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Chapter 7

The Most Noble House of Black

Location: London

Wednesday July 31st, 2000

Now to say that to surprise a student from Latito was a bad idea would be grave understatement. So it was only natural that half of the occupants of the SURPRISE party ended up stunned or unconscious well the others found themselves staring down the wrong end of one royally pissed off savior's wand.

His eyes showed the fury he felt though not a single think showed on his face. With a wave of his hand, everyone was once again conscious. As soon as the last person was standing, he began his lecture.

"That was probably the stupidest thing any of you has ever done! I mean honestly did ever occur to any of you that it cost you your lives?" Harry was just barely holding on to anger.

"We just wanted to do some thing nice for Harry." Sirius said well looking at his shoes.

"Yes my boy, we just thought it would cheer you up. After all, you do just lose your family. It was the least we could do." Dumbledore said as he came to the front of the room. He laid a firm hand on the green-eyed boy's shoulder. At the touch of the man whom had killed his family through manipulation, Harry lost his temper.

"Well you sir, should have known better. I could have killed everyone in this room in less then 15 seconds. And I have told I don't care that those bustards are dead." He grabbed Dumbledore's arm and gave it a quick turn. It broke with a sharp crack. Everyone in the room started to panic as random objects began to float in the air. Snape who had been standing in the back quickly made his way forward to pull his prince towards the door.

"My Prince, calm yourself before things get out of hand." The older wizard hissed into Harry's ear. The words were missed by everyone but Remus Lupin resident werewolf. Neither dark haired man noticed an amber gaze on their backs as the exited the room.

Upstairs in Harry's room

"Drink, my Prince." Severus said as he held out a glass of Terrigenus cruor out to the shaking young man. "It was not advisable to actually break the headmaster's arm. I mean what would your Grandfather say?"

"He'd ask why I didn't break the other one too." Harry muttered darkly as he downed the liquid in one drink.

"Don't drink so fast Demetrius. It could cause you to go into bloodlust which would be very bad for your Grandfather's cause." Severus scolded Harry as he took the empty cup from the boy's hand.

"I am already in fucking bloodlust Snape and the only reason I didn't let loose the demon is because it would have been one hell of a…" Harry stopped his sentence short. His brows came together as if he was in deep concentration. When you spoke, again it was in a distant tone. "You know it is very impolite to eavesdrop don't you Remus?"

Severus turned sharply as the door to the room was opened and closed. Remus quickly put up silencing charms before turning to face the other two men.

"What the hell did you hear Lupin?" Severus asked harshly. He had said so much that you shouldn't have and how the hell did he forget to put up silencing spells.

"I heard everything but before we go into that I want to know what happened down stairs." Remus said as he seated himself in a chair across from the younger man.

"It is a death to do something like that to any person trained at Latito but given the fact that I am a Sitis minor it is even more deadly. When I get angry it is possible for the dormant thirst in my body to rise causing me to go into a bloodlust. Everyone in that room is luck Professor Snape knew enough about our kind to pull me out of there before a blood bath ensued."

"Ok know about what I heard."

"That Remus is a long story so get comfortable."


"So your telling me that not only is Tom Riddle aka The Big Bad Darth Vader wanna be, your grandfather but you are also the heir to all that is dark and are planning to rule the world with a curtain blonde death eater in training at you side." Remus said as he gazed into Harry's emerald eyes.

"Yep, that's about it." Harry said as he laid back on his bed acting as if he hadn't just told the two men in the room with him that the wizarding world could just go fuck itself for all he cared.

"Well just to let you know I am in all the way." Remus said as he crossed his legs at the knee and shifted in his chair. Harry raised his head to find that Severus was starring at the man as if he was a piece of prime rib.

"Oh go bugger the man Sev, and preferable not in my room." Harry practically yelled at the man as he let his head fall back on to the bed,

"I have no idea what you are talking about Riddle." Severus hissed with his usual death glare though it didn't seem as frightening since he was sporting a very nice blush on his pale cheeks.

"Oh please you were fucking him with your eyes just a moment ago and from the way he smells it is quite possible that he wouldn't be against the idea of you doing it in physical form." Harry said as he threw an arm of his eyes in an exasperated sort of way. He smirked as he heard the wards coming down and the door opening.

"Well Mr. Potter it seems your blood lust has subsided but I advise you to take it easy for the next couple of days." Snape said as he stepped out of the room. "Come on Lupin lets leave his to relax."

"Of course." Remus said as he stood up, discreetly adjusting his robes. He followed the darker wizard out of the room and closed the door. "Oh Severus I was wondering I could talk to you for a moment in privet about the potion…"

The lighter haired wizard's voice trailed off as the two men moved farther down the hall. Harry just smiled at the obviousness of the statement and turned over before for falling asleep again.

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