James Bond walked into his London apartment, walked over to the bedrooms. He opened the first door and saw his sixteen year old son, James Bond Jr., sleeping. He stood there and watched him sleep well he thought about the day he first found out about him.

It was 16 years ago a baby was left on the door step of MI6 headquarters with a note addressed to James Bond. The baby was brought in and searched to make sure he had nothing concealed on him. They also sedated him and took x-rays as well as CAT scans of him. When the note was delivered to James he opened it and discovered that it was from one of his former female aquatics, it said that she was dying of cancer and could not take care of the child, and as James was the only man she had slept with in the nine mouths before he was born. James was still sceptical about this and asked the MI6 lab to a DNA test on both him and the boy. They found that James was indeed the father; however they could find no record of the mother anywhere. James took the boy home with him and raised him as his own.

For the next 13 years James raised the boy, whom he called James Jr., well he was given a temporary leave of absence by M. James Jr. attended the most prestigious schools for young boys. At age 13 he began going to Eton College, James Sr. then returned to his work at MI6 however he was never given assignments that began near James Jr'.s scheduled school breaks.

James Jr. was now in his third year at Eaton College; he always did very well in all his classes and was on the school rowing team. He was fairly well built for a sixteen year old as during his school breaks he was given basic MI6 agent training, as it was thought to be a threat to national security if he was captured as he is the son of one of the best agents they had. He also from time to time was allowed to go on some of his dad's less dangerous missions, or ones where James could use the fact that he was a single parent would be of use to the mission. James was far from your typical teen as he had access to one of the most sucure facilities in the United Kingdom.

Like most 16 year olds he had his learners permit, however the car he drove was not typical of most 16 year olds, in fact it wasn't really typical of anyone unless you where a secret agent or a family member of one. He drove a Q issue Austin Martin V-12 Vanquish, with all the usual upgrades such as passenger ejector seat, missiles behind the head lights, machine guns mounted under the front grill and also a state of the art anti theft system. It also was completely bombproof and fully armoured against any bullets currently made anywhere in the world. Since he only had his learners perment he always had his dad or a MI6 agent that was always assigned to gaurd him well he was at school. People often compared him to Princes William and Harry when they went there as they both had bodygaurds with them.

He also whore at all times a standard Q issue GPS tracking watch that reported his location at all times to MI6 headquarters.