BAD GRACE - quantum witch © 2005

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I thought about these things for ages. Then the idea for this fic came to me in literally days. I began scribbling things down and had the basic plotline within a week. Fast and furious, that's the way my Muses work. Of course, then I got 6 chapters done and it languished for a year, though most of the rest was on my hard drive the whole time. The Muses came back and kicked my arse until it was done.


- I, like the telegram guy, couldn't think of a decent tune that was recognisable to everyone. Thus Beethoven's 5th.


- Oh my gods, the Them were so hard to write for. I don't understand children, really, though the parts of the Book they were in are hysterical. Still... I think I managed to capture something of the tone.


- I really didn't like Hastur in the original. But I found him easier to write about than the kids. Initially, I'd written that he wore a decent suit that was simply a century out of date. Then I re-read the first scene in the graveyard and saw he was wearing a dirty mack. Therefore, he's a bit of a shady bum, which sort of suits him.


- One of the earliest chapters written and still a favourite. I love drunken C/A, and of course the slash factor is a must.

- I started out thinking that I would further expound upon all the types of books Azi was researching - various religious works from all cultures with respect to homosexuality, modern works by gay Christians and Jews, 'The Joy of Gay Sex' and so on - but I just left it open to interpretation.


- I really didn't like Ginger at all, but I did wind up feeling very sorry for her.

- Agnes is a wench, and her prophecies were excruciatingly difficult to write for. I did my very best to give loads of hints through them without giving away any serious plot secrets. Such as the fact that her Boss shows up right here, in this chapter, just as Ginger is receiving the Book. That was a dead (hah) giveaway.

- Etymology for names plays a very big role in my story.


- I love the Sins, and writing for them was a treat. Almost every one of them speaks for my most seriously over-blown sensibilities, things that I have thought from time to time. But of course I am lazy and guilty of everything they either despise or stand for. It was quite funny for me to make some of them, like Gluttony, the opposite of what they normally seem.

- The Sins all have a specific colour, based on my placement for them on the Sephiroth. Here's what it looks like:
img. photobucket .com/ albums/ v337/ hexxennea/ fanart/ goodomens/ badgrace/ bg-sephiroth. jpg
If you know anything about the Qabala, my placement of planets is a bit updated. The tools for the Sins is based upon expanded Qabalic writings.

- Eustacia/ fruitful, Livideo/blue (Latin derivation).


- Poor Newt, I hate looking at pregnancy books too.

- Martha was a clue to Anathema's role as the mother of the Christ, being the same name as one of Mary's friends. The name Kirby means "by the church".

- The meanings of the tarot spread are accurate, but deceptive. The first three, for past life, are indicative of the Christ of course. The second part is in reference to the "wise men": Temperance / Aziraphale, Six of Wands / Adam, Hanged Man / Crowley. The third set is true to Rachel's future: Seven of Cups / the Seven Sins (look at the card sometime, you'll be surprised), Six of Swords / entering the Sephiroth, and Devil / obvious.


The translation for Newt's name is frighteningly close. Newton/ 'new town'. Pulsifer can be broken down as 'puls-' pulse/peas (instead of peace), '-ifer' from the Greek 'phoros' to bring. And 'New Jerusalem' / 'new city of peace'. Too ironic to pass up. And yes, it is called 'Christ's bride' in the Revelation.


- The title isn't meant to say Pollution and Sloth were lovers. It's a pun. 'Laying' / slothfulness, 'waste' / obvious. I really have known engineers this insane (well almost). She is absolutely my favourite Sin.

- Amelia/ industrious, Titian/ a shade of orange.


- I never set out to have Crowley suffering so much, but once I started it was just so much fun!

- I also never planned to have Azi wanking, but it sort of wrote itself.

- Hastur's appearance is meant as a red herring, and apparently it worked for most readers.


- I feel so badly that I never figured out anything really good to do with Dog, plus I couldn't decide whether he should even be around by the time Adam was grown, but no way would I leave him out entirely nor kill him off at the end. Besides, he's not exactly 'normal', so he might live as long as Adam wants him to.

- The dream in Eden was quite fun to write, even though pubescent Adam kinda scared me.


- The poor mistletoe.

- No wingsmut, but still - wings! Love them so much.

- The story behind the name Mocha Dick is apparently true (read at Wikipedia).

- The measurements are insane sounding, but real.

- The footnote about morals vs. ethics is something I really believe.


-The baby moving for the first time at Christmas seemed ideal, but is also appropriate for the trimester.

- I actually measured what a decent wingspan ought to be for Azi, and that was close enough.


- Avarice is someone I don't agree with, but I can understand her feelings anyway.

- Kogane /gold (Japanese). Kabutihan /charity (Indonesian)

- Unlike the Sins who meet Horsepersons, she discovered herself on her own, rather than through Hastur's influence.

- 'Hastur' /hidden. 'Eldughaz' (eldug / hide; haz / house) (all Hungarian).


- Damned near drove me crazy, really. #134 is the most insane prophecy of all, but refers to the Sephiroth, as follows: 'seven and seven' /Sins and Virtues; 'two and one' / Crowley, Aziraphale, Adam; 'ten and ten' / angels and archdemons; 'the one'/ Azrael; 'three and three and three' / Horsepersons, Anathema, Newt, Hastur, Pepper, Brian, Wensley; ' the final one' / Agnes

- Jeremy /appointed by God, Wensleydale /grove of Woden


- Origially placed just a couple chapters after "Feathered Friends', I felt it was simply too soon.

- Trying to figure out how one speaks with a broken nose was... fun.

- The reliquaries held a hint to Agnes' return, as did the previous chapter about Wensley.

- The footnote about 'sexless vs. genderless' is something I continually tout. Seriously, it makes sense.


- Did a crapload of research on the park, and hopefully found a place that was suitable. Used Google Earth to look at it for topography and roads.

- There really is a Bethlehem right there.

- Yes, that is Granny, Nanny and Agnes/Perdita. They insisted upon a cameo.


- Bad title, I know.

- Aziraphale is far braver than I would ever be. I can't even stand the thought of pregnancy, thus writing about it was really strange for me.

- Another huge clue here, Azrael being at the same hospital where Ginger works.

- Crowley. Electrocution. Ow. Libido dampener of the century.


- Yes, three more or less Wise Men. Each gift has one of the three original gifts. And because there are three, they became Seals 5, 6, and 7.

- There are pagan texts that declare frankincense is deadly to demons, very good for exorcisms.

- Rosemary and frankincense really are interchangeable, and there really are Easter breads baked with frankincense. I had a recipe at one point.


- Various articles on Brazilian prisons that I've found relate something almost exactly like what I describe here. And it horrifies me. There is indeed a female officers only unit.

- Had to do some research on the levels and names of Netherland police.

- Vermeil /red; Vreediger/ peaceful


- Ninja Them was very fun to write. Brian evolved as quite a little joker.

- I left it open as to whom Adam sensed with his aura overlapping the world, but I personally think it was Azrael and not Ginger he sensed.


- The concept for the Noah story came from Disney's Fantasia 2, I am ashamed to say.

- The Bible verses made me cry the first time I read them. That is the only thing about this chapter that was pre-planned. Everything else wrote itself spontaneously in about two hours, at 3AM. Probably explains why some of it got rather maudlin.

- When I got to the volley between Azi and Anathema, I actually had to sit down and really look for words. I had two thesauruses and a dictionary on my lap for half an hour. It was only through this that I came up with the final name. Felt good.


- I think that the Vis-A-Vive is a very scary, and entirely probable, device.

- I had a serious, long debate with myself over the year of the story. I may include that in a further note later.


- I had an absolute blast writing Tyler's letters to the editor. This allowed me to use the most over-ripe language of my life.

- Hehe. I love the idea of Azi reading cheap romances. Had to carry that over from my "Outtake 2" comic.


- Saffet /chastity, Yesil /green (Turkish)

- Iona /purple (Greek), McDermott /without envy (Irish) (that name was scarily perfect)

- I jammed Envy and Lust together with Avarice for three reasons: I didn't want to do an entire chapter for each one, I wanted them to spark off each other and not anyone else, and I wanted to set up the implication that there would be some off-screen HLA (hot lesbian action). Plus they would be Hastur's harem. Poor bastard.

- My footnote about angelic singing is based on Crowley's comment in the Book about 'celestial harmonies all day long' and how Azi cringes.


- Loads of work finding yearly events. Left out names and so on, because this is rather an AU situation anyway.

- The clay dove came from a supposed book of the Bible (deleted chapter of course) which referred to the childhood of Christ.

- The Vatican really did start a website that year.

- Crowley cannot have a good time for very long, no matter where he goes. I'm shocked he left Mexico.


- The young Disciples, I'd have liked to expand upon, but I simply didn't have the inspiration or energy. Maybe a side story later... dunno. Each of their names really are chosen for a reason. There were only six of them, but each correspond to something that traditionally comes in sevens: colours of the chakras (green / Chloe), musical notes (D / Deedee), wonders of the world (Library of Alexandria / Lexa), archangels in the Sephiroth (Michael / Miki), spheres of the Sephiroth (Beauty / Belle), traditional planets of the Sephiroth (Moon / Selina). And Rachel was the seventh of the group, of course.

- Betcha no one thought of Pepper/Brian. Everyone's too busy slashing Wensley/Brian or just sticking with Pepper/Adam. I liked mixing it up.

- Naughty, naughty Crowley three-way with the Sins. But if you're gonna do it, do it big.

- Seriously, I gave clue after clue to Ginger's eventual transformation. I hope there was more than one person who guessed before now.


- Eve really turned into quite the therapist. Maybe that's what Rachel should be when she grows up.

- Hastur the red herring comes clean. The talisman necklace is what he got in chapter three, from the priest at the chapel of Ginger's hospital. That place was busy.

- And... there's a coda at library. good-omens. com/ viewstory. php?sid289 (remove spaces before copy/pasting address)


- Had to mention the kraken.

- I hope someone figured out the hopscotch/Sephiroth connection. The top circle was always called 'heaven' when I played as a child.

- The Horsepersons rather cracked me up during all this.

- Crowley finally got over being unable to say 'God' and other such words. And no he's NOT out of character to whine and cringe. Read GO again, when he's being faced with threats of being dragged back to Hell. He cringes noticeably everytime Hell contacts him, and shrinks into his seat when Beezlebub shows up at the end. It's very likely he'd still be afraid of the torture they've promised, isn't it? Please stop reviewing with "this isn't how Crowley would act". Just because he got up the guts to face Armageddon, it took him a few minutes to deal.

- I had already chosen the placement of people in the Sepiroth, then found out Beelzebub was actually the arch-demon of Chokmah and therefore would be there with Crowley. That was too perfect.

- Hah. Azrael. A dozen clues, but I really hope it was still a surprise to everyone.


- Azrael, hoist with his own petard. But I don't understand why SO MANY PEOPLE keep confusing this Death with Discworld's Death. GO's Death was far more likely to fight as he stares Adam down and declares he'll be back because no one can make him leave. And besides, why must every character remain unchanging for all time? Unable to show a temper or to grow into something unexpected? Perhaps he's been supressing this rage for millennia and it's finally broken free -is that not even a possibility? Please think before you leave me another review saying "this isn't how Death is supposed to act". In my story, he does, and it's the most vital plot point. Otherwise, I don't have a story at all, do I?

- Didn't fix the world, but that would be 'messing people about' too much.

- Caught me by surprise that Hastur's a daddy, too. Didn't expect that one.

- Everyone better get the references with Auriel.

- Adam is a chip off the old block, sometimes. Prince of Lies (or at least Great Big Fibs) ;)


- Saffet and Iona seemed to fit together, somehow. Iona wanted an interview with Saffet, who seems to actually sort of dislike men. And since they'd both spent several years in the palace with Kogane and Hastur, and definitely had group sex, I can easily imagine them choosing each other afterward. Besides, everyone else had a sort of happy ending, and sending them back to their ordinary lives when they were already dissatisfied seemed mean. Not to mention Saffet's male fans would be swooning over the femme-slash.

- I hope no one really thought I'd turn Crowley human. That's just not right.