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To better locate you, this passes during Pan's birth, and this first chapter is Gohan's POV about it.

Since there aren't much fics about Pan's labor, I gave it a try… I hope I did well. (I think my writing sucks, still --; and I need to in-deepth this)

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This is it…

I can't believe this is it…

Here I am, holding Videl's hand… well, it's more like she's the one holding me, and rather strongly I must say. I think I'm already used to this strong grip… it's been hours since I started feeling it, even if the grip now is almost constant… long were the every 5 minute strong grips, and that is nothing compared to this.

It must be really painful, it aches just to watch her face… flushed and sweated, her hair all over the place… most of her ponytail is out of the hospital gown, she has straps all over her face…

She's tried to blow them away without much success; the sweat impeded her from doing so… I cleaned her face with a humid cloth that was given to me by the nurse, and her face is hair free now. I don't think she noticed… she keeps blowing, gritting her teeth. The grip is strengthening even more, there's another one coming.

"One more push, one more push and we'll get the head out…"

"You've been… telling me that… for a while…"

"But now I'm certain, this is it… PUSH."

"ARGHH… Ufff… Ufff…."

I think I've been feeling her pain since the first contractions…

Gosh… I feel like crying.

I can't stand seeing her like this. I have the urge to sooth her back as she inclines a bit forward with the strength of her push.

"One more… just one more push."


I had thought that if ever something like this happened; Videl would kick the doctor's head… I know Bulma did, and I know my mom yelled at them all the time. Well, Videl is taking this kinda well. I mean, she just swore, called them bad names, called me bad names, 'I'm never doing this again', 'Your mother and Bulma were right'… those kind of statements.

I'm sweating as well… I had to get rid of my glasses as soon as I entered the labor room… I'm pouring in sweat, not as much as Videl though… is it the heated room awaiting for the newborn baby, or is it just me that's nervous as hell?…

Whoever said that you don't sweat while you're nervous, was lying.

"Push, Push…. PUSH!"

"I AM PUSHING! Gohan… I can't take this anymore… sniff I want it sniff to stop."

So do I, so do I…

"I know… You're doing fine, Vi… just do what the doctor says."

"But I'm pushing DAMMIT!"

"Miss, we need to cut you a bit in order to help the birth."


She tightened her grip once more… another one is coming.

"Come on Videl, you can do it."

I kissed her forehead. She raised herself with the push… she's putting all of her strength in this one… I can feel it.

"URGHHH…. Aiiiiii….."

"That's it Vi… That's it Vi…"

"It… hurts…" Her hands twitching with the strength she was implying.

"I can see the head… there… there… WE HAVE A HEAD!"

Videl gave a sigh of relief, and lowered herself on the bed again… I wonder if the doctor's are always so excited about this? If it was all fake this doctor should go to drama school. He, just as all the med team were all enthusiastic about seeing a head… I bet they've seen tons of heads like this… why the enthusiasm?… I soothe Videl with the humid cloth; my other hand busy caressing hers… her grip is more relaxed now.

I have to see it… I'm curious. I left Videl's hand for a bit and went to the lower part of the bed, and almost too scared of what I was going to find, I shyly looked over there…

There… it looked like a terror movie… her legs wide open in the air, and in the middle… there it was… it

So much blood, so much weird stuff down there… a head, they got all that enthusiasm with that… it looks, disgusting… no, no, no…

I think I'm gonna be sick… it sure does look painful, poor Videl… What am I supposed to say to her after this is all over…

I return to her side, lend my hand to her once more… she held it gladly. I lowered my head and pecked her flushed cheek.

"Like what you saw?" she asked me, huskily and lowly… and I think she was kind of making fun of me, because I swear that was a wicked smirk.

"It looks too painful to enjoy the view. You okay?"

She shook her head… she wasn't. I bet my face wasn't the greatest ever either, otherwise she wouldn't have joked at me.


Videl closed her eyes tightly all over again, and the strong grip returned…

"Well… just a couple of big pushes and we'll get the baby out." The doctor said, his eyes still shining like if a big event was about to start…

I'm starting to feel bad… the doctor is more excited about my baby's birth than myself… how come? After all these months, and all this anxiety… here I am, no… here we are, and… I am just too stunned to even act excited.

I think I'm going to faint… I shook my head… no, I have to be strong for her… my Videl, we've been through so much… I love her so much. I feel so guilty for making her go through all this…

"I'm so sorry, Videl… I'm so sorry Vi… I love you so much." I tried to hug her, but the nurse was changing the bottle of Videl's IV drip, so I just tried to snuggle into her.

"It will be over soon dear, it's almost over now." The nurse smiled… a smile out of pity.

Did we look so desperate? Videl was a mess, and so was I… Videl's crying now… was it from the pain, or was it something else?

"Don't cry… come on Vi… it's almost over."

She shook her head again… the veins on her neck like mountains, bumping with each heartbeat.

…Was it almost over? How come even I don't believe in those words. Is it almost over? I think the worse hasn't started yet… a baby… my baby… our baby, how will we manage with it… it?

"That's it! That's it! You're doing just fine… One last big push and the shoulders will be out."

I wouldn't be surprised if Videl would call him something bad… the guy already said that, and no baby, nor shoulders.

"You said the BABY would come out… Not just the shoulders!" Videl almost shouted aggressively, trying to eye the doctor, with only one eye open. I think she's almost blowing up… no shit; we've been into this for almost 24 hours for Dende's sake… Dende, he must be on vacation or something.

"I don't have any more strength… sniff I can't make it anymore… Gohan… I can't push anymore."

"Hush… come on, we'll push together." I held her hand, wrapped my free arm around her slightly raised back.

"Don't… joke… about this."

Well Gohan, that wasn't the wisest thing you said.

I pecked her cheek again… I just have the urge to kiss her all over the place to make her feel better and ease her pain, but I think that neither her nor the med team would appreciate it. It's coming again… I just hope the doctor won't say a thing.

"Come on Vi… you can do it."

"URGHHH…. Arghh…. Hmmm…."

There… she put all out on this one again, I just hope the effort wasn't in vain… it lasted a bit.

I feel her relax, lowering her back onto my arm… her face was serene, no clutched eyes, nor gritted teeth…

Is that a wail?

"Here you go, you have a healthy baby girl… Congrats you two."

That is a wail, oh gosh… what is this?

"Would you want to cut the cord?" the doctor pointed the pair of scissors to me… I'm not so sure if I would, I looked at Videl… she was smiling, some tears on her eyes, or sweat drops… I don't know.

I nodded.

"Cut here." The doctor ordered me. What a strange sight… the baby, so small full of blood and amniotic liquid, poor thing its mouth wide opened… screaming its little lungs out. In spite of the blood, it was a cute sight…

Oh gosh… it's a girl.

A girl…

Look at her tail wangling… the doctors didn't look surprised at all, maybe the OB. warned them about it.

They wrapped her around a green hospital sheet as soon as I had cut the cord. I couldn't help it… I just kept looking; I even think my mouth is open.

They put the baby in Videl's arms, so she can see it... no, her, so she can see her. How ironic, she is the one doing this hard work, and I'm the one that gets to see her first… her… what are we going to name her?

The gang will be so surprised… specially my mom. I wonder how she's doing… she was a nervous wreck when we left for the labor room, and a couple of hours have already passed from that.

I reach Videl's side, and lower my head so I can see Videl's perspective.

I kiss her forehead… I'm so proud of her, she did well… She is a strong girl, er… woman… my wife. I don't feel like a father yet… I'm not that old.

Can't change it 'tho… I'm a dad, yeah… dad sounds better.

I'm a dad…

I'm a dad to a baby girl, not to some unknown baby that the only times we got to see was by sonogram plates…

I'm a daddy to a baby girl… that is right here in my wife's chest. I can't believe the sight.

"Cheese!" A nurse with a Capsule Corp. brand Polaroid took a snapshot.

My family… even if we are not in the best shape ever, we are a family. Small and young, but it's our family.

I feel tears going down my cheek.

I'm so glad everything went okay.

It's over now…

A new chapter of our lives has just begun…

… and I couldn't be anymore excited,

or is it scared?

There… chapter 1 done.

Want chapter 2? I'm thinking of writing a Videl's POV chapter… what do you think?


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