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Ron hung his head as he and Kim walked slowly up the hill to his house. Kim hadn't said anything about what Wade had told her, but she seemed happier now, and resolute.

Monique had sensed something was going on, and had said she felt like catching a movie before calling it a day.

"What did he say, KP?"

"Oh, well, everything that I wanted to hear."

Ron stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes bulging. "You're...can you..."

Kim took a deep breath. "Lie down on the grass, Ron."

He frowned and jerked his head around. They were standing in his front yard. The streets were still deserted; everyone who was anyone was in Upperton today. Ron shrugged and laid down on the grass.

Kim knelt down next to him, looking uncertain.

"What's wrong, KP?"

Kim took a deep breath. "This is going to hurt, Ron. It's going to hurt a lot. But I need to tell you."

Ron nodded. "Anything to get you back, KP."

Ron closed his eyes, settling back into the warm grass. He felt Kim's fingertips pause uncertainly on his chest, the slowly slip down until her palm was pressed against him.

There was a sharp, stabbing pain in his side that seemed to consume him. Gasping painfully, he opened his eyes. Ron found himself kneeling beside himself and Kim, who was lying in his arms, dying. Except now, judging by the pain in his side, he was feeling her die.

Ron could feel life ebbing away and the pain slowly but steadily diminishing into shock as he realized that he was leaving. He wasn't ever going to see his friends or family again.

Something inside of him cried out to stay.

"You really want to stay?" came a bemused voice above him. Shocked, Ron looked up and saw a young woman robed in white gazing down at Kim.

"Yes. Yes," Kim gasped. Ron wondered how she'd managed to say anything, the amount of pain she was in.

He looked at the newcomer more closely. She looked a lot like Kim. Almost identical, in fact. Despite that, he was almost certain he'd seen her somewhere else...in a dream. Then he realized: Kim had seen Miriam Possible. Ron squinted at her, her white gown almost blinding him. She spoke again, her voice slightly deeper than Kim's.

"Stay, Kimberly. You can stay."

Ron felt peace suffuse him as Miriam faded away, smiling. A sudden stab of pain, right through his heart, brought him back to his senses for a moment and he panicked as the darkness became a swirling monster confronting him. He looked down into Kim's face, wondering how on earth she was coping with it...then realized Kim was staring fixedly into the other Ron's face as she slowly melted away.

The last thing Ron heard was his own stifled sobbing.

Ron bolted up from the grass. Kim shrank back, tears clawing their way down her face.

"Please don't be mad," she whispered. "You said..."

But Ron cut her off. "What? Don't be mad?" Ron screamed at her, forgetting that he looked like a lunatic yelling at the air. "The worst possible thing you could ever show me..."

"I needed to! You said - "

"No you didn't! You knew you were hurting me!"


"You know! You know I cried for nights over you! You know I couldn't sleep! You know I forced myself to eat and to act normal because I had convinced myself you wouldn't want me to agonize over you. I kept going to school, even. Everyone told me to just quit for a while but I didn't!"

"And I'm proud of you –"

Ron's eyes were blazing in with a sort of unearthly fury. "I carried your casket at your funeral. I did everything I could..." His voice dropped to a whisper. "Then you show up. I hadn't lost you. I could have you all to myself and no one else would know. And then..." He took a breath, his eyes popping. "...and then... you go and show me THAT!"

"Ron..." Kim stared at him helplessly, completely forgetting why she'd shown him the memory. Why had she felt so happy just a few minutes ago?

Ron stopped shouting, deflated. His face was covered in tears. Sobbing, he collapsed into Kim's lap. "I love you," he choked.

Kim bit her lip and stroked his head. "I'm sorry Ron. I was just trying to...to..."

"Look at that, girls. Looks like Kim is trying to house-train the Mad Dog. Of course, that's impossible, even for a Possible."

Kim's head jerked up. Bonnie Rockwaller was standing on the sidewalk with a bunch of her friends, all looking at her and Ron as if they were idiots.

"Fancy meeting you here, Bonnie. Thought you'd be up at the makeover with everyone else," Kim said smoothly. "Or did all the celebrities get sick at the sight of you?"

Bonnie made a face and quickly ushered her girls away.

"Nice one, KP," said Ron, his voice cracking as he slowly got up from the grass. "Sorry I yelled at you. I just..."

Kim smiled. "No big, Ron. Too bad Bonnie had to walk in on us..." Her voice trailed off. Ron was staring at her, leaning forward, mouth open.

"Kim...Bonnie saw you. Bonnie saw you!" He leaned further towards her, his eyes bulging.

Kim spun around to look at Bonnie's retreating back. "I can't believe it... Come on!"

She grabbed Ron's shirt and started dragging him down the hill towards Bonnie and her gang. They reached them a moment later, panting slightly.

"What do you want?"sneered Bonnie.

"You can...you can see me, right?" asked Kim, holding her breath.

"Yeah. And wish I couldn't." Bonnie held up her hand, jerked her head, and walked around Kim like she was an overly large bug.

Kim and Ron watched the girls leave once again. The minute they were out of earshot, Kim and Ron burst into hysterical laughter, hugging each other.

"I can't believe it!" shouted Kim.

"The look on Bonnie's face when you asked her if she could see you..." Ron couldn't say anymore, he was clutching a stitch in his side.

"So, are you going to welcome me back yet?" teased Kim.

Ron looked up at her. "Kim, nothing could show you how glad I am right now...except maybe..." He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Even while you were here, I missed you." He stood back, nodding contentedly. "I've missed you."