A/N: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I wrote this. (runs and hides)

Inspired by this line from The Invader Androgynous' "The Black Cat Rag": Ban rolled up a sleeve and made a fist. "You want some of this?" he asked. Somewhere out there, at that moment, a slash fan took the comment wrong and wrote a fanfic, but this is neither the time nor place to discuss that.

Title borrowed from the Harry Potter fandom, where Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy is often described as the Ambiguously Gay Fanfic. Not that this is anywhere near that level of writing. I just thought the term was appropriate for the fic.

Warnings: Nothing explicit, but sexual and yaoi innuendos abound, so it's only as dirty as your mind. Apparently mine is very dirty.

Disclaimer: I don't own GetBackers.

The Ambiguously Gay Fanfic

Ginji sighed in contentment as he closed his mouth around the long hard object in his hand. For a moment, he kept his mouth completely still, letting himself enjoy the taste and feel every inch as it slid deeper and deeper in. Then it was pulled back out, oh so slowly, and pushed back in, a little faster this time and a littler harder. Pretty soon, the pace picked up and there was a nice rhythm to the thrusts. He closed his eyes and started enjoying the sensation of the tapered tip hitting the back of his mouth, again and again, not too hard or he might hurt himself, but just enough to get the full length in because he liked doing it this way. He felt some drool start dribbling down his chin. Oops, he thought, and reached up to wipe it off. Then he closed his eyes again and the thrusting in and out resumed. He started humming, enjoying the pace that was set and the tingly-tickling feeling on his tongue.

Ginji swirled his tongue around, liked the sensation, and did it again.

Ban quirked an eyebrow down at him.

"Would you quit that humming?" said Ban. "Really, Ginji, this isn't the time."

"I can't help it, Ban-chan," came the muffled reply. It was difficult talking with your mouth full. "It's been a while, and it tastes so good."

"Yeesh, you don't have to put it that way," said Ban, but he didn't push the matter any further. "Just hurry up and finish."

"But I'm waiting for you to go first," said Ginji, stopping what he was doing so that he could talk. "You're usually faster."

Ban gave him a funny look. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," said Ginji, innocently. "Just that you're usually done quicker, so I'm just waiting for you to go first."

Grrrrrrr……. Ban would've growled at that point, but he decided that he wasn't going to let Ginji or himself ruin the moment. It had been so long since they'd had the chance that he wanted to savor every bit, so he let it go.

"Fine, just keep doing what you're doing. I'll be done in a second," Ban said

"Okay Ban-chan!" chirped Ginji as he went back to his task with enthusiasm. He adjusted the angle and made sure the long hard object moved in and out of his mouth smoothly. He was still being a little too cheery for Ban's taste, but what did he expect? Ginji was always happy on these occasions.

Pretty soon, Ban gave a grunt, signaling that he was finished and satisfied. He stepped aside so Ginji could spit. Ginji got up, leaned over the sink and with a nice juicy hoarking sound, spat out the shiny white substance.

"Ahhh," sighed Ginji in contentment, a lazy dreamy expression on his face.

"Just finish brushing your teeth, Ginji," said Ban, standing behind Ginji, checking that his hair gel was setting. "The toothpaste is still dribbling down your chin."

"Oh." The blonde wiped the frothy stuff off his chin. "Sorry, Ban-chan, but I can't help it. That sparkling candy toothpaste tastes so much better than the plain mint kind."

He bent over and began rinsing out his mouth.

"Ginji, you got water on your pajamas," said Ban, noticing the dark spots on his partner's pants. "I told you not to sit on the edge of the bathtub while brushing."

"I know, but there was no room in front of the sink," replied Ginji between mouthfuls of water.

Ban shrugged. He checked his hair one last time, made sure that each spike came to a neat point, saw that the spikes were evenly spaced, and gave another grunt of satisfaction.

"Yep, I can't help it that I'm fast. When you have hair like I, the great Midou Ban-sama, have, it doesn't take long to make it look good," he said.

Ginji gurgled some water, spat, and resumed humming his happy little tune as he cleaned up the mess in the sink. It's way too early in the morning for this much cheer, thought Ban grumpily. He still felt a little touchy, what with Ginji pointing out that it'd been a while since they could afford a room for the night. It wasn't his fault that they always lost all the money to parking tickets. The damn meter maid probably had a homing device on their car or something.

Oh well, nothing they could do about it except enjoy the change while they could.

He patted his partner on the shoulder as he exited the tiny bathroom. "Come on, Ginji, let's go. HEVN's waiting with the client at the Honky Tonk. Can't be late, they'll think we're sloppy. Wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea about us, would we?"