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chapter 1

Zoey sat in her desk in the classroom; pencil tapping against her cheek. She wore a bored expression on her face. She hated class especially science. She looked around hoping it would pass time, it utterly failed. She did notice a piece of paper on the ground near her feet. She looked around to make sure no one was looking she slinked down as her hand searched for the paper. She grabbed it and pulled it under her desk. She read:

Hey Zoe

She looked around until she matched the note with Chase's smile. She wrote:

Hey chase. I am so bored. When do we get out of here?

She passed the note back again returning the smile. In a minute the note she once again she read:

Don't know, but this could take awhile.

Zoey looked up and the two dance people who did the stupid survey for the dance we here standing right in front of her. She closed her eyes. The dance she shuttered; both of them used her. What didn't make sense to her was why did Chase do it? Of course she forgave him, but why did he do it and then stuck up for her. Her mind was confused about it. Bit she shook it off it was probably nothing; nothing at all, but she wish the feeling would go away." Well you know our newspaper has been taking ideas for the newspaper. We have come up with one. We decided to add an advice column, but don't worry you will be getting advice from one lucky student who gets the job." The two people randomly switched during the little speech. Zoey turned to Chase who had a they-are-crazy look. Luckily the bell rang and saved her from and more torture. She was going back to her dorm, but her science teacher stopped her. "Zoey." She looked back at Chase and motioned for him to go on without her. He nodded and smiled, waved and disappeared out of site. "Zoey." She began. "Yeah." She answered wanting to go back to the dorm. The two dance people stood there. "We want you to be the adviser." Zoey faked a laugh, but their faces were serious. "What?"

"Zoey you know most of the kids here and they come to you for advice." When she thought about people did ask her for her options. "What if I give bad advice?" She asked. The people just answered. "We took care of that, you will have a pen name; Rose." The teacher continued, "You must understand that no one must know who Rose is."

"Yes I thought about it…I'll be Rose."

"Good, yes thanks Zoey here is the password to get in." She handed me a small piece of paper. A thought filled me head. How am I supposed to help others when I am in life with my own problems? They must have realized my state. "Zoey you can think about it ok…Zoey…Zoey?"

"Um…yeah I'll get back to you…" She walked out the door and to her new favorite spot; the place her and Chase skipped rocks after the dance. She sat down on a nearby rock and sighed. Her thoughts did a tango in her head.

'I can't do this."

'Why not?'

'What if I mess up?'

'You won't, you give great advice most of the time.'

'What about the other times?'

'Someone else fives you advice, remember Chase and the roommate problem.'

'Yeah chase helped me out a lot.'

'Chase always helps you.'

"Hey Zoë." A voice said from behind causing her to jump out of her skin. "Sorry. You seem upset anything wrong?"

"Nothing I'm just"-. She stopped and remembered the words "You can't tell anyone."

"I'm just in a state of shock I mean who would of thought that the would have an advice column?" She finished the lie. She hated lying, but it felt like her only choice. She couldn't tell him, the more people who knew the more trouble if she gave bad advice.

"Yeah well maybe it won't be that bad." Chase replied as he smiled a half grinned smile. "Well Zoe I have to go back to the dorm, Michael wants me to help with homework." He said as he ran off and left her again alone with her thoughts.

'This better be worth it.'

'What does that mean?'

'If this means I have to lie to everyone then it better be worth it with all the people I will help.'

'You're taking the Job?"

'Yeah sure. Why not?' Though dinner she didn't say a word and went to bed early. She drowned out all the conversations during dinner. Dana and Nicole came in around 8 and went to bed. Around nine Zoey tipped over to the computer and typed in the school's web address. In the side corner there was a line for the password. She typed it in quickly fearing of what would happen. Then she clicked the freshly new column of Dear Rose. There was a one message. They must have said something at dinner. She concluded. She clicked on the email. She read it once and then again. She didn't know whether this would be harder or easier than she thought. She didn't know what she was getting into.

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