Yeah. Crazy, though. Only bridge that's in all of Jump City or anywhere nearby is over that marsh-thing . . ." he said. "You know, with that camp-site and everything?"

Robin nodded in a reply, eyes darting towards the other Titans. "Titans, go!"


The first thing that welcomed the five teens to the area was the sound of a woman screaming. Police and fire-fighters were already there, standing aside her, and some had even waded into the shallow end of the water, shouting as well.

The small bridge, covering two wide parts of the marsh/lake/river had almost sunk into itself. Pieces of wood were strewn everywhere across the water, floating down the current towards the ocean. Robin's jaw dropped, and he looked at Raven, who was staring at the scene, no emotion displayed on her face.

"Oh! Thank God! The Teen Titans!" A woman, dressed crudely in a bathing suit (covered by short jean shorts and an unbuttoned blouse) walked up to them, eyes wide with fear. Her limbs were trembling, and when she spoke, it seemed as if she were saying everything too fast to comprehend, yet the Titans did, of course, and as if there were so little time in the world. "My son! My son, Jared! He's only 8! HE CAN'T SWIM!" she cried, wiping at her eyes, which were flooded with tears. "Was in the water! And the bridge! The bridge! IT JUST COLLASPSED!" She broke into heavy sobs, body shaking like a volcano or a tremor.

Robin looked grimly at Cyborg, who reached out and took the woman in his arms. Stroking her back consolingly, he nodded to Robin, using one free hand to point towards the water. One of the firefighters approached Beast Boy and Raven, breathing heavily.

"Th-That boy," he said between breaths, pointing out at the water. "He won't make it very long! He'll get fr-frostbite, and freeze; the water temp's low, or he could drown!" In a low voice, he added, "Chances are very low for survival. I suggest you get your asses in there and SAVE HIM!" Then, he went over to Cyborg and the woman, muttering instructions to Cyborg. Robin looked at the dumbstruck Raven and Beast Boy in a glare, and growled, "Well you heard him! Get in there!"

Raven shot a quick glance at BB, who nodded, and morphed into a dolphin, diving into the murky waters. Raven unlatched her cloak, and reluctantly dove in after him.

The water was so hard to see through, and when she felt herself running out of air, she used the last bit of air she could, projecting a bubble around herself, and exhaling hard into it, which caused more air to eventually appear, especially from being stolen from the air above the water. She rolled the bubble after Beast Boy, or what she thought was him, struggling to peer through the brownish-green water.

Beast Boy used echolocation to try and locate any humans in the water, and almost kicked himself when he felt the prescence of another individual. Whirling around in time to find it, his heart pounded heavily when he saw it was only Raven. He sighed, then swam under the debris from the bridge, searching more.

Robin and Starfire stood on the shore, Starfire trembling with worry. Stealing quick, worried looks at Robin, she swallowed, asking hoarsely, "Do you think we will find the boy? Alive?"

As a sort of reassurance, Robin put his hand on the alien girl's shoulder assuringly, smiling weakly. "Star, you've forgotten we're the Teen Titans. We'll save the day - just like always." However, a vacuum of a pit inside of his gut was speaking to him mentally, starting to convince him that maybe, just maybe, he was wrong.

Raven took the shield off of herself, finding it getting in the way, and latched on to Beast Boy's fin, shivering in the ice-cold water, causing her lungs to feel like freezers. Beast Boy glanced back at her, his black dolphin eyes comforting, and he dove lower, Raven holding on, holding in the breath she wanted to exhale, then re-inhale so badly.

Beast Boy made a squeaking noise, which alerted the drowsy-like Raven as he found a short, balled-up shape sinking lower and lower into the water. He nudged Raven with his fin, as a way to wordlessly tell her to hang in there, and he dove lower. Finding spare feeble strength within her, Raven reached out to the figure, which was a boy, very much unconscious, floating and drifting towards the bottom.

Using his nose to lift the boy up onto his back, Beast Boy floated upwards, and Raven felt herself getting extremely light-headed. Even a full demon wouldn't have been able to handle this, and as a half-demon, she surely couldn't handle it much more than a human could. When Beast Boy's nose hit the surface, and he let out an 'eeeeek' of cheer, Raven felt herself hit pounding air, causing her head to throb. Gasping for breath, and inhaling it greedily, she coughed and sputtered up water, adjusting the boy's body more securely on BB's back. Robin spotted them, and his heart fluttered, as he flashed a smile at Starfire.

But a soft voice at Robin's ear made him freeze, and he knew it was one of the fire-fighters, musing to him: "If that boy's dead, those Titans'll have to pay, they will. We alerted them nearly half an hour ago . . . they were the only ones who could do this . . . if that boy's dead, it'll be their fault . . ." But Robin stepped away, shaking the creepy voice off his shoulder and gripping Starfire's hand, not caring if their cheeks flushed like the skin of a lobster.

Beast Boy swam to the shore, Raven clinging on, until he morphed back, sinking to his knees on the rocky sand. Raven slumped down next to him, coughing violently as she gasped to regain her breath. He patted her back, smiling at her. "We did it," he told her proudly, and he smiled tiredly. He brushed a lock of sodden hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear. "You were great, Rae."

Raven wanted to contradict him while blushing, seeing as she felt he did most of the work, but two things stopped her. One, she didn't have the full breath. Two, the woman had screamed a shrill cry, flinging herself into the water. Jumping to her feet, Raven stumbled back against Robin's chest, and he steadied her, handing her over to the fully okay Beast Boy, worriedly shooting a glance at Cyborg.

Cyborg swallowed, pointing at the boy.

His flesh was a waxy pale whitish blue, giving him the appearance of what some Americans had thought aliens had looked like in the 30's. His eyes were wide open, the pupils the size of the width of a pin, and he looked to be reaching out, as if trying to grasp something.

He was entirely motionless.

"MY BABY!" the woman that the Titans assumed was the boy's mother wailed, clutching her son like there was no tomorrow. Her body shook with the enormous sobs, and one of the firefighters had to lead her away from the body. One of the police-men turned to the Titans, a grim expression on his face.

"Dead," he told them, turning away as if the Titans were a disgrace.

A heavy, deafening silence cloaked the 5 teens, and none of them said a word, until Beast Boy muttered, "Well that sucks," as a way to lighten the load. Raven reached out, grabbing his arm gently, and she whispered, "Not now," while not averting her eyes from the boy's corpse at all.

Starfire finally gave in, and clung to Robin's side, tears rolling down her cheeks as she cried silently. Robin looked absolutely horrified, as if someone had just told him that Slade had come back from the dead and destroyed the world, or that Batman had died.

He looked at Cyborg, eventually, and his comrade gulped, his adam's apple bobbing up and down with anxiety, and he nodded sadly.

The first and last time that the Titans had missed saving the day.

And since then, things became darker, and darker.


A/N: Did ya like it? Dude, I actually got this idea from the Incredibles . . . and this isn't even a TASTE of what's in store. The trade-mark Mari humor comes in a couple chapters. . . n.n