If you wanna know about me, read my profile. Just a short fanfic I wrote during my spare time. It was inspired by the "Ghost of You" lyrics. The story happened before the season began and after season 3.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything here, the spies (except for Marty and Jeremy) or the song.

Rated K+ or PG for language.


Good Charlotte - Ghost of You (lyrics removed due to new policy)

Friday, 27th August


"Thanks for the lift Jeremy" Alex thanked as the silver 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE sedan stopped outside her house.

The year was 2004, just after Sam, Alex and Clover were chosen to be international spies for WOOHP, The World Organization of Human Protection. The spies were still 14 at that time. It had months since Alex had been dating her Jeremy 'Jerry' Matthews, a friend she met at Biology class. Alex had her tight black thorn sleeve shirt with the word 'PUNK ROCKER' on the front, jeans with tattered marks on the knee area, her hair in short, cute pigtails with yellow clips and yellow Nike Air Jordon V shoes while her boyfriend had a denim jacket unbuttoned on top of a white shirt, jeans and Black Nike Air Max Trainers. They had just got back from their date in Downtown LA.

"Anytime Alex." Jeremy answered "Thanks for making it today"

Alex hugged herself as the chilly air from the car air-condition system swept her face "Burr. It's kinda cilly tonight"

"Here, you can have my jacket" Jeremy took out his jacket and gave it to Alex. She than wore it, it really matches her punk star outfit.

Jeremy gave Alex a peck on the cheek and Alex got off the Intrepid. Jeremy waved before riding off into the cold dark road. After a few blocks, Jeremy felt lonely. So he turned on the radio to keep him company. The chorus of Good Charlotte's 'Ghost of You' started playing.

"Man what a scary song to play in this time of night"

Jeremy said to himself as turned the dials to change the station. Taking no notice of the white 1990 Honda Civic that was heading towards the Dodge Intrepid. Jeremy looked up. The bright flashing headlights made him froze but the Intrepid kept on going. After a few seconds, he snapped

"Holy shit!"

He turned the steering wheel to the left but it was too late. The driver of the Honda Civic lost control and hits the Intrepid head-on. There was a loud bang, but the streets stayed quiet. Both front ends were heavily damaged. The drunken driver of the Civic got out to see if Jeremy was okay. He looked blur, wearing a white shirt, a green tie and black pants with matching shoes. Blood stained the windscreens of the Intrepid and the driver's seat together with the steering wheel. Jeremy's head lied on the steering wheel with his eyes wide open. He was dead. Horrified, the man ran off leaving Jeremy with the 2 mangled cars.

Totally Spies: Undercover in "A Ghost of You"

2 Years Later

Friday, 25th August


It was a warm but yet a cold afternoon in "The Windy City". WOOHP's first male spy and the best driver in the organization named Marty was skating with his African-American friend named Joey. Marty had trained on a few missions with Sam, Alex and Clover but was transferred to another team. Currently Alex's boyfriend, Marty wore an 80's denim jacket unbuttoned, a white shirt, jeans and old skool Nike Burins trainers while Joey wore a brown long sleeved shirt with the word CHICAGO in black cursive letters, black pants and Nike Air Force X. They were skating dangerously on the sidewalk missing oncoming pedestrians. When they reached the intersection that links East Wicker Drive, They stopped to take a breath.

"Looks like I've won!" Marty proudly remarked and tugged his hands in his jacket

"No way Marty, I won!" Joey trying to catch a breath.

They started to bicker at each other over who won the race. But quickly stopped when when a loud, startling horned at them. They stopped to see who or what it was. It was a Chicago Police Ford Crown Victoria. It pulled over beside them. The windscreen slid down to uncover Marty's dad, Kerry, behind the wheel. He was in his police uniform with his hat on

"Hey Marty, Joey!" Kerry greeted, quite happy to see his son and Joey. Marty goes over to the car while Joey waved in response.

"Hey dad!" Marty replied. Delighted to see his dad again.

"Oh um.. A friend gave me a plane ticket to Los Angeles. It ain't any use to me so I'm giving it to you... Maybe you can visit that girlfriend of yours" Kerry reckoned. Marty had always wanted to visit LA. He took out the ticket and gave it to Marty.

Marty took the ticket in open arms and looked at it "Wow, thanks dad"

Saturday, 26th August


"Where the heck is my Sum 41 CD?"

It was a bright afternoon. The utterance of Clover filled the bare spaces of the spies villa as she seeked for her brand new Sum 41 album she bought 2 days ago, inside the case was a CD filled with music of the Canadian punk rock band. Alex was in a brown skirt cut above her knees, a black tank top and a pair brown Nike Boots. Sam wore a pair of 70's bellbottom jeans, a purple long sleeved sweater cut above her belly button and a pair of pink and white 70's Nike Blazers, looking like a chick from the 70's. Clover had her light blue shirt on, a dark blue mini skirt and a pair of blue and white Nike Air Force 1 basketball shoes. Clover's room was in a mess as she threw everything else on the floor.

"Uh... Clover, you might wanna check the CD rack" Sam indicated

Clover goes over to the CD rack and scanned it. One by one she looked. And right below her 'Rock Against Bush Vol 2' album was her long lost Sum 41 album.

"Yes! I found it!"

Clover took the CD out from the rack. It was Sum 41's latest album 'Does this look Infected?'. Sam and Alex sighed. The door bell rang. Sam, Alex and Clover, with the album on her right hand, rushed down the stairs, they crowded over the door and Sam opened it. It was Marty dressed in his 80's denim jacket unbuttoned, a white shirt, jeans, old skool red and white Nike Burins trainers and a small purple backpack filled with extra clothes and toiletries inside.

"Hey guys what's up!" Marty greeted. Quite thrilled to see them. "Good thing I still have your address you gave me on our last mission"

"Marty?" Sam gave a blur look

"Marty?" Exclaimed Clover. Not expecting any visitors to come today

"Marty!" Alex went over to give a big hug at Marty. It's been a month since the spies last saw him

"Your outfit is like... soo 80's Marty" Said Clover, commenting on Marty's retro look

Marty looked down and took a good look at himself. "Duh! My style is old skool." He answered and looked at Sam, digging her 70's outfit. "Hey, nice outfit Sam."

"Thanks Marty" Replied Sam

The spies invited Marty inside and he too a good look around. He was amazed of what the spies had. He inspected the kitchen, the living rooms, the fish tank, the book shelves everything. He then turned to his left and spotted the spies' pool and jacuzzi. Marty's jaw dropped.

"Cool! A pool! I can go skinny-dipping!" Marty uttered.

Sam stopped daydreaming and Clover turned around to look at Marty. They were disgusted at Marty's remark "Marty!"

Marty turned around and open out his hands "What!"

"So uh..why did you came here all the way from Chicago?" Sam asked, wondering where he got the money for a plane ticket to LA

"My dad gave me a free plane ticket to LA so here I am"

"How long are you gonna be here Marty?" Clover then asked with her eyes half-open. Unimpressed with Marty staying for the night

"Hmm... Maybe 5 days?"

"Great" Clover muttered under her breath

"Where're you gonna sleep?" Alex gulped. For some reason, she didn't want Marty to sleep with her

"I can sleep on the couch. I don't mind" Marty answered as he put his purple backpack on the spies' yellow couch. Alex gave a sigh of relief

Sunday, 27th August


Alex woke up unexpectedly. Good Charlotte's 'Ghost of You' was mysteriously playing on the stereo. She looked around to find there's no one in her room but her.

"Jeremy" She said to herself.

She felt someone breathing behind her. She turned around but there was no one.

Who was that behind her? Why did the stereo turned on by itself? Find out in the next chapter. But for now please review