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Title: Ski Bunny Blues
Author: Crystal Saturn
Rated: T13
Chapter: 16- Home Again

Darien's Point of View

"Are they alive?" Hushed whispers interrupted my peaceful slumber.

"I don't know… poke them and find out."

"You poke them."

"I'll do all the poking…"

A cold finger nudged me rather rudely.

"Stop it." I groaned and opened my eyes slowly to the sight of everybody standing around and staring. "You'll wake Rena. What are you all doing standing around?" I looked down at my princess, sleeping peacefully.

"Wondering if you were both joined at the hip." Chad stepped back.

"We're making up for lost time, is that ok with you all?" I whispered and pulled the cover over Serena's head and mine, hoping to get some peace.

"No no… you both have to get up and pack. We're leaving today." Ami reminded as Raye peeled the blanket back down. I frowned at them all and waved my arms around, wanting to dismiss their presence.

"Alright. I'll get up, but let Sere sleep. I'll pack for her." I slowly managed to stand and tuck the blanket around Serena securely. I kissed her forehead gently before stumbling down the hallway and into my room. I looked out the window and folded up a pair of pants when I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around me from behind. She sighed contently and leaned her head against my back. I spun around quickly and looked down at the girl as if she were insane.

"What do you think you're doing meatball head!" I asked and her eyes grew wide open. I watched as the color drained from her face. "It wasn't a dream… was it?" She asked herself out loud.

"Of course not silly." I cracked a smile and pulled her in for a hug. "I was only joking. You should've seen the look on your face." I laughed.

"Darien!" Serena pulled away and pouted unhappily at me. "You're such a jerk sometimes!" She playfully smacked my chest before wrapping her arms around my neck. "I don't want to go yet…" She whispered dreamily.

"I know… We'll come back the same time next year ok? For our anniversary." I watched as her eyes lit up excitedly.

"Our anniversary?" She glanced into my eyes dreamily.

"Of course. You know, the celebration of us being together for a whole year." I kissed the tip of her nose lightly and she giggled excitedly.

"But what makes you think we'll last that long?" She pouted at me yet her eyes were still full of mirth.

"Well meatball head… I know you just can't resist my charm. I've known it from the start. You can't seem stay away from me no matter how hard you try!" I grinned cheekily.

"Ohh har har har…" Serena mocked. "You're so funny! And who's the one who came running to me on the mountainside? Tending to my hurt leg and catering to my every whim. Oh and out near the rose garden? Who's the one who was chasing ME? Not to mention that time you carried me back to bed and sacrificed your blanket. I can't resist you? Why Mr. Chiba, I think it is indeed the other way around. You can't resist me!" She smiled smugly.

"Riiiight. I can't resist you. And that is why you came rushing over after you hit me with that snowball. That's why you fell asleep in my arms not once, not twice but three times. That's why you kissed my cheek after you gave me that wonderful massage. Yes that's right… don't think I didn't know about that Miss Tsukino!" I retaliated triumphantly.

"Ok, maybe I did care about you very much." A light cherry colored hue stained her cheeks. "But you came to me first." She added defiantly.

"And I'm glad I did."

"Serena! Darien! Come outside! QUICK!" Raye bellowed. Serena and I packed up the last of our gear and carried out to the front door. I opened it, expecting to see something extravagantly amazing, but everything looked the same. Reaching over, I dragged Serena's bags down the porch step and loaded our luggage into my car.

"Raye! Where are you? What are we looking at?" Serena looked around and I closed the boot.

"Over here Rena!" Lita's voice called from the side of the cabin.Serena smiled and took my hand, leading me over to whereLita's voice was coming from.

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Andrew flagged with his hand and a barrage of white snowballs hurled towards us. I instinctively held Serena in my arms and turned my back towards the snowballs to protect us both.

"Ambush! Retaliate!" Serena and I ran back towards the side of the house and formed our own snowballs to hurl back at them. I bent down, shaping my snowballs. Serena wrapped her arms around my back and pressed her lips gently against my cool cheek.

"Thanks for saving me out there." She whispered and before I knew it, I could feel an incredibly cold and wet feeling assault my senses as it slid down my back. I gasped in shock. Serena had slipped some ice down my back. She giggled innocently and patted my back, making sure I could feel the ice.

"Sere!" I lifted her up off her feet, slinging her across my shoulder. She squealed and tried to wriggle and kick her way out of my grasp. "I have a peace offering!" I yelled out and the snowballs stopped. I cautiously walked back into view of the others.

"Darien! What are you doing?" Serena whined. "Let me go."

"I surrender Serena! Take her! She's all yours!" I put Serena down and held her firmly in front of me as a shield. The members of the group looked at each other.

"And what good is she to our team? She eats too much!" Raye yelled.

"Raye!" Serena shrieked. "I do not!"

"Aye, that she does," I smiled as Serena turned and faced me, pouting so adorably. "But she has my heart. She is my only weakness… and with her on your side… I surrender." Her pout faded as she looked up at me, a sparkle in her eyes and a blush on her cheeks.

"That just won't do. More snowballs!" Another onslaught of snowballs hurled towards us. We bolted around the corner of the house.

"Inside… go inside." Serena had a plan. She pulled me along back into the house and we crept into the laundry room. "They're on the other side of this wall. If we open the window… we can get them with the laundry hose."

"Alright… you hold the hose and tell me when… then I'll turn the taps on." I handed her the hose. She lifted up the window swiftly and aimed.

"Now!" She smiled treacherously and I turned the laundry sink taps on full. Water surged through the pipes and out the window in a cool shower spray. Mina screamed as she felt herself becoming soaked. After we were satisfied they had received a considerable amount of drenching, I turned the taps back off. Serena and I headed outside with a pile of towels.

Serena's Point of View.

"Ready to go?" Darien held my hand and gave it a little squeeze.

"I guess so…" I nodded, staring in front of me.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he looked over at me, sitting in the front passenger seat.

"I didn't get to go shopping." I sighed disappointedly. "I wanted to bring back a souvenir that I could keep and remember forever."

"Well you have your rose…" Darien thought for a moment. He reached over to the glove box and pulled out a small disposable camera. "Come on…" He smiled warmly and stepped back out of the car. He called everyone back out to take group and couple photos. I gazed dreamily into Darien's eyes, grinning like a crazed woman.

"Thank you Darien." I murmured. He leaned down slowly and kissed me.

"You know… photos don't last forever." He tilted his head to the side. "But that's not the only souvenir you'll be taking home with you today."

"What do you mean?" I questioned curiously.

"You'll have me! And I know I wont last forever too… but I do love you… and I will forever." Darien looked into my eyes intently.

"I love you too. Forever." I beamed and threw myself into his arms. He held my tightly and planted a kiss on my temple.

"Lets go home now, princess." He held my hands in his.

"Ok." I nodded simply. My heart soared, knowing that I was loved and in love. This had been the best winter vacation of my life.

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