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The Last

Chapter 1

Latito School of Magic

Location: Unknown

Friday June 30th, 2000

Harry Potter strolled silently through the castle that had been his home for two long years. His soft leather training boots made little sound as he wondered through the familiar stone halls. His mind raced as he paced; thoughts of the past and of the future yet to come.

He sighed softly as he rounded the corner that would take him to his rooms. He pushed open the door to his suite and was not at all shocked to find a group of people sitting in his living room. Harry sighed as he leaned against the door. The people in the living room turned towards him and a tall auburn haired man jumped up and ran towards him.

"There you are, Sinful. We just heard, and when we got here you weren't anywhere." He took a deep breath and continued on with his rant but Harry wasn't listening. His thoughts had once again flowed over him.

"Sin, are you even listening to me?" The red head asked as he put a hand on his hip in an irritated manner. Harry gave a charming smile and flopped down into one of his lovely leather chairs.

"Of course he wasn't Kenneth. He was to busy thinking of having to leave us." A blonde said from the couch. Her golden eyes screamed in laughter as Kenneth threw a pillow at her.

"Be nice Grace. Sinful is obviously upset or he wouldn't have been wondering the halls again." Came a soft silky from a shadowy corner.

"Oh Danny, Sinful is always wondering the halls." Grace replied as a tall dark skinned man joined her on the couch. Harry just smiled sadly and bent down to untie his boots. "So Harry love, when do you leave our hollowed home?"

"Tomorrow I leave." Harry replied as he pushed a strained of his silver and ebony hair out of his eyes. He sighed at the pouts that came from his three friends. "Master Ray has already put off my departure by a good half year. I can not ask him to keep up his pretense."

"Of course dear Harry. But we shall miss you dearly."

"You'll come back and visit won't cha Sinful?"

"Yes but it won't be an everyday thing Shadow." Harry said as he smiled at Danny. With a sigh he ushered the three other students out of his chambers and went to bed.

Latito School of Magic

Location: Unknown

Saturday July 1st, 2000

Harry walked calmly into the office of Headmaster Ray Demoche. Ray Demoche was a young man of 50 years old; his once proud black hair had long since begun to bleed gray. His regal blue eyes seemed to see past the secrets that hid themselves in a person's soul. Ray knew well the secrets that resided in his castle but not even the strongest truth potion would draw them out.

He smiled as Harry walked evenly into his office. He knew that though the young man's face was blank he was a tirade of emotions on the inside. He also knew that Harry would never again show those emotions to the world. He had been trained as a warrior and a warrior's life was unforgiving to the weak.

"Bonus conticinium, child." Ray said as Harry came to stand in front of him.

"Bonus conticinium, Master Ray." Harry replied with a quick half bow. His voice lacked the normal familiarity that he had when speaking to the Headmaster. Ray sighed softly and tapped his fingers on a folder on his desk. He held it so Harry could see what the tab said.

Potter, Harry (Sinful)

"This folder has everything you need to continue with your training. I will also have Anna send you your potions." Harry reached for the folder and with a wave of his hand shrank it and placed it in a hidden pocket in his pants. He held up a second folder.

Potter, Harry

"This is what you will give to the Headmaster. It has a list of what classes you took." At Harry's questioning look he added, "Well I did leave out some of the more questionable courses but the normal stuff is in there."

"Thank you Master Ray." Harry said with a smile. The man smiled back and handed Harry an old rock. The second the rock was in his hand he was gone.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Location: Scotland

Saturday July 1st, 2000

The Headmaster's office was full that morning. Many people had come to welcome home their hero. Remus stood next to Sirius trying hard to calm the ex-convict down as he bounced around with excitement.

Ron and Hermione stood by the door talking in whispers about all the things they would do with their best friend again. The rest of the Weasley family was all smiles. Several of the teachers stood off to the side talking about all the things Harry could have learned, even Snape seemed less moody.

Albus Dumbledore sat at his desk with his fingers templed in front of him. He was slightly worried about who they where bringing back. He knew that Harry had changed, it was impossible to go to Latito with out changing. He also knew that Harry was not going to be all peaches and cream as the muggle saying goes.

The boy probably felt betrayed and hurt that he was sent away. His emotional wounds hadn't even healed when they had shipped him off, they would have festered and bleed until he was emotionally torn. He gave a silent sigh as a glow appeared in the room. Everyone fell quite as a figure appeared.

The man was tall with black and silver hair pulled into a ponytail. He had startling green eyes and a deep tanned skin. He wore black dragon hide boots and pants. A tight black tank top clung to his hard body; over the shirt he wore a thick black dragon hide vest with black and silver dragon scales covering the front.

He wore a silver gantlet on his right wrist and a silver band on his left bicep. The word SINFUL was tattooed on his right bicep and the edge of something poked out from under his sleeve. A sword hung from his hip in an arrogant fashion and the hault of a dagger could be seen from one of his boots.

Everyone stared in awe. This man was not the same gangly 14 year old boy that they had been sent away. No before them stood a warrior, before them stood Harry James Potter, Savior of the wizarding world, the boy who lived.

"Bonus mane, Migister." Harry said with a curt bow.

"Desideratus parvulus." Albus responded. The boy gave a soft growl at the name but let it pass as he noticed others in the room. He turned a cool gaze on the people who had once been his friends. With another soft growl he tossed a manila folder onto Dumbledore's desk.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room, as the headmaster skimmed the contents, his eyes grew wide. He paused momentarily and Harry knew he was wondering if all of it could be true. His blue eyes turned towards Harry in question as he reached the bottom of the page, Harry just raised his eyebrow in response.

Albus returned to the page rereading some of the more interesting details. Harry just smirked and drew a pack of Winston's and a lighter out of his pocket. With a practiced easy he slipped a cigarette into his mouth, lit it and took a long drag. He lifted the stick from his lips and watched as the smoke braid together in the air.

A sudden movement from his left caused Harry to shift his gaze to watch as Sirius stalked towards him. The older man grabbed the cigarette and threw it to the ground. Harry stared at it with furrowed brows before reaching for another one, only to have it too ripped him his hand.

"Hey, I have to go all the way to the states to get those ya know." Harry growled as he pulled yet another stick out of the pack.

"You shouldn't smoke. It will rot your lungs." Sirius hissed as he reached for the Winston hanging from Harry's full lips. Harry's hand wrapped around the ex-convicts wrist easily, he add pressure to his hold and kept his face blank as his godfather whimpered.

"It's not like a cigarette is going to kill me any faster then Voldemort. So unless you want your arm broken, I suggest you refrain from pulling stuff out of my mouth, Black." Harry's voice was calm and cold as he spoke to his godfather. He released Sirius's arm and let it drop from his grip.

The dark haired man backed away and rubbed his wrist as he stared at his godson with tears in his eyes. Everyone looked at him with unforgiving eyes. He just smirked and turned back to face the headmaster who was thankfully still absorbed in the transcript.

"Did you really fight off a hundred fully trained wizards Harry?" Albus asked innocently over the top of the paper. Harry's smirk just grew as he lifted his hand to pull out the cigarette. He exhaled and sighed as the smoke filtered into the air.

"Yeah but I had some help from Shadow, Sparks and Gear. But the first squad was a group of graduates so it wasn't that hard. Besides after we got the first wave out of the way it was like casting lumos." Harry said as he ashed his cigarette in the air.

"Who are Shadow, Sparks and Gear?" Ron asked quietly.

"Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Dream Team." Harry answered with a smirk. He took another drag of his Winston before dropping it and putting it out with the toe of his boot.

"And might I ask who is part 1, of this so called Dream Team?" Hermione inquired, ever the one for knowledge she didn't need.

"Sinful." The reply was short as if he was growing impatient with the questions.

"And that is?" Harry turned to face Hermione with what one could call a Malfoy smirk.

"I'd think it would be painfully obvious." Harry teased as he patted the tattoo on his arm. Hermione blushed at comment and dropped her head forward in embarrassment. Just at that moment Dumbledore lifted his head and looked Harry over.

"Harry my dear boy I do hope you have other cloths." Dumbledore asked as he turned back to the sheet of paper in his hand.

"Well it was either my battle armor or my training uniform and I prefer dragon hide to leather anyways." Harry sighed as he tapped his foot in an irritated manner.

"What did you wear in your free time then?" One of the Weasley twins piped up. Harry turned and stared at the red head closely. Both men stood tall with long red hair and freckled faces and were dressed in cloths that looked like they were just out of the shop window.

"What free time?" Harry asked with an innocent smirk. "At Latito we trained and studied from 8 in the morning until 8 at night 7 days a week."

Gasps filled the room as that information was given. Nobody could believe that a student was given no free time well at school. Harry just looked passive as he finally seated himself across from the headmaster.

"Well this all seems to be in order. So if you want Sirius can take you to his house were you will be staying for the rest of the summer." Dumbledore said as he filed away the paper work. Harry gave a stiff nod and stood to follow his godfather out of the room.

Riddle Mansion

Location: Shropshire, England

July 1st, 2000

Tom Riddle sat silently in his throne room. In his hand he held a picture. It was an old black and white photograph of a young woman. The woman he remembered clearly, her hair was the richest auburn and her eyes the deepest blue, though you couldn't tell from the picture.

She stood, her arms draped of a young mans shoulders. His hair was long and black with emerald eyes. They were both smiling, helplessly in love with each other. It was a muggle picture so the figures weren't moving, but just by the way they stood you could see the love in their eyes.

"Charity." He whispered her name. "I feel so lost my love. It has been so long since I have felt like this. I wish you were here my love, here to help me rule the world."

He sighed and slipped the picture into the pocket of his robes. He no longer was a snake like creature but a shadow what he had been. His black hair was slightly gray around the temples and his face carried lines of worry. His once emerald eyes were as red as his loves hair.

With another heart wrenching sigh he stood and once again left behind Tom and became Lord Voldemort.

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MAGISTER- School Master (Headmaster)



And of course the school Latito- to keep out of the way, be concealed or to lie hidden, be concealed.