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Best Wishes+

As I sit beside my children, my shoulder on my husband, I think of how I got to where I was. It wasn't an easy road, I can say. We look up at the full moon, my children pointing to the many stars that filled the sky. I remember, a night just like this, almost 10 years ago, but it seemed to be so much longer...

"Momma!" I called out as I ran downstairs in my pajamas. I pulled my mother outside to watch the stars together. My grandfather and brother, Souta already outside. We pointed and watched on the shrine steps. My mother said to me, "Kagome, tomorrow you'll be 15. What do you wish for?"

I replied back, "I don't know Momma... Probably a new bicycle!" My mother laughed, "Yes Kagome... but what else do you wish for? For goals in the future? A love life?" Giving the usual sly mother smile. "Mom!" I had thought she was kidding... I was happy, content with my life...minus the stress of school. But my life was okay.

And on that faithful day after my 15th birthday, that very morning when I found Souta calling for Buyou. I had no idea that beyond those doors and down the ancient well was a portal. A portal 500 years before. But to me, also a portal to a new, exciting life.

I sank down the well, fearful of what will happen. When I climbed out, looked around... I was filled with shock. Who wouldn't? I was those kind of girls who would burst with adventure...

But then... my fears were gone when I saw a boy... with dog ears. His calm face made me feel at peace. I said to myself, inwardly I knew he wasn't suppose to be there. And when I released him, his face didn't make me feel at peace anymore. The scowl that was always on his face, the frown, the crease above the eyebrows... But his eyes...Yes, his eyes, they held so much emotion, it made me feel right. If this doesn't make sense, don't worry. Because it didn't make sense to me before. I pushed it all away. Concentrated on the tasks.

But I knew... once Kikyou had been released. My soul torn. I felt blank, emptied. And then, not just my soul was it emptied. But my heart, as I heard InuYasha call for Kikyou in that voice of longing, of love... I wasn't willing to go back. I couldn't.

And I thought to myself. No! I will not go down without a fight. It's my soul!

Sometimes, I feared him. Yes, I had feared InuYasha. I had feared his dark soul. I had feared his claws. Yes, I had feared his demon side. But most of all, I had feared his rejection.

I kept a smile, hoping he would like me. Even as a friend. It just seemed to me, the only thing I can do. Of course... yes.. I felt anger... okay, I was down right pissed! Happy? Who wouldn't? What guy sits in a battle fied with dead bodies scattered everywhere and eat peacefully?

As the days went by... I grew to like him... only a little. Okay, so I denied it! I mean, who would have thought I would lo-- LIKE a guy who's ego was bigger than his head can hold!

It was rare, but it was there. Where his eyes would flash with sadness, and longing. But it was those times where he actually opened up. Then his moltened gold eyes would also flash happiness. Sometimes I can see it as he wrestled with Shippou. I knew he went easy on Shippou. Just as a father in those wrestling matches would train the younger. A smile tugged at my lips in remembrance. And soon, the sadness and longing had disappeared. I no longer caught it.

I have to admit. I don't have a pure heart. My hatred towards Naraku. My jealously towards Kikyou. Kikyou. Yes... I sorta... pity her. I feel as if... maybe I shouldn't be here. It should be HER who is enjoying the stars with InuYasha, HER who is feeding our children, HER who is changing the diapers. But then... I look into InuYasha's eyes and I smile.


It was I, who had broken the spell that SHE placed onto InuYasha. It was I, who cracked InuYasha's shell. It was I, who gave my heart and soul to InuYasha, that she couldn't do fully. And yes... it is still I, who is still changing the diapers.

And as I look into the diamond like stars that continued on and on through the dark curtain above our heads. I close my eyes, listening to the breathing of our children, I wish.

I wish for for Kikyou's soul to have eternal peace.

I wish for the lives that were ruined, will mend.

I wish for my children's happiness...

I wish for many things. I wish for things I could never have had... if not for that faithful day in the well. Maybe I owe thanks to the demon that dragged me into this mess after all.

Wishes Granted+

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