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Title: Ski Bunny Blues
Author: Crystal Saturn
Rated: T13 (PG13)
Chapter: 1- Torture at its Finest

Serena's Point of View

Finally… winter break. Just what I needed, a rest from school and exams and assessments. School isn't exactly my strong point. I'm not exactly top of the class if you know what I mean. So when winter break came around, I embraced it with arms wide open.

Ring ring


"Hi Serena! It's Mina… what are you doing next week?" Mina's my best friend. She has a thing for another of my friends, Andrew, who works at the Crown Arcade. Unfortunately for her though, Andrew already has a girlfriend, yet this means nothing to Mina and her blonde ditzy ways. She's a true romantic, and in her mind, if there's a will, there's a way. And even if there isn't a way… she'll find one.

"Mina I-"

"'Cause the girls and I are planning to go to a snow fest up in the mountains and we'd really love for you to come."

"Well I don't know if-"

"Fufufu. I've already spoken to your parents and they agree that getting you out of the house would be a great idea. Well I haven't mentioned to them the fact that the boys are coming but I'm sure they'll agree that some interaction with the opposite gender will be healthy for your social skills and-"

"Boys? What b-"

"Oh you know… Just Andrew, Chad and the rest but aren't you excited that we're going to the snow? I haven't been since I was a little ankle biter and I think it'll just be the perfect opportunity to-"

"MINA! SHUT UP!" as much as I love that girl, that seems to be the only way to get her attention. "Who, what, where, when, why and how?"

"You, me, Lita, Ami, Raye, Andrew, Chad, Greg, Ken and a friend- to the snow- My family cabin at Mount Alexander- Next week- to have some fun- the boys will drive."

"So you've spoken to my parents?" I asked once more.

"I sure have! They're fine with it."

"Well looks like I'll be coming then Mi-"

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow at my place then. Bright and early at 7."

"Tomorrow! 7!" talk about last minute. And what's this about 7 in the morning? There's no such thing as 7 in my mind.

"Yep! See ya there Rena!" And with that she hung up, leaving me to contemplate and rummage through my wardrobe for my hidden winter clothes.

The next morning I groggily made my way to Mina's house, running late but incredibly tired. I staggered up the stairs to her front house, rang the doorbell and waited. Looking around, I could feel winter was here. The bare deciduous trees had shed all their leaves and all that was left were the empty, seemingly lifeless skeletal remains of their existence. The sky was a dark grey as the clouds threatened to spill their contents onto the streets below. I shuddered as the southerly wind whispered against my cheeks and wisps of condensation escaped from my shivering lips.

"Serena! You're late!" Rei answered the door.

I simply pushed past her, into the warmth of Mina's house. Just the sight of the warm golden light that radiated from her house made me feel warmer and I wasn't going to put up with any of Raye's lectures at 7:30 in the morning. I placed my bags down in the hallway and followed the sound of laughter into the living room, where I was reunited with my friends.

"Serena! Glad you could make it!" Mina greeted and hugged me.

"So cold… so sleepy…" Were the only words I managed to mumble.

"Aww you poor thing… here get some of my chicken soup into your system. We'll be leaving very soon." Lita smiled warmly and handed me a mug of her home made chicken soup.

I sat down next to the roaring fireplace, savoring the warmth of the flames tingling against my cheeks.

"Hey Meatball head. Did your meatballs act as ear muffs and prevent you from hearing your alarm clock this morning?"

"Go away Darien." Gosh that boy is incredibly annoying. "What are you even doing here?"

"What, you don't think I'd actually miss seeing you klutz out in the snow now would you? I'm invited of course."

At this point, I turned around and glared at Mina, to which she simply shrugged her shoulders with a smile on her innocent little face. I knew she had something up her sleeves. I could feel it.

"Rena I hope you don't mind… but we decided on the car seating arrangements while you weren't here," Mina smiled again. "Andrew, Lita, Ken and I will be in Andrew's car and Chad, Rei, Ken and Ami will be in Chad's car."

"So… where does that leave me?" I looked up, puzzled.

"In my car."

I turned around and faced Darien, the one person I hated most in the whole wide world, in disbelief.

"Come on meatball, lets put your bags in the back and we'll all get going before we hit peak hour traffic."

No way! He sooo was not coming… I'm sooo not sitting next to him for 7 hours! I think by the end of this trip, either he or I or both will be dead. There is no way we will be able to last that long without killing each other. Everyone knows this. Why must Mina sit us together, alone, in his car for 7 hours. Torture at its finest.

"Look scum, I'm incredibly tired and irritable at the moment, not to mention very annoyed at Mina for seating me with you, so I'm just going to turn my back on you, not talk to you and just sleep for the whole trip alright?" I pouted as Darien inserted his car key in the ignition and the engine roared to life.

"Sure thing." He smiled, all too happily. "Here's a blanket if you want… and I'll turn the heater up ok?" I watched as his smile was replaced by a grin, which I didn't like at all.

"What makes you think I want your blanket?" I pouted.

"Sorry… just being nice." He shrugged and began to back his car out of the driveway. I watched him cautiously for a moment before wrapping his blanket around my body.

"…So how are you feeling today?" He asked while humming to the song on the radio.

"Shut up Darien." I groaned and buried my face under the blanket.


This was going to be a loooong ride.

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