Serpent Speaker

Disclaimer: All of this is based upon the lovely J.K. Rowling's work.

Warnings: None

I can speak to snakes! How can I possibly speak to snakes? How is this happening?

NO! I refuse to believe it! I can't believe. I can't be this… thing! I can't be a Parselmouth. I can't be.

But apparently, I AM!How did this happen?

I mean, I know how this happened. Well, I can guess at any rate. It does not exactly take a genius to figure out how one becomes a Parselmouth.

Why does everything always have to happen to me? Why can't it happen to someone else for a change?

If it's not those prats playing pranks on me, it's those girls… well, I would call them something else! They all think that they are better than me because they have nice things to wear… new robes and pretty dresses.

Oh, please! Like those kinds of things really matter. For Merlin's sake, we are at a school! Learning and books matter here, not having a nice new jumper. It's under your robe, for pity's sake! It's not like anyone else can possibly see it.

Unless they are like that creepy Auror. What was his name?

Grr… I am really beginning to hate this. And now on top of it all, I discover that I am a Parselmouth.

Can things possibly get any worse?

My dorm door suddenly flies opens, and a blazing red head magically appears.

"Are you ready yet?" She doesn't even give me a chance to answer before continuing, "You know that the quidditch match starts in an hour, and obviously, you know that Gryffindor is playing today." She self-righteously stares down her nose at me, noticing my patched robe. "We have to get there soon to get good seats."

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

"Hey! Come on!" she yells at me. "We're going to be late!"

I sigh and roll my eyes.

Oh, that Molly! Just because she is older does not give her the right to order us around!

I walk to the door but pause to give myself the once over in the mirror before leaving. For a moment I stare at my reflection, red hair glinting in the morning light.

From the common room, I hear her yell again, "Get your butt down here! Now, missy!"

I sigh and step out the door.

"I mean it!" she screeches. "Don't make me come up there, Lily Evans!"

Today is just not my day.

Ever Hopeful,