Now the last chapter will be very very short.

"Camera!" A solution struck Sam's head.

"Sam, this is no time for pictures. We've gotta get Marty outta there before he drowns!"

"No, cameras! Cameras have been said to trap ghosts in pictures until it's either torn or destroyed. I'm gonna get my new camera."

"Where did you get that info?"

"Paranormal Monthly Magazine" Sam answered and ran back into the house.

As Sam ran back into her house to search for her camera, there were loud splashes at the pool. Clover was trying to drown Marty. Marty struggled to get some air in his lungs as Clover pulls his head into the cold water. Finally, Sam came out from the villa with her new Polarold One 600 Jobpro instant camera on her hands. She aims it at Clover and a flash of light shone into the pool. A loud, high-pitched shriek filled the air. Despite the loud sound, Mandy and the other neighbors were still undisturbed. The splashes stopped. Clover immediately stopped and floated unconscious in the pool while Marty swam out to the edge, dragging Clover along with him

A Polaroid film slipped out from the camera. The image instantly developed as Sam grabs the photograph.

"Now that's one photo I don't wanna keep." Sam whispered to herself as she looked at the image.

Alex helped Marty out of the pool and put Clover down on the floor. He then lay down on the ground. Marty was exhausted, cold, wet and his heart was beating in a fast rate. A few seconds later, Clover opened her perfect blue eyes.

"Man... I'm like so tired. What happened? Why am I wet?"

"C'mon, I'll tell you when you're inside. But now, we've gotta get you and Marty inside before you get hydrothermia"

Alex helped Clover and Marty inside to get warm. There was a strange cold wind blowing on Sam's face. She took out the photograph and let it flew with the wind.

Monday, 28th August


The wind was blowing Alex's hair, making her feel cold. She tugged her brown jacket tightly with her other hand. She was standing infront of Jeremy's grave. Looking at the tombstone which has Jeremy's name carved on it. She was wearing a brown jacket, buttoned, a white shirt underneath the jacket and a denim mini skirt with blue Nike Shox shoes. Feeling cold, Meanwhile, Marty walked over to Alex and stood behind her.

"Hey Alex" Marty tapped Alex on her right shoulder. He wore a denim jacket with a white shirt underneath, light blue Levis jeans, a black tracker cap and red and white Nike Air Force 1 shoes "So that's Jeremy huh?"

"Yes." Alex answered. A tear rolled down from her cheek and landed on Jeremy's grave

Marty rubbed the tear with his right hand and held her hand "C'mon, we've gotta go"

Alex layed Jeremy's aging denim jacket, already folded, beside his grave. She took one last look at it before walking hand in hand with Marty.


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