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"I heard that they're the girls in Café Mew Mew…"

"Really? I heard that they're aliens, trying to take the world for their own."

"I think they're escaped animals from Tokyo Zoo."

"What about that pink one? With the cat tails and ears? Some say that she's in love with one of the other aliens who are taking over the world."

Ichigo watched her friends gossip about her and the other Mews, picking her food. You'd think on the last day of school they'd have something else to talk about. They began whispering in hushed voices about her. She stood up, her fire-red hair blazing with frustration. She was tired of everyone always talking about the Mews and bad mouthing them and saying what they thought they were but they weren't. She whirled around and burst out of the cafeteria doors.

"Stupid people," She murmured, hearing the bell ring for school to end. (In my school, we get out after lunch on the last two days of school.) "Can't they tell we're the Mews? We even have the same names. We look alike, and we even sound alike! This world is full of idiots!"

"Are you talking about me?"

Ichigo whirled around to see Masaya standing behind her.

"Oh, no Aoyama-kun. You're the only other human who knows about the Mews." Ichigo giggled and brought her newly painted nails to her mouth. "Look, Aoyama-kun, it even stays pink when I'm a cat!"

"What about when you're a Mew?" Masaya asked, placing a sleeved arm around Ichigo's shoulders.

"Oh! I don't know! I've never taken off my gloves when I've transformed!" Ichigo retorted, walking with Masaya away from the school. "I'll have to try that sometime!"

"Yeah…. Hey, Ichigo?" Ichigo still blushed whenever Masaya called her by her given name. "You don't have to go to work for a couple hours, right? You go in at regular time this day, right?"

"Actually, no. Shirogane wants us in early today. He wants to tell us something. You wanna come?" Ichigo bounced up and down.

"Oh, uh… no, no I'm alright. I'll catch ya later, Ichigo." He said. He turned around and began walking back the other direction.

"Ja ne, Aoyama-kun!" Ichigo called after him, waving wildly. She raced happily up to the café and into it.

"Shirogane! Akasaka-san! I'm here!" She called into the deserted-looking building. She wandered into the back and clasped a hand onto the rusted basement doorknob, turning it sharply to the left and opening it.

Ichigo wandered down the stairs carefully, because it was pitch black in the tunnel leading to the lab. She knew exactly how many steps were going to the bottom, because she'd been down there so many times. She was at least confident that she wouldn't fall.

She reached the bottom of the stairs and was surprised to see the other Mews already there.

"Finally, Ichigo-san!" Retasu said. "I was beginning to worry."

Ichigo's green-haired friend had her work uniform on and a brand new hat. It was bobby-pinned to her hair, which—Ichigo thought—totally clashed with the green in the hat.

"Mah, gomen nasai, but I think Aoyama-kun was about to ask me out." Ichigo retorted, folding her arms and sticking out her tongue.

"What ever you do," Ryou warned, facing Ichigo with serious blue eyes. "Don't let your ears and tail pop out."

"Nani? What are you talking about?" Ichigo asked. She turned to the other girls, and got a good look at them. They all looked serious. "What's happened?"

Retasu took off the bobby-pins lightly and removed the hat, letting her hair-ribbons flow gently off of her hair and down her backside.

"Retasu, I didn't know you could make your ribbon thingies come out!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"I can't, and now they won't go back in." Retasu said, with bitterness in her voice for the very fist time. "I dropped a few plates onto a woman's foot, and was so embarrassed that they popped out and won't go back in. I was lucky the fins didn't pop out, I wouldn't be able to walk."

"But, did the woman see it?" Ichigo inquired. Retasu shook her head. "Good, now, why won't they go back in?"

"We don't know!" Minto screeched, clearly frustrated. "All we know is that they came out and we don't know why!"

Ryou clapped his hand over Minto's mouth. "Be quiet!" He hissed. "We think that emotions make them come out, and this time, they won't go back in."


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3. More ears and tails than anyone could ever imagine!

4. Problems in Aoyama-kun Paradise? Nahhhh...

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