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She was lying in my arms, bleeding. I knew she was dying, but I wasn't about to accept it.

"K.P. – no, stay with me! You're…you're gonna make it."

She just looked at me, dazed. We'd both heard the doctor's grim analysis before she had stepped away to give us some privacy.

A mission gone so horribly wrong…

Kim shuddered heavily. Her tear-flooded eyes seemed to focus suddenly on a point in the air above my shoulder. Her face contorted with pain, and she shook her head violently at whatever phantom it was she was seeing.

"Kim – no. Look at me, you can't leave me!" I shook her slightly, raw agony tearing at my voice. Kim looked back at me. "Come on, who do I have if you leave? Who's gonna eat nacos with me? Who's gonna help me with my homework, or go see movies with me? Who's gonna care…who's gonna be my best friend?"

I knew it was selfish of me. There she was, dying in my arms, and all I cared about was me. But I couldn't stop the words from coming. She was everything to me, and she had to know it.

I pulled her up onto my knees as I knelt on the cold floor. She moaned in pain at the sudden movement. I gazed hard into her eyes, letting my tears spill onto her cheeks.

Again, Kim turned her attention to the space beyond my shoulder. She stared into space for a long time, unmoving. Panic grew within me.


She smiled and uttered a fervent "yes" to her phantom. She looked back at me.

"Ron…Ron," she began gasping for air. Kim reached up and cupped my face in her hands. I turned my head and kissed her palm. She took a deep, rattling breath. "You have to believe me when I tell you…that I will never leave you."

I bent over further, closing the distance between us. My heart said she wasn't lying. "I believe. And I love you, Kim."

I kissed her, holding her close in her last seconds of life. As she slipped away, I felt her return my kiss. Weak and barely there, but still present.

She fell back, and I was alone. She was gone. Gone like the sun on a summer day, beautiful and radiant even in its passing.