Her first name is Grace

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Characters for Chap. 1:

Olivia (Liv) Benson

Elliot (El) Stabler

Grace (Gracie)?

Capt. Don Cragen

/ Indicates thought

Olivia Benson was at home sitting on her couch watching one of the C.S.I. shows when somebody knocked on her door. Since she hadn't buzzed anyone up she grabbed her gun and cautiously approached the door.

Leaving the chain on she opened it slowly and peered out in to the hall. Her cop senses running high she carefully took the chain off and went into the hall or at least she was trying to when she tripped on something by her door. To her surprise that something gave a loud wail, and then began to whimper softly.

After putting her down she picked up the baby carrier and the diaper bag sitting next to it and went into her apartment to call her partner and the captain. The first call she made was to Elliot's cell. While she waited for him to pick up she went through the diaper bag looking for any information on the baby she now held. Just as he picked up she found an index card that had one sentence written on it. It said her first name is Grace and her middle name is Ashley.

"Hello"... "Hello"... "Hello, Liv? Are You There?" /What.../ "Sorry, I'm here." "So did you need something Liv"

"Yes, Elliot, can you come to my place?" "Yeah, what for?" "I'll tell you or rather I'll show you when you get here." "What do you mean by that Liv?" "Would you stop asking questions and just come please?" "Alright I'll be there in twenty." "Thanks, bye." "See ya." After hanging up with Elliot she left a message for the captain; "Hey Captain this is Olivia before you leave can you wait for me and Elliot at the station. I'll explain when you get there. Thanks bye."

While she was waiting for Elliot, Grace began to cry and Olivia discovered that she needed a new diaper. She changed the diaper and began to warm up one of the bottles in the bag. Just as the egg timer went off (signaling that the bottle was warm enough) Elliot buzzed to be let in.

She buzzed him in then began to feed Grace. When Elliot got to Olivia's apartment he let himself in (with a key Olivia had given him after his divorce before he found his own place) and was stunned to see his partner sitting on the couch holding a baby who was sleepily sucking on a bottle. At his entrance Olivia looked up and smiled at his shocked expression.

Talking softly she told him how she had found the baby and how'd she figured out the baby's name. After Olivia finished feeding Gracie, Elliot, who grabbed the car seat and diaper bag, and Olivia, who carried Gracie, went down to his car, loaded up and headed to the station to meet the Captain.

15 minutes and one long car ride later they reached the station house. Gracie was crying and Elliot was trying unsuccessfully to calm her down as they walked in to the squad room. Captain Cragen heard the cries in his office and stepped out to investigate them.

The look on his face when he saw Elliot and Olivia with the baby was priceless; it took him 5 minutes to form a coherent thought and another five for him to recover the power of speech. He was stunned to say the least and when he finally did speak he had to force himself not to stutter.

"What the HELL is going on? Benson? Stabler? Someone had better start explaining now and I mean fast." Olivia and Elliot exchanged looks and Elliot gave Gracie to Olivia and went up to the Captain and told him Baby Grace's story.

While Elliot and the Captain talked Olivia again tried to calm Gracie down, she grabbed a pacifier from the diaper bag and began to hum softly to Gracie who finally settled down and went to sleep. After hearing the story the captain made a quick decision and sat the partners down to give them the news.

"Since it's too late to call DCFS tonight, Benson you'll be taking Grace back to your place and when you come in tomorrow we'll call DCFS." After Olivia overcame her shock she agreed, "Alright Capt. Sounds like a plan. We'll see you tomorrow."Olivia, carrying Grace and Elliot, carrying the car seat and diaper bag left the station, loaded up the car, and went back to Olivia's Place. Elliot helped Olivia get everything back up to her apartment and after getting Gracie settled, he gratefully accepted Olivia's offer to crash on the couch.


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