I wonder if I should give you a sense of time… It is kinda important, but at the same time, not really… I guess I could be nice, since I think I did give you a sense of time before hand.. Okay, so now, it's the next day. Yes, the next day. Things appear to be happening at a faster rate, now will that last? Who knows!

"Do you walk with anyone?" Mom asked as I got ready to leave to meet everyone.

"Yeah, I meet up with TK and Panther and Ceres along the way." I said with a smile, wanting her to stop worrying about it so much.

"Good, have a nice day sweetie." She turned back to her normal self. I got my things and headed out, sighing as I was going down the elevator.

"Getting too much?" Gatomon asked.

"I can imagine her asking every time I want to go somewhere… I mean, what if I just want to go out by myself? And she totally forgot about you."

Gatomon shrugged, "She'll probably always worry about you."


When I got to the point where I met up with TK, he and Ken were waiting for me. He gave me one of his usual smiles, "Morning."

"Morning." I smiled, glad to be with him as we headed over to where we meet Panther and Ceres.

"Everything alright?" TK asked, "You seem troubled."

"It's my mom." I decided to be a bit honest, "She's going to be over protective from now on."

"Did something happen?"

"She's afraid of the world now more than ever."

TK wrapped one of his arms around me, "She has nothing to worry about."

I leaned into him, "I know." I was so glad that TK was right now by my side. I knew that the people my mom feared wouldn't hurt me. Somehow, everything will be alright.

It also felt great to be in TK's arms throughout the morning before we had to sit down. I was glad that we could choose our seats, since TK also sat beside me.

"Yoh, there's an emergency message being brought to you by the main office," a voice said in a punk like way. I noticed that a few of our members looked nervous. Lily Dawn was even looking at Nereida for some reason. "We would like to see Panther or Ceres in the office. Both would be good, if they're up to it."

Panther got up, "Let me go with you." Nereida said, looking afraid.

Panther smiled, "It's alright. I'll be fine." She walked over towards the door and headed out. For some reason, she looked more confident than I've seen her before. I wondered what she saw.


I didn't need to see her and Arsmon doing it while they were on the trip. "You okay?" Rootmon asked quietly.

"I saw the most disgusting thing I never wanted to see. I'll give you more details later."

"What makes you think I want to know it?"

I smiled, "Subject matter." I opened the door to see Arsmon and another Digimon in the office. All the people were in fear, probably because they didn't allow them any time to react or object. "Yes?"

Arsmon pushed the principal aside as he sat down on the table, "No fear?"

When I blinked, I saw him with Killer and Carnage and a girl in Greek clothes. "Nereida wanted to come, but I figured that there was something you wanted to talk to the girlfriends about." I smiled when I looked at him.

"How did you know that?" He got off the table, walking towards me.

I saw him talking to Matt, and him following Matt on Chinese New Year, "How about we settle this at the party house, hm?"

"Party house?"

"The one you try to crash."

"Why?" He looked suspicious.

"The host trusts you, right? So there has to be something to that. I don't think we have the time to devote to talking here. We're still in school, after all, and it seems like there are things that need to be answered."

He looked his friend and she looked like she didn't care, "Fine, don't be late." They left without another word. I looked at everyone, seeing that they were still in fear for their lives.

"Are you okay?" I asked, wondering if anyone was hurt.

"Is this something amusing to you?" Someone asked, somehow thinking that this was my fault. "Who were they?"

"I'll learn that when I get out of school." I bowed to them before leaving. As I was walking back, I was looking at the building. The one place, even when I was in the gang, where I thought I would be safe had just shattered. I never realized that we could be attacked at any moment, at any place. How powerful can we really be? Can we really protect everyone here if a Digimon or demon attacks? I noticed that people were looking out of their doors, wondering what was going on.

"Go back to your normal classes." The principal said as I got to the door. Is that even possible anymore? I opened the door and went back to class.

"What happened?" Nereida asked when class was over.

"I had them go over to Matt's house." I put on my bag, "So, we'll know when we get there. We'll be eating in her classroom." I looked at those I see at lunch.

Neon got out her cell phone and started to text something. "I'm letting Matt know that they're coming over. So you know, I'm not okay about him being there, but I'll let that slide until I know why they're here." (It's a good thing that she text when she did, since that gave me time to prepare)

"I had to get them out of here somehow. The office wasn't a proper place to talk."

"He wouldn't have done anything." Nereida defended him.

I smiled, "I also didn't want to give anything away. Though, I'm glad that he isn't using you." I walked out of the class, since we needed to get going.

"What happened?" Mackenzie-sensei asked as we got to her class.

"You'll know something at lunch." I wondered why Mackenzie-sensei looked edgy. I didn't know why she would have to know him since I was sure that she was too far away to hear him speak when he tried to take away Kai. "We'll be eating here."

She nodded and we headed towards our seats. Ceres looked like she couldn't wait until lunch to learn, but had to since Mackenzie-sensei was still her usual self. When it came time for lunch, TK headed out to get our lunches.

"Why both of us?" Ceres asked as our Digimon came out, including Patamon.

"Boyfriends." I smiled, "I'll explain more when everyone gets here."

"What was that this morning?" Davis asked, "Ken wouldn't give me anything."

I smiled, "I'll explain." I took a seat near Mackenzie-sensei. Everyone else came over, bringing out their lunches, "Okay, so apparently the one that was talking over the speakers was a Digimon called Arsmon. I recognized him as the Digimon that tried to take Kai after everything happened."

"So why send him to Matt's house?" Ryan asked.

"I saw that Matt had talked to him… Matt was also treating him as a person he could kinda trust right before the event as well, so I figure that Matt would be okay with him over."

"That is true." Lily Dawn said, "Matt doesn't consider him a bad guy… Though, he's working for Collect Soulsmon, so he can't be completely trusted. Also, Nereida loves him."

"I think I still need to be clued in here." Davis said.

"Collect Soulsmon is one of the Digimon that has gathered a large group to attack us." Ken said, "They were the ones that were attacking the Destiny Stones." Ken looked at Lily Dawn, "Why does Matt trust him?"

"I think since he talked to him, he got Arsmon to respect him. Nereida was supposed to prevent him from doing something, which was probably the prophecy, by her reaction."

"What was the subject matter, anyway?" Rootmon asked.

"Think them two in one bed." Rootmon thought about it before making a face.

"So you know, she was really funny afterwards." Lily Dawn said with a smirk. "We were teasing her most of the day."

"What's your take on this Arsmon, and who was the other one there with him?" Ceres asked.

"I didn't care for him, but he only really cares for Nereida."

"I never got a name, but she seemed not to care all that much about what was going on." I answered.

"And how is Arsmon connected to our dead boyfriends?"

"Apparently, he was around them while we were traveling. I don't know much more than that, but they seemed fine about him."

"The comment earlier with Nereida?" TK asked.

"He didn't know about my powers."

"So you know," we looked at Mackenzie-sensei, "we had met him on the same day. We got to the center and were looking around before he appeared. Sensei stayed after to fight against him."

"And that's when Mimi and I came in." Ken said with a smile, "He didn't seem to have fought against him, though."

"I know that we left him knowing that there could be a fight there."

"So can Cody and I come to this too?" Davis asked.

"Someone probably should get Tim over there as well." Kari said, "I'm sure that this is going to be something big, especially if they came to the school."

"We're also going to have to face facts now as well." Ceres said.

"Like what?" Davis asked.

"We were lucky that it was a Digimon that we kinda know this time, but we have no guarantees that another one wouldn't come along and do some real damage. Depending on what kind of portal they pick, they could very well end up here again."

"I noticed that as well." I pointed out, "Everyone in the office was so scared that all I wanted to do was to make sure that Arsmon or the other didn't do something. I didn't know how well I could protect those people, and as I was walking back to class, I didn't feel safe anymore."

"It's not like we can put a stop on these portals." Gatomon said, "By the sounds of them."

"They might even be similar to what TK can do with his jewel." Patamon pointed out.

"Why not trap them in the Digital World?" Davis offered.

"We do have friends that are Super Levels." Lily Dawn said, "We would want to be able to talk to them and to see them whenever we can."

"This kind of talk should be left to your groups to decide." Mackenzie-sensei said, "It would probably best to talk about it after they leave back to their world."

"That sounds reasonable." Ryan said, "We should probably talk it over with Matt and see what and who should be involved."

"It's definitely not going to be easy." Espomon said.

"Yep." His partner agreed.


"Why are you here?" I asked as Stan appeared at the door.

"I didn't have work today, so I thought that I should hang around for Panther to get out of school." He didn't appear to be confrontational today.

"Fine." I let him in, even though I wanted to kick him out. He closed the door and I went over to the babies, "Aren't you really early, though?" I looked at him.

"Since Lily Dawn is going to be having one, I thought that I should get some practice."

"Okay." Gabumon said, bringing Kai over to him before I could say something. "Go ahead and feed him." I went over to Jade and Krypton, picking up one and grabbing their bottle with my other hand. I knew that Gabumon was telling me to be okay around Stan, even though I didn't want to be. My pocket started to ring. Gabumon came over and got my cell out to read the text (he knows how to do this somehow… I mean, he does have claws). "Neon says that Arsmon is coming over."

"Get them in the basement." I said as I handed him Jade before running into the kitchen. I grabbed as many bottles as I could carry before heading down there myself.

"What's going on?" Stan asked, still holding Kai and Gabumon bring down Krypton.

"You'll know later." I ran back upstairs to grab their diapers as Gabumon came back up to get some of their toys.

"Why do you have to hide?" Stan asked as I set down the diapers near him.

"Do you know what to do?" I looked at him.

"In what?"

"Taking care of babies. Changing diapers, feeding them, making sure they don't cry?"

"The crying part is going to be hard, but I can do the rest."

"You're not going to get any help." I said, "Can you handle it? It's a matter of life and death."

"… I can, but why?"

"That'll be explained later. The most important thing is that they can't cry, got it? This is sound proof, but I don't know how well it is." We headed back up, "And don't mix up the bottles." I said before closing the door.

The doorbell ranged and as I walked over to it, I hoped that this was enough protection. I opened the door and Arsmon with another Digimon were there, "You don't seem surprise." Arsmon said.

"I didn't know that you had other Digimon as friends." I said as a smile, not wanting to hint that I was told. I had to make sure that it didn't look like Kai was here. "Are you guys hungry or anything?" I stepped aside to let them in.

"You know some strange people." The other commented before coming inside, "Water will do for me."

I closed the door when Arsmon came in and went over to the kitchen, "How about you, Arsmon?"

"Whatever is fine. Oh, this is Telarmamon."

"Nice to meet you." I smiled at her before fully heading into the kitchen. Gabumon was helping me cook, though I knew that Ele was watching them. "What brings you guys here, anyway?"

"We were told to come here." Telarmamon said, sitting down at the table, "By one of the girls that Arsmon talked to at the school."

"Why did you guys go there first?" I brought out the snacks and water.

"I'm going to be making a weapon for either Panther or Ceres, so Arsmon brought me to where they were. Panther told us to come over here and wait for them to get out of school."

I sat down, "I thought that Arsmon only cared for Nereida, though."

"I do. Their boyfriends brought over more gold than needed so she offered to make one of them weapons as well." Arsmon explained.

I could tell that she was definitely a blacksmith, with the messy look she had. "What do they need the weapons for?"

"Ilpalo needed upgraded swords since his broke during a fight and since they were heading over with the payment, they brought more over so Killer can get upgraded guns as well." Telarmamon said, "They have enough payment for me to do one more job for them, though, and they suggested their girlfriends."

"I guess I still need to be filled in…" I said, realizing that I didn't know why spirits would need weapons. Lily Dawn didn't mention that they were doing anything that needed it.

"A few or no one would probably know about it." Arsmon said, getting into a very lax position, "They only recently started to protect those idiots."

"Oh.. I see… Okay, that's cool. Who are they protecting?"

"I would think they're protecting Hebe, but I'm sure only one is, really. All three of them are important to each other, that much I can tell you."

"Do you happen to know why they weren't in the Underworld five days ago?"

Arsmon thought about it, "Oh, that's when they were lost. They were heading over to her place." He pointed to Telarmamon. "Why were you there?"

"Panther was kidnapped by a deity and we went in to rescue her. We didn't stay for too long, but in either case, no one saw them."

"Ah… Why aren't you mad about what I did?"

I smiled, "It did help out in the end, so it's alright. Though, just to make it clear, everyone else has their right to dislike you because of it. So far, it seems like you have three people who are okay with you. It's up to you if you want to get the rest."

"So this is the group that's making you change so much." Telarmamon looked at Arsmon, "I thought it was only those three."

Arsmon looked away, admitting to her claim. I was glad, though, since that means that he could be a very good friend in the future. "I'm still going to go after that baby." He looked at me, "So don't think he's off the hook."

"Why, if I may know?" Good thing he's warning me.

"He showed an amazing power that set you free. It was a very strong spirit, so I'm sure my Master would want it for herself." Meaning that he did tell her and she does want it… And, of course, all her henchmen just happen to be present for that fight too.

"Don't take him into the Digital World, gotcha."

"Oh, so he belongs to you, eh?"

Damn it. "I watch him from time to time." The look in his eyes told me that he didn't believe me, though I'm sure it was because he knows that I would be weary of him. "So what's happening in the Digital World?"

"Nothing much." I could tell that Arsmon was holding some information back. "It's the same that it always was."

"How long does it normally take to get from the Digital World to here?" I was curious, knowing that they had to find these portals.

"Depends on how skill a Digimon is at finding portals." Arsmon said, "I can find them easily enough. We took a few days to get some things done beforehand."

"I've always got the impression that the Deities didn't need to use those to get back here." Gabumon mentioned.

"They're a special case. Everyone else has to find the portals." I could tell that Arsmon knew of other people that met the same conditions as the Deities. I wondered if his master and Mirrormon fit those conditions as well, considering that they are similar and they gave the Deities the new type. At this point, all I can say is yes. "How do you guys normally get back?"

"Through TVs." I answered.

"That's not good enough. What would happen if all of those are destroyed?"

"The Neo Digidestined has a way of getting around, but I'm sure that Gennai would find a way to get the others out if that was the case."

"Are you really following that guy?" Telarmamon asked.

"The Neo group isn't, but the other ones have to keep up that appearance so he won't know of the Neo group. I think he might know that there is a group that isn't under his control, but I don't think he knows who is really involved."

"I'll kill him if he does anything." Arsmon said in a very threatening way. I'm sure he meant it, too. I felt my phone go off before I heard it. It was a text from the one with the babies. "Something wrong?"

"My brother has gained the habit of texting me while he's at school because he's bored." I sighed, texting him back, "I sometimes wish I don't promote such behavior, but it's kinda amusing and I rather him be happy than sad." 'You have to do something about that. If I go to where he is without a good reason, then I can get him kidnapped.' Kai was apparently crying a lot, and now Jade and Krypton joined in. I was glad that you couldn't hear it up here. I also made sure that Gabumon could read it as well, in case we were able to come up with something that could get me to calm Kai down. I looked at the time, "Wow, it isn't that late in the day either and he's already bored?" It would now be the second half of their math class. "Have you been around town a whole lot?" I looked at them, wondering if I can let someone come in to help Stan, "I don't have a lot of things to entertain people here, so I'm willing to take you anywhere you want."

"I'm not interested." Telarmamon said.

"And I know the area… Actually, there is something that you can do for me." Arsmon seemed a bit too excited about it.

"What is it?" I decided that if it can get us out of the house, I would allow it.

"There's a Digimon in Japan that I really wanted to fight. I want to find her."

"Does she live in a particular part? I mean, we shouldn't go out too far."

"Is it BeasMastmon?" Telarmamon asked.

"Yeah, and I don't know where she lives. If I did, I wouldn't be wasting my time searching with you."

"Do you need us helping you in some way?" I wondered who this Digimon was now.

"Gabumon would be more useful."

I looked at him, "Well?"

Gabumon sighed, "Tell us more as we drive around."

"Walking would be better." Arsmon said, "Let's go." They got up and we followed. Stan sent me another cry for help and I texted Lightningmon about the situation so their Grandmother could come over to help. When she sent a reply saying that they will be over, I sent Neon a message about the situation so she would know what's up with her babies.

"Are you going to explain?" I asked as we got onto the bus, since he needed to go into the city more.

"She's a powerful Digimon that has sent many others back into the Digital World. She's been living here for a few years, but no one really knows why she lives here. She came back to the Digital World for the first time while you were gone, searching for her servant in those idiot's territory."

"So you want to see who is stronger… How is Gabumon involved?"

"He doesn't have to do much other than evolving to his Mega stage and walking around in a threatening way. Her specialty is beast Digimon."

"Well?" I looked at him, knowing that he can reach his Mega stage.

"I don't have to attack people?" Gabumon looked at him.

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

Gabumon looked at me and I brought out my cell, "I'm letting people in my group know about it. I don't want to have a scene with them." I texted everyone in my group and Yolie that I know about the Digimon situation that will occur shortly and that it's under control.

"Don't give them too much information." Arsmon warned, though I'm not really sure as to why. Yolie was being annoying about it; Joe was at work but wanted an explanation later; Sora was concerned but would allow me to handle it; and TK asked if it was because of Arsmon. I told him yes, and to let the others know that him being here wasn't really all that big of a deal. He told me that Davis and Cody are still coming over. Since he sounded serious, I wondered if it was a bigger deal than I thought that he was here.

I then told my band members that we would have to hold off on meeting today until I give the okay because of Digital issues. They understood and said that they would be waiting. TK texted me back, saying that I shouldn't do something that I don't want to, even if by doing such things would pacify Arsmon. There's a difference in how friends should be and how to get yourself in trouble with the other people around you.

"I would agree." Gabumon said in a low voice, "I can tell that you're not really sure about this plan."

"I'm letting you decide."

"I know that you're unsure about it, which is why I made a decision that went along with the original plan."

"Actually," I looked back at Arsmon, "Can you evolve to your Super Level instead?"

"Why?" Gabumon looked at him.

"I'm sure she would know that a Mega would be taken care of by the Digidestined, but not a Super Level since she's been taking care of them. She still does, from time to time."

"He probably doesn't have enough energy for that." I mentioned, not really comfortable getting him to his Super Level without a good cause. "Plus, we also don't know how to really get them there."

"Are you like the idiots or something?" Arsmon looked ticked off, "No one will give you instructions on how this level works."

"We understand that. We know that no one is going to show us. We're trying to figure it out on our own."

"How did you get them to evolve the first time?" Telarmamon asked.

"By having all the Crests create a circle." Gabumon said, "We also noticed that the level needs a lot more energy than before, so we're not sure how to maintain that level without being totally defenseless afterwards."

"Sounds like I need to make something for him then." She sighed, "What does the rumor say about her?" She looked at Arsmon.

"She normally finishes the Digimon in the Real World, so there's only an announcement that she defeats them. I also know that she paroles around the Tokyo area, but I don't really know where."

"Is that why we're going towards the remote area?"

"I figure she would have to be far enough away from the Digidestined to take care of the Digimon herself, but close enough so that others can find her." They both noticed something before getting up.

"Hey, you have to sit down." The driver was saying as they were walking towards the front. I stopped Arsmon from swinging at the driver.

"Could you stop, please?" I asked with a smile, holding onto Arsmon's hand.

The driver pulled over, being very terrified. I paid for the fare and then some before we got off. I didn't like how powerful our worries were, and how careless our wanted allies are. "What was it?" Gabumon asked as we followed them.

"We found her servant." Arsmon smiled. He looked back at us, "Just evolve. It shouldn't matter at this point."

"We're heading up to the roof." I said, going into the building.

"What's wrong with right here?" Arsmon asked as we headed up.

"It's not how we do things when we can avoid it." We got into the elevator, heading for the roof.

"Are you ashamed or something?"

"We try not to create mass panic. We don't want our Digimon to be known and captured because other people see them as a threat."

They looked like they wanted to say something, but didn't. I had a feeling it had to deal with the current situation. We got onto the roof and they went over to the side. I placed my hand in my pocket and grabbed my jewel. Gabumon immediately went into his Mega form. "He's over there." Arsmon pointed in a direction.

I walked over, seeing that he was pointing towards a park. It wasn't really a normal park with trees, but a park where kids can play. I didn't like it, so I got on Metal Garurumon before heading off. "Are you sure?" He asked.

"Just walk around. I think that should be enough."

"Alright." I jumped off when we near the place. Metal Garurumon landed near the park, roaring for some odd reason. All the kids in the park became scared, running off to some place. Other people were also fearful. Metal Garurumon was definitely looked the role of an angry and dangerous monster.

"She should appear soon." Arsmon said, coming up to me. "Her servant just ran away, so he should be telling her now."

"I would have to guess there's a way to see a Digimon, right?"

"Learn it on your own time." A car came up with a logo for animal control. Knowing that this was odd, I figured that the lady that popped out was this BeasMastmon. She looked at Metal Garurumon before walking over to him.

I walked over as well, not wanting her do to something to him, "Yoh, nice to meet you." I smiled at her, leaning on Metal Garurumon.

"What are you doing?" She looked annoyed, "Your dog is running loose and you think that's okay? What if I sent it to the pound?"

"He was just the bait." Arsmon came up, "I'm your real problem."

"You should keep a better watch on your pets." She went back to her car, but her guard wasn't down one bit.

"We probably shouldn't follow." I mentioned before noticing that the media was coming over. I got on Metal Garurumon, "Get on." I looked at them.

Arsmon and Telarmamon got on as the animal control truck left as well. Metal Garurumon followed after her as I looked at the time. We still needed to kill some time. I wondered what she's thinking, though. She was obviously trying to make it like Metal Garurumon was a big dog or something so she didn't want to make a scene. I would have to guess that she would normally take care of the Digimon before the media got there, which is probably the reason they never showed it before. Though, I wondered if they would've been able to see the invisible Digimon that were apparently everywhere when we first started out.

When we got to a more remote area, she parked the car and we landed. Metal Garurumon went back to Gabumon and Arsmon walked forward, "What do you want?" She looked ticked off.

"To find you, of course. I hear you're one of the strongest Digimon around."

"What's your Crest?" She looked at me.

"Friendship." I had no way of apologizing to her, either.

"You don't normally leave the Digital World." She looked at Telarmamon.

"I have business here." She explained.

"Are you connected to Hebemon?" She looked at me.

"I know of her… They do as well."

"Why?" She looked at Arsmon.

"Do you really need to know?"

"Fine," she looked back at me, "since you allowed him to use Gabumon, allow me to as well."

"I'm fighting against you." Arsmon said before she threw something at Gabumon. I grabbed it before it landed on him.

"And I'm telling you that you can use your powers." She launched at me. I blocked, not liking how this is turning out to be. She was serious, which was something that I didn't count on once we were talking. I was holding my ground, not allowing her a chance to get to Gabumon.

When she pushed on my stomach, getting into a low stance in an instant, I started to feel something weird. It was a lot worst than what Arsmon did to me. I felt something trying to take over my mind, not tearing me apart. I looked at her, seeing that she was no longer in front of me, but beside me. I knew right then that she had taken Gabumon.

"Digievolve!" She commanded as she turned around to face Arsmon. Gabumon jumped over her, quickly changing into Metal Garurumon while doing so and fighting against Arsmon. I took a step forward, not wanting Metal Garurumon to fight, and I got a punch to the face, knocking me down on the ground.

I got up again, suppressing my dark powers. I wasn't going to save Metal Garurumon that way. She was watching me, but was obviously going to do something to keep me back. I ran towards her as fast as I could, jumping over her in a flip. When I landed, I went over where they were. "Metal Garurumon!" I ran in between them, facing my partner. To my horror, he didn't stop his attack. As I held his leg, I could see that my friend was completely taken over. Was that how I was when I get taken? "Fight it, Metal Garurumon! I know you can!"

"Finally." Arsmon said, heading over to BeasMastmon. I kept my focus on Metal Garurumon.

"Please, come back to me." I begged, wanting him back now more than ever. I don't know why, but I felt that if he couldn't fight against this, I would lose him forever. I then noticed something flapping underneath of him. I let go of his claws, launching myself towards it. I grabbed hold of the paper, trying to pull it off to find that it caused him pain. I latched myself onto his stomach before he was thrashing. I tried to figure out a way of getting it off of him, seeing that it wasn't attached by any logical means. He started to slam his stomach on ground.

After a few more hits, I concentrated my powers in my fingertips. I placed my fingers on the top of the paper, being able to pull it off before the next body slam. He devolved back into Tsunomon as we both fell to the ground. I let go of the paper and drew back my powers before hugging him.

I heard a thump so I looked over to see that BeasMastmon was the winner of that fight. Somehow, a sword was in her hands and pointing at Arsmon's neck. "Now that we know, get out of here." She said as she got off him. She walked back over to her truck as Arsmon got up.

"Why aren't you finishing me off?" He was clearly angry at his lost.

"You're not worth the effort." A door closed and the engine was turned on. I sighed before looking at Tsunomon, seeing that he was out cold.

I got up slowly, feeling my back was about to spilt in two. Once on my feet, I could feel how damaged I really was. I don't even know what she did to me, but what Metal Garurumon did was worse. Though, I couldn't even compare that to what I did to him. I looked over to where they were, seeing that Arsmon wanted to go after her. I can tell that he's been in enough fights to know that he couldn't at his current level. "Let's go back." I said, not wanting to leave him here right now.

He got up and started walking. I followed, ignoring my pain for the most part since I needed to make it home before the others got back. On the bus ride home, I was allowing myself the chance to correct my composure. I didn't want the others to know what happened. I didn't want them to know what happened to Tsunomon.

We got back and no one was within the house. I had to guess that meant that the babies were okay. I went up to my room, laying Tsunomon gently down on my bed, wrapping him up in blankets. I went back down to make tea for everyone. I noticed the time, seeing that Neon and Don would've already been here. That means that they're checking up on their kids.


I could tell that we were all nervous as we approached the door, especially when Don and Neon were waiting outside. Don opened the door to the one place I never thought we had to be cautious towards and we all stepped inside. "Arsmon!" Nereida said with a smile, going over to him. She stopped near him, all of us seeing that something was wrong.

He smiled at her, though noticing us. Tim was also with us, though he didn't give an impression on what he thought, "Hey." Arsmon looked at her.

"Is everything okay?" Nereida sat down beside him, probably unsure if being too close was okay.

"Had a rough day, that's all."

"Everyone should probably do their homework first." Matt said, not looking all that good himself.

"I'll help you with the tea." I said before anyone that really cares about him got up. I don't know why, but I could see that he didn't want to say what happened yet. I didn't know if it was because he was sad of what happened or ashamed. He didn't saying anything as I was helping, but was probably glad that it wasn't someone that would actually ask him something. I figured that he would say it to the others, but not now.

We worked on our homework, with Nereida teaching a bit of what was going on to Arsmon. She was working on cheering him up, I could see. I was actually impressed at how experienced she was. It looked like she had been in a relationship before, but I knew that this was her first one. It was probably because of her acting, since I'm sure she would've been in plays that would require her to express such expressions. I wondered, then, if this was all a face she has to place since she didn't know any other way. I knew that her feelings were real, but that would mean nothing if it doesn't have that real feeling to it.

Ceres was getting everyone to work on their assignments faster and Panther was going at a normal pace. So that meant that Ceres wanted to know what happened as quickly as possible and Panther was going to know when she needed know. I thought that was typical of them, being nearly opposites of each other when something matters.

"We're done!" Ceres said with a smile of victory.

"Good," Matt said, setting down part of a meal, "time for dinner then." He smiled before going back into the kitchen.

"Please introduce yourself." Panther looked at the new Digimon, the one that no one really knew. She had a messy look to her, like she was tough and worked in something that had you produced such a life.

"Telarmamon." She also had the attitude that nothing mattered. "I'm the one that's here for business. Arsmon is just getting me to my destinations."

"How do you two know each other?" Nereida asked, looking at her.

"He's my first friend, so that's how we know each other. He also gives me clients that need something done with metal work. I can make anything with any kind of metal."

"Though, I would have to guess that you specialize on weapons, right?" Ceres asked.

"I do… though, what metalsmith doesn't?" She countered.

"Good point." Ceres then dropped it.

"What do you mean by first friend?" Kari asked, "I've heard of someone else mentioning that before, but I didn't know what that meant since he said that he wasn't really a friend, even though that's what he would be called."

"It's something that Super Levels need." Arsmon said, "They need to have a friend at the very least to gain their powers. I don't really understand why and neither does my Master."

"Did your Master need one?" Matt asked, sitting down since he was done.

"My Master and the others don't need one. They also can be the "friend", but only if they remain with that person."

"Seems like a lot of people know about Mirrormon, though." I pointed out.

"She befriends a lot of people, but only once they have their powers ready. It's also the reason that a lot of Super Levels are in groups, since they normally stay with the first person they befriend." He looked at Telarmamon, "You probably should get your thing over with."

"I made Killer and Ilpalo's new weapons. I made Ilpalo two swords since his broke and I'm making Killer two specialize guns. They still had some payment left over for me to do another job, which is two more objects. Since they didn't need anything else, they told me to come here to ask their girlfriends if they wanted anything."

I looked at Panther, seeing that she was somewhat sad to hear that. "We don't need anything." Ceres said. "We're good on our own."

"What kind of guns is Killer getting?" Panther asked, though holding onto her strong face.

"One uses the power of a metal in the Digital World and the other one uses the power of useful souls contained in bullets."

"Wait," Lily Dawn interrupted, "why do they need weapons in the first place?"

"They're protecting Hebemon, for one thing." Arsmon said, "And they know that since they're with those idiots, they probably have to fight against demons as well. They also wanted to give you guys a helping hand in that." I didn't think that was the truth, but it also sounded like the boyfriend thing to do.

"You can make me something." Panther said, wanting to avert her eyes.

"What would you like?" Telarmamon asked.

"Guns, but you don't have to make them as fancy as Killer's. Just something that will do the job."

"Show me your skills. I need to know what I'm working with."

"I don't carry guns on me anymore."

She sighed, "Is there some metals that I can use?" She looked at Matt.

"Yeah," he got up and walked all around his house, gathering metal like objects that seemed not be important. He placed it all in front of her. "That's all I got."

She looked at them before pulling out a hammer and a torch. She worked fast, kinda reminding me of Ceres when she wants to get something done so she could go on to something else. "Here." She placed her tools away, revealing a gun in the place of the metal. I was impressed that nothing happened to Matt's table.

Panther got up, "Do I have something I can shoot?" She walked over to where the gun was.

"Would the dojo be okay?" Matt looked at her after thinking about it for a moment.

"Yeah, that's okay." She walked over there. Telarmamon got up as well and I could tell that we all wanted to know her skill. But, I also knew that her skills were impressive. She knew so many ways of shooting, she was fast, she knew all sorts of guns, she knew how to operate them like they were common knowledge. Whether or not she liked it to be, guns were her specialty. We heard her firing at something since she was hitting something.

"I got my data." Telarmamon said as they came out, "So I'll head on back." She walked over towards the door, letting herself out.

"You're staying?" Nereida looked at Arsmon.

"I've been allowed to stay." He smiled. I wondered why, though. By that smile, it seemed like there was another reason for that allowance.

Nereida didn't seem to care for the reason, though, "Do you want to come over to my house? How long are you going to stay here?"

"I can stay until my Master needs me. I was hoping so as well."

"Awesome!" She hugged him, allowing all of us to know that she couldn't ask Tim if he was okay with it. I wondered if it was because of what Lily Dawn told us, that he only cares for Nereida. "Are we doing anything else?" She looked at Matt. This was also telling us that she was really a good actress, since it looked so real that this was all natural.

"That's it." He smiled, "though, I guess I should give you something that your Grandmother asked of me to give her today."

"Oh, where is it?" She got up.

"This way." Matt went off somewhere and she followed. I wondered how Matt was good at playing people too. Well, I guess more like what he wanted to talk to Nereida alone. I looked at Tim and Damon, seeing that they were at a lost at to what to do.


"Yes?" Matt asked as we were far enough away from the others.

"I don't want to lie to my first boyfriend… I know that he wants Kai, but what if he starts to ask me stuff about him?" I confessed. I was glad that Matt could see that I wanted to talk to him about something. I was also glad that everyone caught on that they shouldn't talk about Tim controlling me.

Matt sighed, "He's not going to give up on getting him either, so I have to keep my eye on him. I don't know how well I can do that, since I don't know how serious he is about getting him."

"I can ask him to limit it a bit, at the very least."

"And if he can't, then what? I expose Kai to dangers beyond my handling?"

I was wondering why Matt was being so defensive. I mean, I can understand why since Kai is his, but I thought he would be more understanding than that. I thought he would understand that I just don't want to lie to my first boyfriend. I don't want him to feel like he has to hide something from me because he doesn't want me to know. "He won't use me. You know that he won't use me."

Matt sighed, getting upset over something as he thought more logically about it. Well, probably more like comparing it to his situation before we were all found. "Fine, but if there's something that I don't want him to know, then you can't tell him. I don't want to isolate you either because of him, so this is the least that you can do. Is that okay?"

I nodded with a smile. After all, he wouldn't tell us the secret to beating his master so this would be okay, "I promise. Thanks." I was glad that he finally understood.

He smiled, "Let's get back." He handed me something small, "And that is for her, by the way."

"Okay." I smiled, heading back to the others. I noticed that everyone was waiting for us to come back, as if they were waiting for an order. I could guess why, since we should be training right now. I went over to Arsmon, "Let's head over to my house. I have so much to show you." I smiled sweetly at him.

Arsmon got up and my family headed out. When I waved bye to the rest of the group, I wondered what they thought about this situation.

[Lily Dawn]

"You both need to re-think your strategy." Neon said once the door closed, "I don't think it's a good thing for him to be here."

"He's not all that bad." Matt said, "He did warn me that he will go after Kai. I just have to be better at defending."

"Why was Stan here anyway?" I asked, since he told me that he was home with all the kids.

"He wanted to talk to Panther." He looked at her, "Are you okay with what you decided?"

She nodded her head, "I'm just going to hope that I can make myself pull those out as the last option. So, no training today?"

"Yeah, we should probably hold it off for a while. I probably don't care all that much about him knowing what we're doing, but I don't want him to have a chance to take Kai. I need to know how serious he is at taking him first."

"Why do you trust him so much?" Ryan asked.

"Just by talking to him, I got him to like me. I don't think he's really a bad Digimon, just has to follow one."

"Why was it that Nereida couldn't ask Tim if it was okay?" Ken asked.

"It's because he only cares for Nereida." Lily Dawn said.

"And I mentioned to him that there was someone that was controlling her life a lot and he didn't like that idea." Matt said as if it was no big deal.

"We'll go pick up Kai." Ceres said, getting up from the seat.

"Okay. If something happens, let me know." He smiled, implying if Stan wanted to keep Panther over night or something. We all headed out, though I wondered why Ken and TK were staying.

"Matt needs to think a little bit more." Neon said, obviously flustered by the events.

"Sorry." Panther said, "I had to get them out of the school and to a place where they would cause the least amount of trouble."

"That does sound like Matt's place." Don admitted. "I guess it was a good thing that Stan came today."

"How did he handle it?" Ryan asked.

"Apparently, Kai wouldn't stop crying so they had to get the Shuni's Grandmother to come over. That's when they also brought all of them to Stan's house." Neon said. "My kids were fine, though."

"I wonder why Kai was crying so much." Ceres pondered on her own.

"Maybe Stan wasn't handling him right." I offered. "I don't know how good he is with babies. Was he okay with their Grandmother?"

"Same as before." Neon said, "Do you think there's something more to it?" She looked at Ceres.

"All I really know for sure is that Kai can be a baby most of the time. There are moments where he's not really a baby."

"Tim and I know that he has some kind of powerful being watching over him. It was what led us to Panther." Ryan informed.

"My kids will be more special than Kai, you'll see." Neon said with a pout on her face.

"I don't think you would want that." Ceres said with a laugh.

"Neon is very competitive." Don informed with a laugh.


There was something about TK when we came into the house that made me stay when he did. I didn't know what it was, but I could tell that it was something I needed to be here for.

"Hey, Matt," TK went over to him in a way that was giving off that he was just asking, "I've been wondering this since we got here. Where's Gabumon?"

As Matt lowered his eyes, reflecting sadly on the reason Gabumon wasn't present, and before he had the chance to even form the words to Gabumon's location, TK punched his brother in the face. Matt landed on the wall, though he didn't move once there. "HOW DARE YOU ALLOW SOMEONE TO CONTROL GABUMON LIKE THAT!" TK yelled, the pure anger in his eyes. Without Matt responding, TK turned around to leave. I just watched TK and Patamon leave, not knowing what to do in this situation.

"He's right for being angry, Ken." Matt said, though he felt more guilt of the action he took and that was paining him more.

"Are you okay?" I walked over to him, knowing that TK's punch had nothing held back.

"I'm fine." He smiled, though he wasn't happy about anything. "I'll be okay."

"Is Gabumon alright?"

"… I hope so."

I didn't want to leave him alone like this. I looked at the clock, seeing that I didn't have to go over to Date-san's house for a while. After all, it would be more unusual for me to appear around now. "Why don't we check up on him?"

He pushed himself off of the wall, though he was now walking a bit stiffly. "I got hammered by Metal Garurumon." He explained as we headed up the stairs.

"Can I get the story once we know how he's doing?" Wormmon was already on my shoulder at this point as I helped him up the stairs.

"Sure." He led us to his room, opening it slowly as to not make a sound. He walked over to his bed where Tsunomon was laying. He was conscious since he was looking at Matt the whole time. Matt collapsed onto the ground beside the bed, drawing Tsunomon closer to him.

"It's not your fault, Matt." Tsunomon said in a tired voice. "I know it's not your fault." I sat down bedside them, somehow understanding this feeling that they were showing. "To entertain Arsmon," Tsunomon looked at us, "we allowed him to take us outside to look for a Digimon that he always wanted to fight. We had already agreed to help him out, so when we got to a place that seemed good, I Digievolved to Metal Garurumon. All I really did was stand around and looked threatening to lure her out.

"Once we did and was taken over to another place, she said that it was only fair to use me in the fight since Arsmon was allowed to use me as well. Matt tried to stop her, but I think she was more pissed off than angry and was just getting back at us." Tsunomon tried to sound upbeat.

"Is that why you're also beat up?" I looked at Matt, knowing that no one noticed it while we were listening to Telarmamon, and that he was trying to hide it.

"She placed a talisman on me to control me. I can't say what happened afterwards, but I do realize that Matt was probably trying to get it off of me." He smiled. "He's already asleep."

"Should I move him?"

"Let him stay here. I don't really want to move either."

"I'll wait for Panther and Ceres to come back before heading out." Wormmon got down on the bed and I headed downstairs. I knew that if he was curious about TK and Patamon, Wormmon would be able to tell him.


"My babies!" Neon said as we headed towards where they were. The Shuni Grandmother was taking care of them the most and Stan was near them as well. Kai didn't look happy at all. Ceres headed towards him as Stan headed towards me.

"How was your day?" Stan asked after kissing me, gathering me up in his arms.

"Worrisome, but I bet your's was a bit worst." I smiled at him, allowing him to pull me away to another room.

"You have no idea." He pulled me to a place where no one would see us clearly, "Hey, what do you say to a lovely date on Saturday?"

"Love to." I kissed him, "Was Kai that difficult?"

"Yeah. I hope that Ceres can get him to eat, since he was resisting."

I pulled away to see what they were doing. I noticed that Ceres was breast feeding Kai right now. Everyone knew that they shouldn't interfere, but I also could tell that Ceres would have if it wasn't for Kai. I walked back to him, "He's eating."

"That's good. Do you know why, though? Jade and Krypton were fine."

"Kai is special, that's all we can say for sure." Stan pulled me in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him back.

[Lily Dawn]

"You should probably get going." I looked at the Shuni's Grandmother. "You have a guest there."

"I guess I'll get a sense of what's going on over there." She smiled, meaning that she really wanted to know.

"Matt isn't thinking, for half of the problem." Neon said. "But, mainly it deals with Nereida a lot more, so we figure that you should meet someone that she likes."

"She likes someone… How is Tim taking this?"

"Silently." Ceres said, "Probably since they're not sure how to work with the person." I could see that her eyes were trying not to look for Panther, and probably annoyed that Stan took her so fast.

The Shuni Grandmother bowed to us before letting herself out, "Let Matt know that I'll come back to his rescue whenever he needs it." She smiled to us before heading out.

"I can't believe how senseless Matt is being right now." Neon ranted some more.

"I'm sure if he wanted to make everything better, he would." Ryan said, "It seemed like he was holding something back."

"Like what?" Ceres looked at him.

"I can't say for sure, but I did notice that TK was acting kinda weird… I mean, I couldn't give you evidence for it, just a feeling."

"Plus, Gabumon wasn't around the whole time either." Espomon said, "I think that's pretty weird."

Ceres looked at Kai, who was just eating, though still not the happy baby that he normally is, "I wonder if Kai senses this as well." Ceres commented to herself.

"If it's something serious," Neon said, "let us know too. He shouldn't keep it to himself."

Ceres smiled and nodded, "I will." Kai then finished up, so Ceres got herself fixed up before turning her upper body towards the door, "Kai's done."

A moment later, they came out, though one could tell that something was off about the feeling in the room, "Let's head back then." Panther said with a smile.

"See ya Lily Dawn." Ryan said before they headed out of the door. I could also see that Stan didn't sense the feeling from before. I can tell when he's trying to ignore something, so I wondered why it felt off.

"What did you want to talk to her about?" I asked as I headed towards him.

"We're going on a date this weekend."

"Exciting." I wondered what's going through Panther's mind, though. I now knew that her feelings are the ones that are off.


"So, what did he want?" Ceres asked as we were walking towards my house. Don and Neon had already left since they don't live in the same general direction as we do.

"He's taking me out on a date this Saturday." Panther said with a smile.

"Trying to find something to love about him?" I asked, since I could kinda see that she wasn't fully committed to this relationship yet.

"… Maybe… I kinda want to know if I'm doing the right thing, after all." She looked kinda sad about it. I could understand that, though, since after our winter trip, she was clinging to him a bit more than normal. It was probably because she finally had to let go of Killer and was trying to fill in that void as fast as possible.

"So you were just showing the emotions and expressions without actually feeling them." I commented.

"I don't want to hurt Lily Dawn or Stan."

"Wait," Ceres interrupted, "you were never really serious about a long term relationship?" I thought it was funny that she was actually surprised.

Panther laughed a bit, "He's not Killer."

"Geez, you had both Matt and I worried about him over nothing."

"It might not be nothing. I won't know until I figure that out myself."

"I wonder if Killer knows this." I pondered to myself.

"So you know," Rootmon informed, "I think you had us fooled too."

"You didn't know that I was still debating?" She looked at her partner.


"Oh… Sorry, I guess I really do need to decide… I guess only having one boyfriend my whole life never allowed me to show what I consider dating is." Panther looked like she should've realized this sooner.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough." I said, "See ya later."

"Bye." Ceres said before waving me off.

"You only know now about her current state, huh?" Espomon asked.

"Yep… I guess I really can see the truth." I figured that I could do something like that when I could physically see the truth from that one guy when using my Crest. I didn't think that I could normally, but considering that I can already sense the truth, I figured that my Crest heightens my normal sense of honesty.


After they came back, I left Matt and Tsunomon to them. I didn't tell them anything about what happened, though I did tell them that Matt was already asleep. I headed towards Date-san's house, needing to at least get in TK's training. Even though it's a bit embarrassing to enter his house without knocking, I've gotten over it for the most part. Although, the most interesting part of me entering this time was that I found TK on his couch. TK looked at me, as if asking me about Matt. I could also tell that Date-san was a bit concern, though I couldn't tell of what. I hanged up my coat, "I'll get my training in before I tell you anything." I headed inside. "I understand why you did what you did, but I also want to get some training in." I said without looking at him. I don't really know why I was angry at him for punching Matt. It was probably because I could see that Matt was in pain already from his actions. He didn't want Gabumon to be controlled, but I also knew why BeasMastmon did so. Wormmon asked for the name of the Digimon, and knowing that it was her, I knew that she was pissed off at the fact that she had placed a trust in us and Matt seemed to have shattered that idea.

"Is everything okay?" Date-san asked once the door was closed.

"He should be okay with rest. He took quite a beating before TK punched him." I said, walking to my normal spot.

"TK came here afterwards, knowing that you would be here. It seemed like it was more of an impulse thing." Date-san was changing the gravity.

"It sure didn't look like it." Not by the fact that he stated afterwards to get that punch in.

"You can ask him when we're done." Date-san said with a smile, getting into a stance that wasn't obvious. I got into a stance, since I don't know of that kind yet. Date-san started to strike all around me, with me blocking whenever he did. Training to increase his speed. They get him weights during this point.


"And that's the story." Tim explained to our grandmother as Nereida was taking Arsmon around the house's ground. I was quite surprised that Tim had told her about them doing it already.

"I'm quite surprised." Grandma said, holding her hand to the side of her face, "You're not mad?"

"I can't do anything about it now and we also can't really tell him to leave her alone." Tim seemed like it was a defeat all around. I knew that we shouldn't be pressing his buttons, since we don't know how sensible he really is. By the way that Nereida seemed to be in a protective mode, I would say that he's watching us for some reason.

"But the fact that she's still fifteen…"

I had to stop Tim from running outside to go find him, though I also wanted to beat the guy up. We both forgot that fact, since we had Nereida going to high school with me with her being my age.

"What's going on?" Nereida asked as they came back inside. Lightningmon was with them since it seemed that she didn't trust him either.

"Grandma just came back from the store so we were informing her of our guest." Tim said, hiding his true feelings. "Grandma, this is Arsmon."

She walked up to Arsmon, bowing to him. I could see that he was surprised by this behavior, "Thank you for taking care of Nereida for us. I hope that we would see more of you in the future." Grandma smiled at him.

He looked away with only his eyes, "Sure."

"Are you staying for the night?"

"… I can." I noticed that he was shy for some reason. I was beginning to think that he doesn't know how to react to normal kindness. Maybe this was his first real encounter with humans?

"Nereida, he can stay in your room." She smiled at her.

Nereida blushed a bit, "Okay… I'll show you around the house." She grabbed Arsmon's hand and dragged him pass us.

"I would say to not be harsh towards him, and not because of fear, but because he's pure." Grandma said as she looked at us. "What are you going to do?" She looked at Lightningmon.

"He's a lot different from Heka, so I don't know how to take him, but she had decided a long time ago to take the relationship he was giving her." She answered, "Matt gained Arsmon's trust."

Grandma nodded, "I say we'll leave them alone for tonight."

Tim sighed, "Are you noticing something?"

Grandma nodded without any surprised, though I thought that it was still weird since this wasn't the brother that I have grown up with. "I'll tell you tomorrow. You can stay with me, Lightningmon." Empty shell, lots of souls, pure but evil, his recklessness

She nodded, for some reason not going to fight against Grandma's decision. Though, I also remembered a time when Tim would've fought with Grandma over us, so to have Grandma's decision be the final word is something that I'm not used to.

"Okay, good night." I said, heading up to my room.

"You okay with this?" Huskimon asked as I closed my door.

"No, but things are becoming weird so I figure that I'll wait and see what the changes are."

"I don't trust him." He lay on the bed.

"I don't want to trust him… I can't believe we forgot that she was only fifteen years old."

"I'm sure no one from her party knew it, otherwise they probably wouldn't allow it either."

"I somehow don't think so, since it was her decision… I definitely don't like that guy." I narrowed my eyes as I headed over to my bed.

"I think it's funny that you're treating him like a human."

I blinked, "Why wouldn't we?"

"Because he's not."

I lay on the bed, "I treat you like you're human as well."

He nodded his head in thought, "So you don't see us as monsters."

I rubbed his head, "Of course not. You're our best friends. Sure, I understand that there's probably some loyalty going on as well, like something within us that allows us to trust each other completely and to allow you guys to believe in us, no matter what road we take or what roads we had taken, but it's also something that allows us to know that we can place that faith and trust within you as well. And because we're all touchy feely beings, we don't care that that is what started this and are just glad that we have you guys."

Huskimon nodded, moving closer to me, "We'll always be there for you."

I wrapped my arm around him, "I know. I hate that damn jerk."

Huskimon laughed, "I hate him too." And we headed to sleep.


I noticed that Tim was waiting up in the dining room. Shendramon was on his shoulder, but Grandma and Lightningmon weren't around. "Tim?" I asked, worried for a bit.

He looked at me, "Grandma said that he can sleep in your room." The look in his eyes was telling me that he wanted to tell me something, but didn't know how safe it was, "Though, you head up there first, okay?"

I nodded my head before looking at Arsmon, "Come up when you're done talking." I headed upstairs, wondering what this all meant. I stayed at the top of the stairs, worried about this set up.


"Yes?" Arsmon stood as if challenging me. I could tell that he was testing to see if I was the controlling one.

I sighed, wondering how to handle this, "Sit down for a moment."

He seemed taken back for a moment before walking to sit across from me. He seemed a bit nervous about it, though trying to hide it. "What?"

"I know that you're looking for the brother that had controlled her for most of her life, and I thought that I should end your search." Seeing that he was only glaring at me, I decided to continue, "As such, I feel like I've handed my daughter to a gangster."

"Is that a bad thing?" He didn't know the reference.

"It normally is, but Panther was once one as well, and I know that she changed. I'm not saying that I want you to change, but I want to know how reliable you are. You're working for a Digimon that we know wants to take over the Digital World, a world that we promised to protect. I'm sure you have enemies that will use whatever leverage they can to win against you." He looked at the stairs, understanding where I was going with this, "And since it seems like you have to hide this relationship from your group, I can only image that this is considered something as a betrayal in their eyes and probably a way for them to move up in the line."

"My Master knows the truth." Arsmon looked at me. "I have not betrayed her or her cause."

"Then what does that mean for us?" He looked confused, probably because I was so honest. "How do we handle you and your master? I know that Matt said that we should all decide on our own, but the Neo Digidestined are a lot more understanding and a lot more willing to cut Super Levels a break if we know and understand them. I mean, we know that you were part of what happened to Matt, and yet no one at that table had the notion to attack you. No one wanted to attack you for what you did. I'm only speaking for the Neo group, since I don't know how the others will react, but I consider that amazing. Now, with that kind of trust in you, what are we supposed to do when we face each other on the battlefield? Are we supposed to let you walk all over us because we don't want to hurt you? I know that I personally don't want Nereida fighting against you, and I don't want to hurt the first person that she loves."

He averted his gaze from me, hurt in his eyes. He didn't know how to answer any of this, which is what I figured would happen, but I had to ask anyway. I didn't want to be left in the dark if he had come up with an answer to these questions. He didn't know how well he could protect Nereida from threats that would be after him and he didn't know how we're supposed to face each other on a battlefield, "I can only say that I will protect Nereida the best that I can… And that when we face each other in combat, I will have to try to fulfill what my Master has asked of me." He looked at me, "Let me ask my Master how she wants me to handle this. She understands this feeling and is allowing me to freely express it to her so I'm sure she'll think upon it greatly." He seemed to be begging me.

I nodded, "Once you have an answer, can you come back here and give us your solution? It could make it easier for us to judge the appropriate course of action when fighting."

He nodded, "I will."

"Great, then there are two more things that I need to say to you." I said as I got up, "Welcome to the family, and," I hit him over the head, "She's fifteen years old so don't you sleep with her again until she's out of high school." I said in my angry voice. He looked at me in shock, though I'm not sure of what, "Yeah, she told us and I was reminded of her true age. You're lucky that I had her going to high school the same time as Damon." I walked towards the door, "And you better make her happy." I headed towards the stairs, seeing that Nereida was there.

She smiled at me, standing up as I walked up the stairs, "Thanks, Tim." She hugged me when I was two steps below her.

I hugged her back, "Just keep smiling and be happy. He's a good person, like you believed." I patted her head, "So wait until after you graduate."

"What if I go to acting school and don't graduate?"

I knew that this was part of the reason why I wanted her to go to high school early, so obviously this would be an important question to ask, "Fine, whenever you leave that school to follow your dreams, then you can. But until then, you can't."

She hugged me again, "Thanks." She headed down stairs and I went towards my room.

"Is this the right choice to make?" Shendramon asked, "He also can't block his thoughts."

"Good to know, and I think it is. Once we know how we're supposed to handle each other, we can set it up so that Nereida doesn't have to fight against him personally. I kinda wanted him to not ask Collect Soulsmon about the problem, but I realized that he probably considers himself the most loyal person to her and doesn't want to go against her will."

"I was thinking the same thing. I hope we get our answer soon since we don't what she's doing right now."

"Yeah… Well, we've lay out our hand, let's wait to see what they have." I headed to bed, "Night, Shendramon."



(Just so you know, since it really isn't important to the whole story, but Ceres, Panther and Kai were all sleeping on my bed next to me and Tsunomon when I woke up this morning. I thought it was both touching, since it was like a kid running to his parent's bed, and weird since it was the first time that they have done so)

"So, Arsmon talked to his Master and she says that he doesn't have to try to steal Kai for the remainder of his stay." Nereida said excitingly to everyone. I thought it was funny how beaming with joy she was about it. "He would've come to school with me, but I don't know how to alter minds and such to make it seems like he was always here."

"So where is he now?" Neon asked.

"He's hanging out at the house. Tim had a class he had to attend before they're heading over to Matt's house. Izzy called last night saying that he wanted to check up on the first group's Digimon and to tell them of his discoveries."

"So Tim is going to inform Matt of Arsmon coming over?"

"I informed him this morning once Arsmon told me what his master told him. I also let him know of Izzy's plans so he isn't caught off guard."

"Must've been after we left, though, since we didn't hear the phone go off." Panther pointed out. Nereida smiled, saying that she had planned it that way.

"Oh, I think we need to watch out for you now." Ceres said. I could tell by the way that Neon and Lily Dawn were looking that they already knew the reason. I figured that meant that they knew this other side to Nereida that we didn't know about, meaning that she developed it while traveling back.

The bell ranged, meaning that no one could bother Nereida farther. I was thinking about the traveling that we did. Even though we were trying hard to head back home on the shortest path possible, I actually didn't mind all the sightseeing that we did. It was the most exciting thing that I have ever done. I could understand why Ceres loves it. It has a lot of freedom to it. I knew that I could use my powers to get me across vast lands and oceans. I would just have to worry about money. I figure that my art would be able to get me that cash, since I'm sure I can be a street vender or something. I figured that I should talk to Ceres about it some time, since she would know more than I do. She might be able to get me a connection to allow me to travel. My father is the only one that holds me to Japan, really, but I'm sure that he wouldn't mind me traveling. He travels all the time for business.


"So, what happened yesterday?" Mimi asked as she and Joe came in. Izzy was already here, waiting for the others to come in.

"That will be told when everyone gets here," Izzy said for me, "Apparently, the answer will be presented to us."

She looked at me and I nodded. "You better not have helped an evil Digimon." Joe said with a serious face.

"Depends on your definition." I smiled, not caring that someone would object anymore. Nereida told me that his master had allowed him to not try to capture Kai. She didn't have to, after all, I'm sure she had some idea of the awesomeness he has. It was telling me that she cared enough to have him, but not desiring him. How could that be considered evil?

"We'll know when we see it." Mimi said, pulling Joe into the house. "Are you making anything?" She looked at me once Joe sat down.

"Did you not have breakfast?"

"Joe was up late." She smiled at me.

"I have coffee, if that's okay." I did have tea that would have caffeine within it, but I didn't know if Joe would trust it.

"That's fine." I headed over to the kitchen and she followed, "Should we be concerned?"

"If anyone fires at him, I'm taking the hit." I said, "It's a complicated situation. Don't worry, I'm sure that this kind of events only happens when we're here." I smiled to her.

She placed her hand on my shoulder, "I hope that I can be on your side by the end, then."

I was confused, "Why? You don't have to."

"I can see that you're still nervous about this. I'm hoping to not add to that. That's why I'm hoping that I will be on your side of this matter."

I smiled, "I told my group that they can have their own opinions on the matter."

"Did the Digimon involve them?"

"Yep, so they already know the situation."

"How did they handle it?"

I thought about it for a moment. I then realized that no one, not even Davis or Cody, was watching him as if he was the enemy. They were there to gather information from them, nothing more. As such, my group was confused by Nereida's actions, but no one made a comment. "They handled it very well, including Davis and Cody."

"I'll still wait and see, but I'll keep that in mind." She headed out once the coffee was done since I have a fast maker. I thought that it was amazing that she was saying this, considering the image I was getting from TK while I was gone. I wondered if I was able to keep them sane since this is how they've always been around me. There was a knock on the door, so I went to see who it was. Tai, Sora and Yolie were there.

"What happened?" Yolie asked.

"It'll be revealed when it gets here." Mimi said, "So, sit down and enjoy the moment."

Tai walked in, having Sora and Yolie to follow. "Have any more?" He looked at the cup that Joe had.

"I'll get another. Anyone else?" I headed over to the kitchen. No one else said anything so I poured one cup and headed back out.

"While we're waiting, I found out something incredible about our linage." Izzy said, getting up to be more dramatic, "I found that everyone in the first group is part of an alien race called Saiyan and our blood comes from the first two eras of Saiyan history."

"Have you lost your mind?" Joe asked.

"It's true." Tai said, "My mom told Kari and me the same thing two days ago. She also confirmed Matt's and Izzy's linage. How could you tell?"

"I have met someone that is also of Saiyan blood from our era and she knows how to tell the difference. She taught me all she knows about the blood system."

"I think you need to explain more of this." Sora said.

"What about the rest of us?" Yolie asked.

"Cody is also a Saiyan; Davis is something completely different; and you and Ken are as human as they come."

"Does the other group know of this?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, they know. I got some of their blood, and so far they're normal as well."

"Shouldn't mine look human?" Tai asked.

"It does, for the most part. There's a small portion that isn't, to show that you are indeed a Saiyan. Did your mom explain why?"

"An enchantress placed a spell on my family. If we have mainly male children, we become extinct."

I could tell that something came across Izzy's mind. "You're thinking that's why Kari has always been more favored than you."

Tai nodded seriously, "I had always thought it was weird, probably making me want to protect her more. But, I've also realized that I do care about Kari in my own way and that Kari never thought that she was better than me… She wanted to know if there's a way for me to be a full Saiyan."

"What did your mother say?"

"If it could've been done, it would've been."

"I'll talk to the people that I know. Maybe I can come up with some way."

"Why are you getting into biology?" Joe asked, "That isn't really your field."

"I've worked with the blood enough to know how to handle it. Plus, I do have someone in the field to help me out when I need it."

"Why did you discover it?" Sora asked.

"I remembered that Megamon's group had mentioned something about Saiyans before so I decided to look into it. Plus, the person I know that's helping me made me want to know more." That was new, but I was glad that there was a cover story already.

Right then, the door opened and in came the last two for the meeting. I was watching my group for a second, seeing that Mimi and Sora were the only ones that had known about him. "This is Arsmon." I said.

He was waiting to see if anyone did anything, the same with Tim. After a moment, "He's fine." Tim said.

"Define fine." Joe said, knowing that he was evil under normal conditions. All the Digimon were on alert.

Arsmon just smiled with amusement on his face, "You think that you can defeat me, babies? I'm sure you already figured that I'm a Super Level."

"What did you do yesterday?" Yolie asked, with everyone realizing that he was right.

I was surprised to see him thinking about how to say yesterday. "I got Matt involved in a fight between me and another Digimon that lives within your world and that does your work for you before you realized that we existed."

I looked at my group, seeing that Mimi and Izzy understood why I trusted him and why he wasn't the enemy all the time. Tai seemed a bit worried, but also understood. Everyone else was confused. "So, I'm going to guess that Izzy told you about your linage." Tim asked, walking over to the table with Arsmon following.

"You have something to add?" Joe asked in a nasty tone.

"The Digital World knows that your kind exists." Tim looked at him, though not responding back in the same way. He brought out a piece of metal, one that came from the factory that their Digimon were entrapped. "This metal, I believe, has the power to bring you down."

Everyone looked at it, wondering how. Even Izzy was pondering, which meant that he wasn't told this. "How did you find this out?" Izzy looked at him, though he totally believed him.

"We have been mining this metal in heavy amounts so we could sell it out to any group that wanted to have a way of killing you." Shendramon said. "We were never told who this was aimed at, though it has been used on someone before and they know that it works. The lower levels don't have this same information, since there's a system that Super Levels have that they always use to know the latest news. They don't always post what they're doing, but they do post their accomplishment."

"Why not tell us, then?" Sora looked at Arsmon.

"He's off limits to giving us information." Tim said, "If he wants to tell us, then he can tell us. So, back to the matter at hand, I don't know how this metal works since all the ones that I have are full of energy already. I've taken it to a research lab in my college, and it seems to be photons are stored in it. I'm going to have to guess that it doesn't come directly from the sun since I believe that this metal is what can drain Saiyans to a point where they are very weak and can be easily controlled. For that reason, I think a good name for it is called Saiyan Draining Metal." That, for some reason, struck a cord within me. It's like that sounded so familiar to me and it made me want to destroy all traces of it from the world.

"Super Levels don't call it that." Arsmon said. "We call it Moonoid."

"Why?" Izzy asked.

"It glows like the moons when they're full. We figured that it's a metal that somehow came from there. The Digital World works different than your world since it can grow metals that are supposed to exist in space on the ground. Bossmon is the Digimon that has all the supplies for it right now, so it's hard for other Digimon to get their hands on them."

Right then, Kai started to whimper. I went over to him to see what he wanted. Tsunomon and Motimon were keeping them company since I figured that Izzy would try to work with the others first. "He just wants to be near you." Tsunomon said.

I picked him up before looking at Arsmon. I could see that he was surprised to see Kai out in the open, "Want to hold him?" I asked.

I could tell that that was tearing him up inside. I didn't realize it would, though I probably should've guessed that since he is supposed to take him. Tim pushed Arsmon over to me, "You might as well learn how to handle a baby."

He took a step towards me before freezing again, "You shouldn't get sidetracked. If you don't get your Digimon powered up, then when Digimon or demons start to attack, you won't be ready for it."

"That is true." Tim said, "We know that our Digimon are very weak after going into their Super Level forms, though there seems to be rules to being a Super Level that aren't so clear cut. We're going to have to find these out."

"Why can't he tell us? He is one of them, after all." Yolie said, "I'm sure it wouldn't kill him or anything."

"Arsmon doesn't have to tell us anything. I think Super Levels inherit the knowledge of their level and they also don't go revealing anything to the lower levels. Not all Digimon have a Super Level form and not all Super Levels come from a Digimon."

"What do you know so far?"

"Super Levels gained their powers once they have someone that can be called a friend. It doesn't seem like they have to be a true friend, but it's someone that you can count on, I think…"

"I'll tell you." Arsmon said, "It's better than you getting it wrong by guessing." Izzy got his laptop out. "Super Levels are created by three Digimon that are called The Siblings. The one that you're going to hear most about and probably have already met is called Mirrormon. She's considered the youngest out of the three. When they create Digimon, they give them only a form and power, but it's up to them what they choose to do with their lives. The Digimon they create can't access their power right away. It only comes out once you've become a friend of another Super Level Digimon. One Digimon can be that "friend" to more than one Digimon. They don't gain more power the more "friends" they have, but that does mean that more Super Levels are able to access their powers. Now, because of this, Super Levels have gained a sense of honor of not playing dirty. That's why no Super Levels had attacked you before now since they knew that you didn't know of their existence and that you weren't at their power level. The only reason you're seeing an increase in Super Level is because Gennai has sent you against the Deity Digimon and Bossmon's henchman.

"Because of this buddy system, Digimon have the tendency to form groups with the Digimon that they become friends with. The groups that are out to take over the Digital World are formed by the leaders. It's kinda easy to tell which groups are which.

"As far as power goes, Super Levels are given the advantage since we're not limited like the lower levels. Even if one is created with attributes of water, if they train hard enough, they can also use attacks that are of the other elements. I'm only giving that as an example, since it's the easiest way to explain it. The only thing that limits them is by what was given to them when they were created. If they have four legs, they can't grow six more if it isn't part of their design.

"Omnimon is so far the only Digimon that's below Super Level that seems to be able to defeat Super Levels. Most have figured that this is because Omnimon comes from two Mega Digimon and is therefore the closest to reaching a Super Level's strength. And so you know, most Super Levels were surprised that your Digimon could use their attacks so quickly after evolving, but have come to figure that since you're all friends with each other already that your Digimon didn't have to worry about finding a friend. Though, I'm going to guess that not many, or none at all, know that you're weak again from going into that form. Mirrormon told me that the way to get back into the Super Level form is by having two of you together. I'm sure that both don't need to, but two Digidestined need to be present. I'm also going to take a guess that what she really means is that two Crests need to be near each other. As for Tim's Crest, I'm sure that if you have another one with you, your Crest alone should be fine.

"It is also known that Digimon of the lower levels that do have a Super Level form can go into that stage once they clear their In-Training stage. There's also a way to see if someone is a Digimon or not. There are many that are living within the Human World, and as you can tell, there's a great deal that will look human. Digimon contain the information of the area where they were first awaken. Your Digimon have a forest from File Island when it existed. I don't know how to teach someone to see this information, but Digimon should be able to see this better than you guys."

Izzy got the last thing in his computer, "So we should see if we can do so now." He looked at Arsmon, "Thanks, by the way."

"Who wants to go first?" Tai asked.

"Can you hold your shape?" Tim looked at Shendramon. He nodded his head, "How do we get the process started?" Tim looked at Arsmon.

"Take out your Jewel." I said, taking out mine and walking over to Tim. He did so, "What you do is let your energy flow into the Jewel and then guide it over to Shendramon. I'm going to do the same."

Tim nodded as Shendramon flew up to be over our heads. I stared to do so naturally, since I've been doing this for a while, and I could see that Tim was having a hard time to do so. Arsmon came over, placing two fingers on Tim's heart and moved them along a path that led to the Jewel, "That's how it will feel." Arsmon informed him as the Jewel was gaining more and more energy from Tim. I then sent my energy into Shendramon without it doing anything. Arsmon moved his fingers in a line that shot to Shendramon and then I started to notice the signs of Digievolving.

"Shendramon Super Wrap Digievolve to………………………… Icedramon!" A small version of his Super Level form appeared where he was.

"And that's how you send it to your Digimon." Arsmon said, moving back from us.

"How does he release that power?" Tim asked.

"By letting it go." Arsmon thought about it for a moment, "Image that you're in water and you're right now holding onto your breath. To de-Digievolve is relaxing your muscles and letting your mouth open to breath."

Icedramon closed his eyes and I felt the energy that I gave return as the familiar signs of downgrading took place, returning Shendramon. "That was amazing." He commented.

"Thanks Arsmon. I guess you have to teach that to Damon and Nereida as well." Tim looked at him.

"I figured as much… And do remember that you all have a size issue to deal with." I looked at the others, seeing that Yolie, Sora and Joe were all ready to evolve their Digimon.

"I would prefer to have a house, thanks." I said, seeing that they were putting their jewels away. "How do you feel, by the way?" I looked at Shendramon as he landed on Tim again.

"I'm not drained at all. Is that how it's supposed to be?"

"It is." Tsunomon said, "We use most of our partner's energy rather than our own, so we don't get tired as easily. Though, because of that, once we used up their energy, we have to rely on our own. That's when the draining comes in."

"Is that all you can teach, show or tell us?" Izzy asked.

"It is." Arsmon answered.

"Okay, thank you. I've also said everything that I wanted to. Tim, what about you and this metal?"

"I don't know how to unlock the energy that has already been absorbed, and I obviously don't know what kind of light is absorbed, but I figured that you should all be careful of it just the same."

"I'm going to go check out the blood problem. I'll get back with everyone as soon as I can." Motimon went back over to Izzy, "Let's hope that we don't have to face each other soon." He said to Arsmon as he headed out.

"We might as well take our leave as well." Tai said, getting up, "Do you need any help, Matt?"

"I have Tim here."

Tai nodded, before looking at Arsmon, "I might have my own opinion on the actions that the Neo group takes, but I'm also willing to follow it because I trust their judgment for more than that my sister is in it. I don't mean this in a rude way, but I hope we don't meet again." Then he and Sora left, though I wasn't sure what she thought about it.

"You two should get going as well." Mimi said, "After all, you do have to rest and I know you have a class today." She looked at both Yolie and Joe. Neither said anything as they left, though I would guess that Arsmon figured as much. "So why do you trust this guy?"

"He likes Nereida." Tim said as he headed over to the other babies. "He's not really a bad guy once you get to know him." Arsmon didn't seem to like that statement, but couldn't take it back either.

"So why are you nervous about holding Kai? If Matt trusts you to hold his son, that's a great honor." He looked away from her by moving his head.

"It's okay, Arsmon." I said with a smile, "I'm sorry that I put you in an awkward position, but I thought you should hold him. If there's a time when he is taken by you, I want you to know how to hold him properly so you don't kill him." Arsmon slowly looked at me. He looked like he wanted to tell me something, probably correcting my comment. "Besides, there might come a day when Nereida has a child. It's always good practice."

Arsmon looked at Kai, who right now didn't seem to mind that the person who would try to take him away from me was near him. Arsmon slowly moved his arms out and I moved closer so he could pick up Kai. He did so slowly and I helped him support Kai better. When I moved away from them, Kai didn't seem bothered by Arsmon at all. He was smiling a bit at him, actually. While Arsmon was looking at him, I could tell that Arsmon was starting to understand something about humans, or maybe a new emotion had just appeared. It was actually touching to see this.

The rest of the time, Mimi was teaching Arsmon how to take care of babies and with three on hand, he was getting a lot of practice.


"Hey, Ceres," Ryan said as everyone was talking around the table at lunch. "I kinda want to travel around the world once I'm done with here. Any ideas on how to go about that?"

"I thought that you were going to do something with art." She pointed out, since that would've been the logical conclusion from all the art that he's taking.

"That's why I'm asking. I don't know what to do. I want to keep art in what I'm doing, but I also wanted to travel. It was really fun."

Ceres did notice that he was enjoying it, considering that he wanted to have side tours. "I should be able to help you out." She brought out her bag, taking out a notebook and flipping through it. She had placed information on everyone she had worked for or had favorable contact with for such incidences. "I should have someone that would sponsor an artist to travel. So you know, it is a lot easier to travel by yourself."

"Why is that? It didn't seem that bad when we were all together."

"What kind of traveling do you want to do?" Ceres looked up from her book.

"What are the kinds?"

"There's the kind that we did. It's the one that I always do, but it's also the riskiest. There's a tour guide like thing, for when you go into different countries that you don't know the language to. It's safe and totally by the book."

Ryan thought about it for a moment, "I guess our way."

"Then it's better to go by yourself. Espomon can be with you, obviously, but having another person with you is like carrying around two bags. There might be some safety within the number, but that also means that you have to worry about another mouth, it would be harder to get a room, sometimes… It's just not really good when you're first starting out. Once you've gained a better idea on how to get by on such a life, then you can have another person with you."

"So I should learn the tricks of the trade before allowing someone to accompany me. Okay, I'll make sure that I do that then. Do you have spells for me to know another language? I might go to a rural place of a place I haven't learned the language and doesn't have English."

"I'll impart some of the important things that you would need before you go. That would be one of them, of course, but there are a few other things as well." Ceres said as she went back to her notebook. "Ah, found one. He's in a different country, though."

"That's fine. Which one?"

"France. He's really big on art and owns a lot of studios and such. He's always looking for something new and edgy to display. I'll give him a call today as we head home."

"Thanks." Ryan said with a smile. Lunch was then over so everyone said bye before heading over to their classes.

"What was Ryan asking?" Panther asked as they were near their Spanish class.

"Ryan doesn't want to stay." Ceres said with a smile, "He wants to be like me. Let's see, I have four people saying that traveling is better than staying put."

"I still have the rest of them." Panther pointed out with a smirk, "So mine is still better at getting stronger and wiser."

Ceres pouted, "We need to stop by a payphone on our way home."

"Why?" They took their seats.

"I need to call a friend of mine for Ryan since he still wants to keep art as his job. I think I know someone who would be willing to sponsor him, so I just have to call and make sure."

"Okay. You're going to talk to Sage this Sunday, right?"

"Yep, Mackenzie-sensei said that it was okay. When is your date?"

"Tomorrow. So, we'll see how it goes."

"Don't give in just because you don't want to hurt him. And also don't do it because your family is against it. You know that we'll back off."

"By a small amount, right?"

"Yep." Ceres smiled.


"I need to head over to my art class. Apparently, there was something left with my art teacher." I informed Don.

"The one that you don't have with anyone?"

"Yeah. It shouldn't take too long." I headed over to my class. I was really excited about Ceres' answer that I didn't really care what my teacher had for me. I was sure that Ceres was able to get me that job. "Excuse me for intruding." I said, being a normal Japanese student. Most of the kids do, even though we know that we don't have to while attending since it was supposed to be based off American schools.

"Oh, Ryan," my teacher said, getting up from his desk with a paper within his hand, "I was sent this very important letter. It contains the status of your entry of the art competition that you applied for back a few months."

My eyes widened with knowing which one he was talking about. He handed me the letter and I quickly opened it to reveal that I had won. They were going to broadcast their new art auction and, although they weren't going to make mine the center pieces, it was still going to be shown during the commercial. "I can't believe it… This is great!" I was so excited, thinking that I would be able to show this off to the person that Ceres is going to talk to for me.

"It is, and I hope that this means that I'll be seeing more of that talent in your work as well."

I looked at him, "I will. Is this all?" I wanted to show Panther and Lily Dawn as soon as I could.

"Yeah, and good luck in your future."

"Thanks." I smiled, bowing before heading out. I ran all the way back to where I met up with everyone. They were all waiting for me outside, looking at me as I came through the door.

"Seems like it was some good news." Ken said with a smile, able to tell from my face.

"I want to let Panther know so I'll say it when we get there." I said by the time I reached them, "So let's head out."

When we opened the door and walked in, it was quite amazing site to see. Arsmon, the one that was out to capture Kai, was near him and the other babies, looking like he was playing or taking care of them. Matt, Panther nor Ceres were stopping him and they were all preparing food. Mimi was here as well, though it seemed that it was to make sure that Arsmon knew what he was doing. Of course, the Digimon were all around too, but they weren't protecting the kids, they were also playing. I could tell that this was Matt's way of saying thanks to Arsmon and his master, since she told him to not try to capture him during the rest of his stay.

"We'll tell everything once homework is done." Tim said, and I could tell that he also had some kind of trust in Arsmon. I thought it was funny how much we could trust him, even knowing who he worked for. I really wondered why Collect Soulsmon couldn't just change her ways or why she even wanted to take the Digital World. She wasn't evil, even though that seemed to be her orientation beforehand. It's just really weird and making the lines even more shaded.

"We know how to go back into our Super Level forms." Tim informed us once we were done, "Arsmon has to show Damon and Nereida how to send their energy to their Digimon, but other than that, it's rather simple. What's needed is two Crests being present and sending the energy to the Digimon."

"Can you show us now?" Nereida asked, looking at Arsmon.

He got up, "We're going to be sending it to Shendramon again since he's the only one that can stay small."

"Espomon has a small Super Level form." I informed, figuring that Shendramon was used the first time.

"Have him away from the table." Arsmon went over to where Damon and Nereida were. Espomon walked a bit away from the table, sitting there and looking at Damon and Nereida. Arsmon placed two fingers on both of them, starting from their hearts and following a path that went to their hands. We all saw a tiny glow in their palm, "That's how you're going to send your energy to a central location." I looked at Tim, seeing him pulling out his Jewel and it was glowing. "That's probably because they're connected it." Arsmon flicked his fingers towards Espomon, having him to instantly have the common signs of evolution.

"Espomon Super Wraps Digievolve to…………………………………… Eemon!" The cute, brown furred dog came onto the scene. The glow stopped on the Jewel and there wasn't a beam from there either.

"That's how you send your energy to a Digimon. For a Digimon to get out of this state, they have to relax their body and let go of the power that they've gained. Image that you're in water and right now you're holding onto your breathe. To release the power is like imaging that you're relaxing your muscles and freely floating within the water and you're just going to open your mouth to let the water come in."

Eemon de-Digievolved back to Espomon. "Why did you use that imagery?" Espomon asked.

"That's what happens when a Super Level dies. They let go of the power that's within them."

"Thanks." Nereida said, smiling at him with her honest feelings. I was glad for that, since that meant that she didn't have to act around him anymore.

"Oh, and Izzy is going to look into getting Tai to be a full Saiyan." Matt said to Kari.

She smiled, "That's good."

"Does he believe it's possible?" Ceres asked.

"He's going to try."

"Oh, I also told them about the metal." Tim informed us. "I was thinking about letting him take a sample to see if he could do something with it."

Ceres nodded, "Should we also give one to Kaiba? I figure that he could have his team look into seeing what it's made of or something like that."

"I can ask him, but I don't want to put more on him. He's still doing the translation."

"Do you think he can't handle it?"

"I don't know, but I also don't want him to think that he has to do all of this for us."

"Oh, Ceres," Ken interrupted, "TK and I were wondering if we could use your Crest powers as a way to handle demons."

"How so?" She looked at them.

"Well, we would have to develop a way for them to be sent to their dimension." TK said, "We were thinking that your Crest power would be the most useful since it can travel through dimensions."

"But I need to see a place first. I can't say that I would know all the places that demons dwell. I mean, only by luck did I even know about the one that I did."

"Ken is going to develop a program to make it easier. Though, we need to know how strong you are at opening the portals."

"It will also allow me to know how strong I need to make the program."

"Do you have some machine already?" Matt asked.

"That's going to be built as well." Ken said, "I just need to know what kind of limits Ceres has so we can plan accordingly."

"Alright, what should we be doing now?" Ceres was all ready for it. I figured that I can tell her later, since this is kinda important.

"We should probably test to see the range of your powers."

"You're not going to the moon or another planet, no matter how cool that would be." Panther said firmly, looking at Ceres. Both she and TK were sad at this fact.

"Glad they listen to you." Ken said, bringing out his laptop, "TK was unwilling to give that up, saying that Matt would have something to protect them."

"How long will it take?" Matt asked.

"They'll come back before midnight." Ken said.

"You should probably feed Kai before going off."

"Okay, I'm guessing we're going soon." She started to get up.

Ken nodded, as he was typing away. "Should the rest of us be doing something?" Lily Dawn asked.

"It would probably be helpful to train in getting use to going to Super Level form." Mimi offered.

"So go outside?" Damon asked.

"There's not a lot of room, though." Panther said, "We could always go towards the beach."

"Are you able to come along, or do you need to stay here?" Matt looked at Ken.

"I need to stay here. We'll get practice in later."

"So, we'll get some clothes for the babies and we'll head out." He headed upstairs as Ceres started to feed Kai, with Neon doing the same as Don was handing Arsmon the clothes. It was kinda cool, knowing that he wasn't supposed to be this helpful. Nereida was helping too, but that was more given than Arsmon. As we were watching this site, I decided to tell Panther and Lily Dawn as we were heading over.

I walked over to Ken, wondering what he was working on. I could tell that he was typing something, "What's this?"

"This is a code to make this machine work." I looked at his hand, seeing some kind of box next to him, connected to his laptop.

"I didn't know that you were interested in programming." I sat down, "I was shown it once, but I couldn't do it."

"I only started to get into it. I've been reading a lot of books to get an idea on how to do so."

"Are you're creating your own programs now?"

"I'm more like modifying the programs." I then realized that he didn't know how big this was. It wasn't because I wasn't good at programming, I was actually good at coming up with the way and could simplify if I was working together with someone, but I couldn't do it completely on my own. I looked on the screen, seeing that he actually was creating parts of programs on his own.

"Okay, we're ready to head out." Matt said once he got the clothes on Kai. "Are you coming with us, Mimi?" He looked at her.

"Yeah, I should probably practice as well." She smiled.

"I'll take some in my car."

"Okay, once you're done with your thing, call to see where we are." Matt looked at Ken.

"Will do." He said. I got up and followed everyone out.

Matt had called Izzy over to see if he would like to join/observe the progress as we were driving over. I started to wonder if keeping a record like this was a good thing or not. "Panther, Lily Dawn," I said, having them look at me, "I won the art contest." I said with a big smile and my thumb in the air.

"That's awesome!" Lily Dawn said, reaching over to hug me, "Congrats!"

"That'll definitely help when you apply for your job." Panther said with a smile.

"I know! Has Ceres contacted the person?"

"Yep, though she didn't tell me what he said… Though, have you gotten word about your sister?"

I just paused for a moment there. I had completely forgotten about my sister. It was the whole reason I entered the contest in the first place. I lowered my eyes, "I haven't yet…"

"Don't give up yet, Ryan." Lily Dawn said with a smile, "I'm sure that she'll contact you."

I nodded, though really wondering about my future plans. I wanted to travel the world for this guy, but I couldn't do that if I had my sister with me. For the first time in my life, I felt torn about what I wanted to do.


"Here TK," I handed him the communicator with him taking it. "TK is going to draw the places that we want to test out and you go there base on that, okay?"

Ceres nodded, "But what if I can't tell what it is by the picture?"

"That's part of the test." We were going to try to find a way to entering into a mind and pulling out the information that we needed. I figured that this would be a good way of always sending them back to their right location, regardless of where it is. "Place this on you. It'll allow me to modern how your body is handling everything. Also, you're allowed to use your magic as well."

Ceres placed it around her waist, since it had a strap on it. I looked at my computer, seeing that all signs were normal. Then something started to happen, though when I looked at her, I could tell she was giving me an idea of how her signs looked when she was powering up. "So, where to?" She looked at TK once she was done showing me how she could gather her magic.

TK had a rope tied around his waist, which the other end went to Ceres' arm. He started to draw the first place we agreed upon. I looked on the screen when TK held up the image for her, seeing that the Jewels gather energy from us and then transformed it into a power. It would explain why it affected us so greatly.

The first place that they went to was somewhere in Greenland. Her magic was turned on, seeing that she was surrounding them with a heat shield, since it was coming mainly from her hands. I was glad that she could do this automatically, though I figured that she probably had to since that was her main weapon. They went to Antarctica next, which the heat shield increased. They traveled all over the world, going to mainly extreme places. One spot was near the bottom of the ocean. This one was the most dangerous since she had to deal with both pressure and water. I had advised against it at first, but TK convinced me that it was good test to see if she could manage to solve the problem if she couldn't use her magic for it. Though, she created an air shield the moment they got there. I was impressed, to say the least. Her sense of timing was very good. The last stop was the International Space Station.

"Let's test it out for phase two." TK said over the communicator.

"… Go." Phase two was him drawing stuff in such a way that you would have to know the location in order to know where to go. Even though Panther said that they shouldn't, seeing how she was able to do the ocean test, I figured that we should give it a try. I feared that her magic wouldn't work since there are really no molecules to help her out. But, she used her stomach jewel, which I think was supposed to be her soul, a.k.a. light and dark. Though, I also noticed that she had another source she was using. It wasn't going out to TK, though. It was only surrounding her. It seemed to be her light magic, but coming from her entire body. Her soul jewel was like another protective layer around herself. They went on, though it was easy to tell that they were off a bit. During phase one, she was hitting the coordinates dead on, but now she was off by a mile or so. I could tell that she knew generally where she was supposed to go, but couldn't tell by the image itself where it was exactly. So, she was pretty much guessing on where to land. "Keep going with phase two." I said, since we reached the amount we wanted to do.

I wanted her to be able to do this accurately. This could very well be the only image we get from a demon about his home. I didn't want her to be off so much and only guessing on where it was. Step two of our training will be to send cameras to random locations. We don't really know if she needs to bring them to the location herself or not, which is why we decided to do this one first.

A few times, TK took her to places in outer space. I only knew that because of how she responded. I had a program that allowed me to know the distance they were from me and TK was drawing on a board that would display his image onto my screen so I always knew where they were. She was still off by a mile or two, though I bet the view was still amazing. Even though I wanted to yell at TK for doing so, it was actually beneficial that he was since I could tell that Ceres wasn't strong enough to go to such places with her own powers. I could tell that she was fine, but she couldn't go to like Neptune or anything like that. That was too far for her powers to reach. Though, TK tried this, and the farthest she got was to the asteroid belt. I really wish we had another dimension or world that we could try. TK took her back to Earth, spent two more trials there before drawing a place that I thought I should know. It wasn't a place in the Digital World and it wasn't a place on Earth, either. She couldn't get there, though, since she tried to go to a place on Earth for it.

"Go to phase three." I said, wanting to move on from this. I figured she should have a taste of what we planned for the step two. It would also give her a chance to practice this on her own. Of course, she was getting these all wrong. She wasn't landing in the spots at all, but wherever they ended up, she was able to respond to it correctly.

"So now we know what she needs to work on." Wormmon said. Patamon had stayed with me as well.

"Maybe her powers would work best if they were in the Digital World. It is a Crest power, after all." Patamon suggested.

"We'll have that be step three." I figured that that was a good thing to know.

"Make it step two." I looked at Patamon, "We know she can handle herself in any environment, so it would be better to know if she needs the Digital World or not. If her powers can't even open portals to other dimensions while there, then this plan isn't very helpful, is it?"

"Good point." I turned back around, seeing that they were on the last image, "Okay, return back here."

TK didn't need to draw anything for this one. They came back to the same spot. I could tell that Ceres didn't know how well she did. "So, how was it?" She seemed really excited.

"You did well in the environment testing. I was really impressed at how quickly you were able to respond as well."

"What can I say? I'm good with my magic." She smiled with pride.

"Though, you have to rely on the image itself. You shouldn't be guessing so much." I then realized that she was carrying her bag with her, realizing that that was probably why I didn't notice IceThormon. "You were off by a mile for phase two and completely wrong for phase three. It also appears that you have a limit while on Earth, since you could only reach the asteroid belt, and not Saturn. We're going to try this again while in the Digital World for the next step to see if that's any better." She nodded, not liking the fact that she has to work on something, "Also, there was an extra layer of light around you when you went to space. It seemed to come from your body naturally, but you didn't show it to me before so I was wondering what it was."

"Didn't know I had one, so I won't be able to tell you… I'll see if I can get back to you on that one."

"Okay." I looked at the time, seeing that it was passed eleven pm. "I'm going to be heading to bed." I started to pack up. I'm getting used to the weights, but since I'm going to be training with Date-san all day tomorrow, I figured I should get my rest. "Are you guys going to go over to where they are?" I asked once I got all my stuff together.

"I am, since I don't have anything else to do." TK said with a pout. He knew that I was going to be with Date-san tomorrow, which is why he would be staying here the night. Of course, this wasn't really known to Matt, yet, but that's okay. I told him that he should be with Kari, but he figured that her mother would mind if he was there. I also didn't want her to know that he was leaving my side to be near her because he couldn't be near me. I figured that that piece of information would get her mad at me again.

"I'm going to bed. Reacting took a lot out of me." She said as she headed up to her room.

"You really shouldn't stay here." I said when I heard her close her door. "You might as well try. I mean, you are going to be married soon."

TK sighed, "I'll try, then." He smiled at me, though it was also telling me that he wasn't all that happy that he couldn't be near me. "Have fun with Date-san tomorrow."

Seeing this made me wonder if the antidote made his feelings more visible or if I was able to see his expressions clearer. I lightly punch his shoulder, "I'll try to be done before dinner, okay?"

I was glad that this made him happy, "Okay." He's smile was a lot more like a kid's right now.

"See ya tomorrow night." I said as I headed out of the door.

"It's like spoiling a child." Wormmon said as we were walking over to my house.

"Yep." I said with a smile, liking the fact that TK was this attached to me for some reason.


Once everyone got used to transferring energy to each other, we were then doing so while fighting each other. As we got better, we were even doing it faster and faster. The Digimon were gathering it as quickly as they could, evolving, then fought with that energy for a bit before releasing it. Arsmon was directing our pace, since everyone else was in teams. I was with Don; Nereida was with Neon; Tim was with Ryan; Panther was with Lily Dawn; Davis was with Cody; Kari was with Mimi; and Matt was with Izzy. It was actually kinda cool that we were able to be this coordinated so fast. I mean, even Izzy, Mimi, Davis and Cody were right on time with our flow. I can understand how we all could be this amazing, since we've been training all this time so we all have a sense of timing with each other, but it was still cool to see it all play out.

Then, out of no where, TK and Patamon appeared in the sky and landed near Kari and Gatomon. Everyone stopped, since we weren't really sure what he was doing here. "Kari!" TK said while hugging her.

"Okay, practice is over." Matt said, "Thanks, Arsmon."

Arsmon looked a bit disappointed, but nodded, "You should now have no problems with Super Levels."

Izzy was talking to Matt as Don and Neon were heading over to their babies. "Are we done for the day?" Don asked as he picked up Krypton. They were on a blanket that separated them from the sand. Since they couldn't crawl, no one was worried about them going to the ocean and Arsmon was making sure that nothing got near them.

"Yeah, see everyone later." Matt said with a smile.

"Are you staying?" Nereida asked Arsmon, her arms already around his.

He nodded, "Yeah." It was weird to see a soft smile on his face, considering he's evil and all.

"I have something to say." Don said as Neon went on ahead of him. He looked stern with Arsmon, "If you ever go after my kids, I'll made sure that you'll regret it ten fold." He then walked away.

I looked at Arsmon, seeing that he was kinda hurt by that, "He doesn't mean that you can't touch his kids." I said, having Arsmon look at me, "He's very protective of his kids, because he had a dream with them dying in front of him and he couldn't protect them. I'm sure he never got over it. You're allowed to play with them, I promise." I smiled at him.

"We'll go over to their house tomorrow and you'll see, okay?" Nereida said with a smile.

He didn't seem to like the idea, but didn't object to it either. "Okay, we're heading off." Tim told Matt before we walked up the path. "If you're worried that you might one day have to go after them, just tell your master what he said and how you feel about the subject. She doesn't seem to mind changing her plans when it comes to you, so it might work out. That way, if another one of her henchman sees something with them, or if you see something with them, then she can dismiss it as something that doesn't interest her."

I was glad that took away some of his worry.


"Hey, dad." I said once we got through the door. He was sitting in the living room, reading over some paper and having the news on. I noticed the mail that we had gotten, "Any letters from my sister?" I normally ask, because I figure that she would try to contact me at least once.

"Of course not." He said with a heavy sigh. He looked at me, "How was today?"

Something didn't feel right. He normally doesn't sigh like that when he answers me. I mean, I've been asking ever since they left. What made this time so different? "What's up?"

He looked at me, "Hm?"

"Did she contact you? I won my art contest. I'm sure that if she saw it that she would know that it was me and try to find me."

"Do you still pretend to be a kid?" He looked away, "You shouldn't be living in a fantasy world."

"How is trying to find my sister a fantasy world?" A thought came across my mind. Sorry dad, but I have to know. I took hold of my Jewel, "Where are they?"


"You've known along?" I said before he finished. I could see it clearly that he had visited my mom out on the town before. "I thought she left us…" I could see then that dad had let them go, but they weren't separated. I took off running, knowing that Breomon was right beside me (the ones that weren't at their normal stage were by the end of the practice because of how much energy they were receiving). I headed towards the train station, since I wasn't about to let this chance slip through my fingers. I was going to find her, no matter who wanted to stop me.


I thought it was weird that TK was going with Kari since I figured that he would be with Ken. I didn't really want to ask why either, since Kari looked happy to have him around. Kai was asleep in my arms as we were heading back. "Is there something wrong with putting TK on the spot like that?" I asked, since I could tell that Arsmon was going to have us do so. I noticed that I wouldn't have minded since I knew that it would be funny. Matt and Izzy were both worried when they realized that could've been the next command.

"It was getting close to midnight so I thought we should stop." He said with a smile, meaning that he can't tell me the reason.

I sighed, "I can see things as well."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"I know that something is going on with TK mentally that's causing him to not be like he was before. Ken is the one that you, Izzy and Cody are entrusting to keep him in check. The others can't know about it since TK probably doesn't want everyone to worry about it. I also noticed that Ken and TK are on a different battle pattern than the rest of us and that Ken is being trained by someone else." I looked at him with a sly smile, "And I'm not the only one that sees this, by the way."

Matt laughed, "You two have good eyes, so I wouldn't be surprised. Anyone else in the group?"

"Everyone has caught on to more or less the same things."

"That's good."

"Why's that?" I wasn't expecting him to say that.

"That means that you've all grown to know each other deeper. You don't even need to express what's been going on since everyone can see it. I think it means that everyone can see the truth in everyone's actions. Now, everyone just has to work on their honesty and everything will be fine."

"Ryan would like that every much." I said with a smile, knowing that he always liked to have an honest and open friendship. "Oh, in case you couldn't read, I'm not foolish enough to mess with someone's heart. I'm going to go on a date with Stan tomorrow to see if I really want to date him."

Matt nodded, "Let us know the outcome, then." He smiled at me. I could see very clearly that he didn't want to let me go. I wondered what I would've thought that expression if I hadn't known that he has a sense that he's my father. I could see that he didn't want to let his baby girl leave his side.

"I will, don't worry." I smiled at him, letting him know that I wouldn't abandon him. He's my family, after all.

The house was quiet when we enter. I put Kai in his cradle before heading to mine. I was thinking about what I should wear tomorrow as I opened my door. I could feel something from within, though considering that it wasn't threatening, I figured that I should just ignore it. I closed my door, noticing that Plantmon noticed it too. I walked normally, knowing who it was now since it was about to attack.

I quickly had my dagger at my sister's neck, smiling wickedly to her surprise look. "You knew, didn't you?"

"I had dulled my senses once we got Don and Neon." I put my dagger away as Plantmon got the light. "I decided that I probably should upkeep them now that we're dealing with demons. So, what's up?" I sat on my bed, "How did it go?"

"I have to work on it since I can't land accurately if it isn't a clear image. I think Ken wants me to use my Jewel Power in combination with a mind reader. Oh, but Ken did notice something about me. We did go into space…"

"I thought I said no." I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I couldn't refuse. TK did it, not me." She put her hands up, "Besides, I can use my soul jewel to create a space that will allow us to be alive even in space." She touched the one on her stomach. "He noticed that I had a thin layer of light around me in addition to what I had produced."

"You are of the light… What about TK?"

"He didn't have one on him, but I did place him in my bubble."

I looked at my hand, wondering what it could be. I knew it had something to do with our elements, that much was clear. Then the thought of Kai came into my head when he had shot those fire birds at things. Could our elements be a protection thing as well? I wondered if they protect us when we couldn't defend ourselves. "Have you ever been in a position where you couldn't protect yourself? Like you were totally defenseless and you would've been killed if something didn't happen that prevent it?"

"I don't ever let myself get in situations like that.. You?"

"I normally save people in that kind of situation… But, Kai was in that position. When he was, fire was produced for him."

"You mean during New Years."

"Yeah… and if he's of the element fire, I'm wondering if that fire won't come up and protect him. That's the only thing that I can think up for why you have a thin layer of light while in space. It's an environment where you would've died otherwise."

"But I protected myself."

"Maybe that's what's different about light and darkness from the others. You can't tell when it happens since it doesn't allow it to be obvious." We heard the phone rang. I ran to it for some reason, getting the feeling that I should be the one to answer it. "Hello?"

"Panther, is Ryan over there?"

It was his father. I could hear the panic in his voice, "What happened? He's not here." I wondered why I didn't get a sinking feeling.

"He ran away from home. I don't know why, but I think I know where he's going. I don't think he'll listen to me after this."

"Tell me what happened and where he's going."

"I think he found out that I knew where his mother was… I think he's heading over right now."

"I'll bring him back, don't worry." I grabbed a pen, "What's the address?" He gave it to me. I was surprised that they weren't that far away. It would take a train to get to the town, but otherwise, it wasn't that far. I also remembered that Ryan's father once taking us over there for a parade. "Thanks. You'll see him soon." How cruel… I called Lily Dawn's cell phone. We were going to meet at the train station to not waste any more time. I told her that I would explain everything after that.

"What's going on?" I looked at Ceres, seeing that she and Matt were out of the rooms and looking at me.

"Ryan went to see his mom." I said, "Can I have some cash so I can go bring him back?" I could tell from his father that there was a reason that his dad had never allowed Ryan to know. I could feel that Ryan was going to be heartbroken over this. Matt went into his room to go get it for me.

"What about tomorrow?" He asked as he handed me some money.

"I think Ryan is more important than Stan. Ceres, did you talk to that sponsor for him?"

She nodded, "Why?"

"He'll probably need something to cheer him up when we get back. If anything else comes up, contact Lily Dawn." I said as slide down the stairs and headed out of the door. I didn't want to know what was going to happen, since I wanted to be there for him when it did.

[Lily Dawn]

"That's too cruel." I said as I looked at the address. We went to that parade some time after Ryan's mother left. My mother had already left some time before Ryan's, and Panther's family was still alive. "And it sounds like Ryan's father had always been in contact with her as well… Does Ryan's feelings don't matter?"

"I don't think it's that." Panther said, looking at the reflection on the other window. "I get the feeling that Ryan's father couldn't tell Ryan the truth… I'm also wondering why Ryan couldn't pick up on his lies until now."

"Ryan's father probably knew the best way of lying to him." I said, curling up my knees to my chest, "By playing with words." Ryan had always been able to pick up on lies. Nowadays, he doesn't allow it to affect him as much as he did when we were younger.

"We never heard about your past together." Bellimon said, giving me a kind smile.

"Yeah, we want to know." Plantmon said from Panther's back.

"I met up with Lily Dawn first." Panther started, closing her eyes as if to remember better. I wondered if she was looking into our past. "I was already having problems with my family at this point, so I would often run out of the house and run wild around the neighborhood. That's how I met Lily Dawn." She looked at me, "You had run outside, crying your heart out because your mother was already deciding to leave, huh?"

I nodded, "I read that my mother was planning on leaving us. It was the first time that I saw that thought from her. It shocked me so much that I ran outside to find a place to cry. You found me and tried to cheer me up. Eventually, you took me home and my brother contacted your family to come pick you up." I said with a smile.

"Afterwards, we met up a bunch of times. I used to get us to go a bunch of bad things since we were both rebelling against our families. During that, we ran into Ryan. He was so determine to draw something, but we both couldn't determine what it was and made fun of it. He said that he wanted to do this for his sister, since she couldn't get out of her bed. We decided to help him, thinking that this was fun. We went back with him to his house before his parents called ours to come pick us up."

"We learned why Ryan had wanted to paint something for his sister." I looked on the floor, "His sister had a disease that made her very sickly. She never had enough strength to go anywhere on her own so Ryan had made it his duty to show her the outside world. We decided to help him, so this is what we did."

"After some time, his mother left with his sick sister. Ryan never understood why they left, but cried so hard afterwards. He got better at drawing since he wanted to show his sister magical places once he found her... Once this occurred, I met Killer. I got us into so much trouble that their parents were trying to prevent them from being around me. Lily Dawn just needed an outlet for her anger, but Ryan stayed since we had never lied to him since we became friends. The rest is already known."

"If his sister couldn't move without help, then how did they get her to leave?" Plantmon asked.

"Ryan was coming back from school to see the car pulling away. The crying face of his sister was the last thing we saw." I said. I looked at Panther, "Have you been looking to what's going to happen?"

"I want to be there for him while it happens." She said firmly, "I'm blocking things from coming to me for this reason. I don't want to know what's going to happen."

I smiled, leaning against her, "I'm sure Ryan won't ask even if you look."

"I decided this when his father called me. I don't want to know… I don't want to be prepared for it."

I nodded, "We're there for him, so he'll be fine afterwards, no matter what end comes."

We remained like this until the end of the ride. Panther had the strongest sense of protection than either me or Ryan. Ryan never had to protect his sister from the world. He only had to watch her and make her happy. I never bothered trying to protect anything since I didn't think that I needed to. I've only now gained that sense because of the Digital World, but Panther had always had it ever since joining the gang.

Though, I thought it was funny how just as we got out of the train station, we saw our friend, sitting on a bench with Breomon. "This is how far you can run?" Panther asked. He looked at us, surprised to see us here, "Your father called me saying that you would probably go see your mom." We walked to be in front of him, "So what's the wait up?"

"I didn't use my jewel on my dad, so I can ask anyone I want. I'm not waiting for the side affect to be over before I start my search." He looked annoyed.

We sat down beside him, both of us leaning against him. "Tell us when it's over then." I said, "We haven't gotten sleep yet."


I was surprised that they wouldn't stop me. I wondered what my father had said to them, but I was also sure that they wouldn't ask too much. It felt really nice to have them here with me, since I wasn't sure what I would be facing while there. I mean, my father did keep it from me. I wondered why as I was coming over here.

"Are you wondering if you hurt him again?" Breomon asked as we were waiting for my side affect to run its course.

"Why would I care if I hurt him?" I asked, though it really meant that I thought I did. Breomon laid his head on my leg. I petted him, knowing that he understood.

"Once you have your answer, I'm sure you'll understand." I nodded, knowing that this is why they were here for me as well. We all knew that something was going to happen that was going to end in me being the sadness person in the world. Well, many not that extreme, but in our world, that would be true. I wondered what this was going to be. I didn't even know how to prepare for such an emotion.

As soon as the sun came up, I could feel the effect lifting. I looked at my friends, my best friends, to see that they were sound asleep. I was watching the rising sun, wondering what courage I would need for the day. I was surprised that I was able to move them without them waking up. I left Breomon with them to protect them as I got us something to eat and drink. When I came back, Breomon woke them up.

"I got breakfast." I said with a smile, handing it over to them. Lily Dawn got something more nutritious since she's having a baby.

"So it only last for a physical day?" Panther asked as she was eating her breakfast.

"I think it considers it a day from sunrise to sunrise since that's when it went away this time." I was sitting on the ground, "So, I only ran out of the house and knew to come to this city, do you have anything new?"

Panther pulled out a piece of paper once she was done, "This is the address your father gave me. I say, we'll look without asking anyone."

I nodded, probably to give us more time to prepare. I smiled to them, "I'll let you lead the way, then."

She nodded, putting it back in her pocket, "I've also not been looking at this event, so I don't know what's going to happen."

I nodded again, understanding that she didn't want to be prepared when I couldn't be. We were all going to learn together.

"We also know what happened in the past too!" Bellimon said.

"I knew way before." Breomon said with a smile, "Ryan told me all about when we first partnered up."

Their Digimon looked at their partners with narrowed eyes. I laughed, since they were never the kind of people to tell their past. After all, Panther wants to move past the gang and she did do things that weren't right. I knew that Lily Dawn never wanted to reveal what she had learned about her mother, since it affected her a lot.

Once Lily Dawn was done, we started our search. We first visited the place where the parade took place, "Why are we here?" I asked.

"I thought it would be a good thing to see if we can find clues to what has been going on." Panther said, "To get an understanding on why we were allowed to come here all those years ago."

"It was the only time you were allowed to be close to your sister and mother." Lily Dawn said, "There has to be a reason."

"Are you going to look? To see if we were close to them?" I looked at Panther.

She nodded, "If you want me to."

"Go ahead. You don't have to hear anything, just take a look around."

She blinked, but it gave such a weird feeling that I knew she had looked, "Your mom was showing your dad that your sister had been healed." She looked across the street, "They were standing over there the whole time, but a bit out of attention range. They had scheduled this meeting so that you two wouldn't realize that they weren't separated. Your mom doesn't look too happy, though."

"I didn't realize her disease was something that could be cured." I had never known what she had, but it made me happy to know that she's a lot better than when she was a kid. "I'm glad for that, then."

"Maybe she was mad because you were here?" Lily Dawn offered, "I'm sure that his dad had disliked what you made his son get into."

"I don't think so… She would be looking at Ryan's dad with anger if that was the case… Are you okay with going on?" She looked at me.

I nodded, "I at least want to know why now."

We started to walk again, though we stopped to have lunch. I knew that they were searching for the home, since I can sense honesty without my jewel. We also took some time to visit some sites, since we figured that we wouldn't come back here again any time soon.

"This looks to be right." Panther said in front of an apartment complex. "I guess they live somewhere in here." She looked up, seeing that it was six stories high.

"If they're not separated, then she should still have her husband name, right?" Lily Dawn offered, going towards the mailboxes. We went over with her, looking to see that my last name wasn't listed.

"Probably a ruse for his sister." Panther offered. She looked at Breomon, "His sister should have a similar scent to Ryan, right?"

"I can't smell genes." Breomon said.

"How about feeling for them?" Plantmon offered, "Panther and Lily Dawn can knock on the door since she probably wouldn't recognize them."

"Okay, we'll try that." I said, letting us get into the elevator to the first floor. The ones that I thought I felt something ended up us just bothering people. We waited on the ground floor to come up with a new plan when I noticed that someone was walking up towards the apartment.

I looked to see that my mother and sister were walking over with bags in their hands. They hadn't noticed us yet, though I could tell my sister anywhere. I was so happy to see her walking around. When my mother looked in front of her, seeing us standing there, I could tell that she was very shocked. My sister, though, didn't recognize me.

"What are you doing here?" My mother asked angrily.

"I found out that you were living here." I said, hiding my hurt since my hate for her taking away my sister has waned over the years, "So I thought that I should come visit, mom."

"Ryan!" My sister was very surprised. "Wow, I didn't even realize it was you." She came over to me, with my mom becoming worried by the second.

"Don't go near him!" She yelled, stopping my sister.

"Why not!? He came here to see us." My sister yelled back at my mother.

She didn't give a reason, and I didn't want to look all that hard to see the reason. "It's okay, mom." I said with a smile, wanting her to stop looking at me like this, "I won't stay for too long. I just wanted to know how my sister was fairing. I happened to win an art contest that was broadcast all over Japan. I figured that she would know it was mine if she looked at it."

"Oh! I know which art contest that was!" She looked at me happily, "I did notice it and was trying to get mom to let me to see you."

I looked at my mom, now wanting to blind my honest eyes. "Mom… Why are you so afraid of me?" I was trying to be strong in front of my sister.

"You're a monster…" She said, "You always were."

"Do you want me to say her thoughts?" Lily Dawn asked from behind.

I closed my eyes, not wanting to see right now, as I pointed to my head. Apparently, my mother never liked the fact that I was pointing out all her flaws. I had always exposed the truth whenever my parents were telling lies. My mother found this very annoying and got angry at me over the years. I then knew why she left, taking my sister with her. I was telling my sister the truth about her condition, the truth about what my mother thought about her own daughter. I do remember these days, but I never thought it bothered her since she didn't show a sign one way or another in front of me. I thought it was okay to tell them the truth they weren't saying. I didn't want to lie. I didn't want my family to lie to each other, especially after I got to know Lily Dawn's family.

I looked at my mom, "Sorry, I didn't realize it caused you pain." I looked at my friends, not wanting to be here anymore.

We started to walk away, "Wait!" My sister grabbed my arm, "Didn't you come to see us?"

"I did." I said with a smile, "I'm glad that everything is okay. Take care of mom for us." I pulled away, not wanting to be here anymore.

"Sorry." Panther said, placing her arm around my neck.

"I thought you would want the truth more than trying to guess." Lily Dawn said, wrapping her arms around me.

"I did… Thanks." I said with a small smile when we heard a sudden crash. We all looked to see that something was happening to buildings in the far distance. We all instantly took off. The battle was moving all over the place and whoever was doing this wasn't destroying the buildings. I would guess that dodging was involved because of this fact.

We got ahead of the battle, seeing that there were three Digimon that were fighting each other. One was a darker shade of gray for an angel, one was a black, cat girl and the other was an elf with sword. It seemed like the elf was fighting the other two as they were running.

"Was someone near us?" Lily Dawn asked us, seeing that they were busy with their own battle than what's around them.

"I didn't hear anything about someone coming here. We don't create portals, right?" She looked at me.

"As far as our knowledge goes. Should we interfere?" I didn't feel like getting into their mess.

"We should probably find a way to get them back to their world." Lily Dawn said, "I don't want to get involved either. This looks intense."

"Let's use our amulets." Panther said. She picked hers up and nothing came from it. "But I was able to use it to get out of the Digital World…"

"TK was the one that got us inside." Lily Dawn said. She took out her jewel, "So we have to figure out how to use these."

I looked at the battle, seeing that they were moving again. "We should probably stop them and have TK and Ken come over."

"That'll take time." Panther said, "Maybe we can mediate!"

"That's a new one for us." Lily Dawn said with a small laugh, "We can try. It's better than doing nothing." Panther and I brought out our jewels and sent energy to our Digimon. All three went to their Super Level forms, With G Plantmon quickly sending out her vines to wrap them to a stop. "Hey!" Lily Dawn called from our position, "Can we find out what's wrong? We don't want to fight you if we can avoid it."

"Hey! Are they the Neo Digidestined?" The black cat girl asked after they were looking at us for a moment. "I was wondering why the buildings looked weird."

"I must deal with all invaders." The Elf explained to us, since we decided to show our good faith by moving closer. I was also glad that there wasn't a bit scene. All the people had run away from their fighting, so the street was empty.

"We weren't invading." The angel said, "We were just taking a stroll and didn't look to where we ended up."

"Yeah, that's true." The black cat girl said.

"What are your names?" Panther asked, "My name is Panther, and this is G Plantmon."

"I'm Lily Dawn, and this is Ishmon."

"Ryan and this is Eemon."

"G Blacktailmon." She said in a sly, seducing way.


"Fencing Elfmon and by the orders of my king, I must destroy them." She cut the vine that bound her.

"What did they do that warrants that?" I asked, getting in her way.

"We didn't do anything wrong." G Blacktailmon said. "We were just walking on their kingdom on accident."

"You tried to kill our king." She pointed her sword at them. "And if you're going to stop me from punishing them, I will treat you the same way."

"We're not looking for trouble." Panther said, "We're just trying to solve this peacefully."

She quickly swung her sword at me, having Eemon push me out of the way. The other two got out of the vines as well, avoiding her sword as well. I looked to where they were heading and saw my sister standing there. "Move!" I yelled at her.

EvilAngelmon pushed her out of their path, obviously not caring about the things in their way, and Fencing Elfmon had added some kind of power to her sword. She sliced the air, getting the buildings along the side and almost got my sister. Eemon blasted a fireball at Fencing Elfmon, who blocked with another swing of her sword. "So you're on their side." She said, stopping to face us.

I walked closer to her, seeing that my sister wasn't moving, "You almost killed my sister!" I yelled at her, "Don't you care about the bystanders?"

"If they're in my way.." She launched at me, but suddenly stopped as she was being lifted in the air. I looked at Eemon to see that he was going it, by the glow in his eyes. I took out my jewel, feeling for the same flow for when I opened a portal with my amulet. One opened to the side of us.

"If I see you again in our world, I won't think twice about getting back for what you did. And keep your petty fights out of our world if you can't think about the lives you're harming!" Eemon threw her through the portal, having me close it afterwards. I noticed that Panther and Lily Dawn had the other two in their hands. I went over to my sister, seeing that she was just knocked out. I went over to them as Eemon stayed with her. I punched both of them, "If I find out that you're causing more trouble here again, I'll make sure you'll get something worst than what they were going to do." I opened another portal, with Ishmon and G Plantmon throwing them inside.

"Is she okay?" Panther asked as we made our way back to her. I picked her up and we ran to a different part of the city so we wouldn't be caught.

"She looks to be unconscious." I said.

"I guess we know now to just send them back quickly. It was hard to tell which side was right." Lily Dawn said as we stopped on a bench.

"Yeah… I didn't think it was going to be that tough too." Panther said, "We probably need to know more about the groups that exist in there as well."

My sister started to moan, meaning that she was okay and she was waking up. She looked over at me, making me smile, "Hey, are you alright?"

"I think so… What happened?"

"Some punks pushed you." I helped her up, "But I made sure that they learned their lessons. Why are you here anyway?"

"I wanted you to take me to see dad." She rubbed her head. "I don't want to live with mom since she never told me anything about you."

I got up from my position, "But mom loves you a lot. She would be sad if you suddenly left."

"I don't care." She looked at me with her teary eyes, and it wasn't because of the knot on her head, "I want to stay with you!"

"Can you walk?" I asked after a moment.

"I can."

"Good." I took her wrist gently and started to walk back to their apartment. "I'm taking you back to mom."

"Why?!" She was now resisting, "You came to find me, right? You shouldn't let me go back to her since she doesn't want me to see you ever."

I didn't listen to her words as I led her back. Once we reached it, I looked at Lily Dawn to give me the number. She sighed, "306. We'll be here."

I nodded as I went to the elevator. Breomon was waiting with them, it seemed. "Do you hate me now? Is that why you're not letting me come with you?" She asked.

"I'm about to leave home. I came to make sure you were okay." I said, glad that my way of telling a lie was to say part of the truth. "Dad does come to visit, doesn't he?"

"He does, but he never allows me to see you either. So it's fine that you're leaving. We can leave both of them behind."

We reached her floor and we walked over to her door. I knocked on it and mom came straight to answer it. "Sorry for making you worry about her." I smiled at her. I let go of her wrist and walked back towards the elevator.

"Ryan!" She yelled as she was going to come after me, but mom held firm to her. "Ryan! Take me with you! Don't leave me here!"

I pushed the button and waved her a goodbye with a smile on my face. "Stay safe, you two." The elevator closed and headed down. When I got out, I didn't hear her anymore, meaning that they were probably inside now. Breomon was the first to reach me and tried to comfort me. I smiled as we headed back towards the train station. Panther paid for our way back.

"So, what's your reason, eyes of honesty?" Panther asked with smile on her face as we headed back on the train.

"She wouldn't know my art from De Vinci." I said, petting Breomon as I looked outside, "They just got into a fight and she just wanted a way to get back at her. I was hoping that our bond was stronger than time."

"So, she also abandoned you in the end." Lily Dawn summed up, "Plus, it'll probably be too dangerous if she starts to get curious about our activities."

"Yeah… I guess it's a good thing that I want to travel. It gives my dad a better excuse to go back to them."

Panther hugged me, "We're always here for you, thick and thin."

"Yeah!" Breomon said, rubbing my hand, "We won't ever leave you."

I smiled, "I know.. I know. What are you going to do about your date?" I looked at Panther.

Panther blinked before laughed, "I'll go tomorrow. You come first before a guy."

"I think Stan would understand." Lily Dawn smiled.

We walked as far as we could before they had to go to their homes. I was glad that they allowed me to have some time to myself before I faced my dad. "Are you worried?" Breomon asked.

"I did leave the house like it was his fault… I don't know what to do anymore about this, though."

"I can say one thing, for sure." I looked at him, "He loves you a lot more than your mom since he could've just as easily left you to defend for yourself."

I smiled, now realizing that was true. I could've been left all alone when my mom left with my sister. I don't know what my father was like afterwards, but I know that I started to stay away from home more often, developing my art so I could be somewhere else for long periods of time. When I got to my house, I opened the door to see that my dad was sitting on the couch. He quickly looked to see that I had returned. I walked over to him, sitting down next to him and hugging him, "Thanks dad, for never leaving me."

He hugged me back, "I had hoped that you would never see that. I'm sorry for keeping it from you for so long."

I nodded, just staying like this. I started to cry the tears that I didn't want to show on the train. I cried the tears I held all these years, though now with the truth behind them.


"How did it go?" I asked once Panther came inside. She came over to me and Kai, leaning her head on my shoulder. "Panther?" I blinked.

"Where's Ceres?" She asked after a moment, though not moving from her spot.

"She's over at Ken's place. He was planning on testing her through the night."

"He got the truth." She closed her eyes, "But, he's glad he got that then not knowing at all. I'm sure he's grateful to his dad for not leaving him…" She looked at me, "And I don't know if I had ever said this, but thanks for saving me."

I smiled, wrapping my arm around her, "Always." Kai was moving as if wanting to be hugged as well.

Panther smiled at him, though just went back to closing her eyes, "Mediating is hard."

"Why did you have to mediate?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow." She then processed to go the sleep. Gabumon went to get us some blankets, since he knew that I wasn't going to move.

[Lily Dawn]

When I got home, Stan was still up. He looked at me, "Is everything okay?"

I ran to him, hugging him and crying on him. Seeing what Ryan faced reminded me of my mother. "Thanks for never leaving me." As I saw how Ryan handled his sister, it made me really grateful for Stan's behavior. Even though Ryan had his reasons for not allowing her to stay, since that would've been a very low blow to his feelings if he accepted her petty reasons for leaving their mother, I had hoped somewhere in my heart that he wouldn't leave her behind. I'm sure he would've taken her if she had a better reason than to get even with their mom.

Stan hugged me back, "Of course I wouldn't."

Awwww!!!! I'm very touched. I wondered what Ceres is doing right now...